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Astrology Forecast, October 23-29, 2023.


Flow with The Moon as it moves from the late degrees of Aquarius, through PIsces, Aries and into Taurus.  The Sun enters Scorpio on Monday and sends a Trine Aspect to Saturn which is slowing down to Station Direct in Taurus on November 4th. We will see both Mercury and Mars send an opposition from Scorpio to Jupiter (still Retrograde) in Taurus. This opposition happens a few hours before the final Eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio polarity (which started in November 2021). This Full Moon Eclipse is a Partial one, but it definitely has big energy.  The week ends with Mercury joining Mars in Scorpio. 

astrology chart of the the week


Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week.  

For more details, watch the Weekly Video OR listen to the new Podcast! 

This Week's Video:

Libra Season

The Sun moved from Virgo to Libra at 23:49pst on September 22, 2023.  


It's the last week of Libra Season! 


What are your top three Libra Season lessons? 



Scorpio Season

The Sun moved from Libra to Scorpio at 9:20 pst on October 23, 2023.  


Are you ready for this deep, beautiful WeRK?


MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will be in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus


The Moon will move through a Full Moon Phase in Taurus this week. This will be the LAST Eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. 


What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? Notice what Houses are being traveled in your chart to see where you may be more emotional or intuitive this week. It's also valuable to notice what planets in your natal chart will be illuminated by The Moon


2023 OCTOBER 21


Justice For All. This combo really fucking means it too. Libra wants it in personal relationships and Aquarius wants it on a global level. These two Air Signs will fight to make sure we communicate all the facts and lean into the WeRK it takes to inform the people about the root causes of injustice. Are you communicating? Are you fighting?  Whatever we learn and come to know during the Libra/Aquarius combo will be important, especially during such a complex information war. Pay attention with your logical Self…



Scorpio Sun | PISCES MOON

2023 OCTOBER 24


Once your logical Self has gathered and processed the new information and sussed out the facts this new Scorpio Sun energy will shine a deep, watery light on the Moon in Pisces. Now is a time to feel what you know. Let your Self absorb the information and become those truths. This combo is emotional but its also full of Mars and Jupiter energy. These two planets will make an oppositional aspect to each other later this week (and just before that Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus). It is time to allow Jupiter to expose the truth and to act on it with the passion and force of Mars. Use this lunation to seek out your emotional connection to the information; use this lunation to feel into the fight. 


Scorpio Sun | ARIES MOON

2023 OCTOBER 26





Scorpio Sun | TAURUS MOON |

2023 OCTOBER 28


Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

5º09' | 2023 OCTOBER 28 | 13:24 PST


Looking back at the collective experiences with this eclipse cycle is interesting. I encourage you to do your own research around topics that we could attach to the themes of this polarity; sex, birth, death, assets, resources, basic needs, intimacy, and ALL of the senses. How have we collectively had great losses and gains in these areas? 


This is the last eclipse in this cycle. It is aligned with both nodes (Sun near the South Node, Moon near the North Node). Take time to notice how it's created a vacuum in your life too. 



MAGICmooning | This Week's Moon Phase & Ritual


The Full Moon is about reflection, rejoicing, & revelation. This Lunation is about seeing the true truths so we can rejoice in their gifts & opportunities even if they fucking suck. It’s time to honestly consider the shit we find in this part of our chart. There’s nowhere for our Shadow WeRK to hide during a Full Moon.


The Last Partial Lunar Eclipse in the Taurus/Libra polarity. 


It's time to reflect on the Eclipse WeRK we did in the Taurus/Scorpio Houses in our charts. What left your life in a big, dramatic way? What came in like a rush of Magic? Take some time to look at the dates connected to this Eclipse Cycle and see if the big happenings in your life align with these Eclipses. Sometimes seeing this connection can help us find some hindsight or alignment in our most challenging experiences. 


I am really, really struggling y'all. It's been so hard to find the motivation and resolve to keep doing this WeRK. There are so many reasons for the struggle and for too long I thought the resistance had to do with this WeRK as a business endeavor. This is not the truth. The truth is that it's hard to hold this information and to report on the weathers of these times. I want to give up. I want to stop and return to the space where SweetAstro WeRK was my own, private. It was easier to see all these horrors and potentials on my own. But, thanks to my incredible team of healers, teachers, coaches, mentors, clients, family, and friends I know now that I can and must keep going. I can see how these feelings are part of my uprooting of the old ways from within my Self. I can see the exhaustion and fear that surrounds me is actually a symptom of living under the rule of the three headed hydra NOT because my WeRK isn't valuable or important. I can also see that the call to give up is actually coming from my fear of being seen NOT from the value of what I create. 

I will not give up and I hope that you will not give up either. My WeRK and the level of content creation from me will be slow for some time still. I am moving through the last quarter of my 12th House year and it's been exactly as it should be. Dark As Fuck. I am listening to my own damn Self and aligning with the remediations I know because of this WeRK. But, I am also here and I do hope that y'all will reach out to me if you need or want to talk more deeply about anything. I see now that I have been doing this WeRK because I want deeper connections, especially with people who align with the Dark and want to balance that with the Light rather than try to make one more important or valuable than the other. 

If you've just read this, know that I  appreciate and love you so much. Thank you for being here and take my blessings into your heart and YOUR WeRK. Know that you are worthy of being seen and heard. Know that you're offerings are valuable and that you're not alone in this collective. 



 I would love to hear your thoughts….

In Hawaii | I look so tired but really I was having the best time at the Magic Hour Hawaii Opening.

Personal Updates:

Hawai'i was so amazing and so heartbreaking all at the same time. So much to say about it. And, I will eventually. Maybe in the video… IDK. The best part was being with my best friend, my sister from another mister, and her baby Capricorn/ Pisces. 


I reconnected to collating so expect to see more of that. [Especially since I've learned that my favorite digital art content app is owned and operated by Israelis and located in Israel. I am currently talking with them about making sure they also have pro-Palestein graphics but it doesn't look like they are going to make that change so I will have to find another way to make 60% of my graphic content if they don't. Sad, but these are the little things we must do to ensure these war crimes and genocide are not pushed into the collective unconscious again. 


I am healing nicely and feeling my Self in ways I never thought possible. This whole process has taught me so much about why we must fight for EVERYONE's right to healthcare. Especially for those with chronic illness, and disabilities, and for gender-affirming care. What is the point of having all this genius technology if it's withheld? 


I think that's it for now y'all. I would love, love, love to hear your updates. Please send me an email, text or updates via the Feedback form if you have time. I am so grateful for those of you who take the time to do this and I love to support you with my Magic whenever I can. 



MuchLove MoonBeams, 


xo, d

I am so grateful for all the feedback and suggestions. If you'd like to share please click the Give Feedback button. 

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My Astrology Calendar is Open

A reminder that a few spots are open in my Autumn Season calendar too (September 23 - December 20th). There are even more Winter Season dates open between December 21-March 20. 


I hope you'll be able to find a date that works for you to schedule a session soon.


OH AND… I have three Membership spots open for Winter Season SO… if you want to get in a Membership package for the New Year you'll want to book your Intake Session ASAP. I do have payment plans and special offers available so reach out if want to know more about those options.  

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