Welcome to the ComMOONity MoonBeam!

I am so glad you've found your way here.


It is an honor to make these offerings to you. My WeRK is centered in a Magical life. I seek opportunities to create, compost, & collaborate at every turn. Being asked to WeRK with you is a joy & I can't wait to get to know you...however... I do hope you'll make sure to learn about ME before you select a session or purchase my art.


Everything I do is deeply & powerfully Magical.


I am a Shadow WeRKing Star Witch even when I paint. I do my WeRK to foster healing & growth. That is often uncomfortable, challenging, & even painful. I stretch into discomfort & Shadow WeRK. I am an antiracist, anticapitalist striving to cleanse a space for our realignment with the cyclical power of nature. I am a lot.


If that sounds like what you seek, let's get to WeRK.

Still not sure what you need?   that's okay. spend some time wandering around in here, 

press all the buttons. be curious. seek intuitive guidance. trust your intuition. 


You cannot do this wrong. If you're still lost; Reach Out 

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Creating Space for Magic...

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I am an intuitive astrologer offering various astrology sessions for individuals, businesses & kids/guardians. 

I practice astrology using whole sign houses. I focus on ancient techniques but strive to break astrology free from the grasp of whiteness by seeking new, modern archetypes & teaching astrology with a magical lens. I translate astrology thru art & I draw your chart as I read it to you. I also create astrological art endlessly using all the mediums. I write horoscopes, teach WeRKshops & build comMOONities with others who are seeking to connect to the cycles of nature as our guide. 



I am an artist & I love all the different mediums 

I won't list them all. I live to create. I love to collaborate thru commissions & custom orders. I love pieces with meaning & memory. I also have an inventory of items I make; most of them are created on Magical days or during certain Moon signs & phases. All of my werk is Magical & powerful. I also teach the fundamentals of art... just so you can break all the rules properly.  



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