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Hey MoonBeams!

If you came here for some hollerDAZE shopping I wanted to share some udpates: I am booked for all Astrology Readings thru Aquarius Season (Except for a few Membership Opportunities) and I've closed the RETAIL SHOPPE until further notice. All my digital prints, stickers, journals and merch are still available however shipping schedules for those are not set by me so please check delivery dates for each item.

You can purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES below. These are choose an amount certificates so you can choose either $10, $25, $100 as the denomination and then change the quantity. EXAMPLE: a $200 certificate can be achieved with a $25 denomination at a quantity of eight OR a $100 denomination at a quantity of two. If you need support, please let me know.

Hope your end of year celebrations are a fucking delight.

I love you so much. xo, d.

GIFT CERTIFICATES | General Choose An Amount

GIFT CERTIFICATES | General Choose An Amount

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