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Dianna Writing

Dianna gave me an incredible reading. Goose bump-inducing in its sensitivity, authenticity, accuracy and just lovingkindness. She helped me see why I feel certain ways about certain areas of my life–and how I can work with astrology to break out of the neverending cycles of frustration I have been stuck in. I learned not only so much about myself, but about astrology; I gained practical advice (such as: make more messy, process-based art); I felt like a made a new friend; and I felt SEEN in a way that was deeply appreciated. Thank you Dianna!!! This was so inspiring.
Alex R.
The Astrology sessions I had with Dianna were powerful. The Natal Chart reading illuminated so many things for me and the most recent session that I had was helpful in thinking and planning for the next few months of my life and work. Dianna was wonderful to work with and her astrology sketch is gorgeous. I love that she sends this along after the session. I highly recommend booking a reading!

P.S. Be sure to check out her artwork too!!
Sara F.
Dianna is a very compassionate, skilled, and supportive astrologer (and person!). She is able to meet anyone where they are, regardless of their knowledge of astrology, and offer understanding, insight, and tools. I always feel empowered and learn so much about myself and astrology every time we have a session and I feel genuinely cared for, as Dianna is very easy to talk to and I never feel judged. I highly recommend booking a session and learning from her on social media! :)
Elisa F
Such a beautiful human and a wonderful reading. Dianna truly makes her astrology unique, and her artwork that comes with your reading makes it so magical. She spent so much time with me, I could tell how much she loves what she does!
Nicole B-C



Outstanding experience with a truly talented artist. So much beautiful work goes into sessions with her clients. It was just so spot on and insightful. Read me like a book and had so many helpful suggestions. And I also appreciate the effort she puts into standing up for what’s right in the world. I’m thrilled with my session and artwork, but the clarity it gave me was the biggest gift.

Rose J


It felt like Magic ✨ was involved when Dianna walked my through everything. From my chart, she could put into words feelings I’d had about myself as long as I can remember. And she made great suggestions for things I can do to nurture myself and help me become a better mom and a more successful business owner. I highly recommend getting a reading from Dianna - and be sure to get the option where she sends you the art you watch her create during your session. I feel very connected to mine!

Julie S


She is so knowledgeable and intuitive and the reading was spot on! She gave me so much helpful insight that I was able to take in to the works and my business and use to make it better. Plus she creates two beautiful art pieces for me that now hang above my altar and keep me inspired. She is brilliant!

Lea K.T.


Dianna is pure magic. I walked away from my reading feeling uplifted, informed and most of all inspired. Being a member of her Patreon community I learn more and more each week how to use the energy around me to boost my personal and business life.

Shannon S


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