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I can't say how important your reviews & referrals are to me and my WeRK! As a Magical Practitioner & Artist reviews mean everything because the culture of whiteness and patriarchy wOrk so hard to discredit and disconnect us from Magic. Most people are apprehensive about connecting to my services for the first time, even if they are excited they wonder if they are being bamboozled because the narrative around Magic is that it's a dangerous trick OR worse, evil demon worship. Watch any kids cartoon about witches or Magic and you'll see it. It's a hard mindset to dismantle but each time someone expresses how powerful, validating, supportive and helpful these modalities are the more likely someone is going to take their first step towards learning about their unique Magical Gifts & Tools. Thank you for helping me do this dismantling WeRK! It was truly my pleasure and honor to WeRK with you! 

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