I don't love Social Media, not because I don't want to be social but because these companies are doing us wrong. I write about this a lot but I also keep a presence on these platforms... why? Because I've learned a lot from the powerful folx I follow and I hope maybe you'll learn something from me. 

Know that I curate EVERY follower on Instagram. I make sure they are real. If they have a private account I send them a message to confirm they are real. I block & delete anyone who isn't. I take that space seriously. 

I rarely go on Facebook, but I do have an account where things get ported over. 

I am learning to use Pinterest

I hate Twitter because the folx I've engaged with about Astrology, especially about racism and Astrology, are toxic AF. Also, I am not "brief" trying to say anything in 144 characters is practically impossible for me. 

I try to Tiktok but/and I feel like... HOW FUCKING MANY OF THESE FAKE ASS COMMERCIALS DO WE FUCKING NEED TO SEE IN ONE DAY?!?  I enjoy a reel as much as the next disassociator does but I just see the same things in both places (and I post things in both places).