dianna is wearing painted overalls, covered in paint splatters, sitting in a chair, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, smiling at the camera

Dianna is an Artist, Astrologer & a Damn Fine Witch.

Her Magical Gifts & Tools: Elemental Magic, Astrology, and The Creative Process.

She offers Intuitive Astrology Readings, Astrology & Magical WeRKshops, Astrology Memberships, and Weekly AstroWeathers Forecasts that align with her SweetAstro WeRKbooks & Astro101 Teachings.

Dianna also creates Magical Art Commissions & Creations that encourage healing and growth, even when it's uncomfortable.

Let's do all that scary ShadowWeRK so we can cause Sweet Disruption together!

digital art image of Dianna looking at a bright light with a New Moon behind her head

Dianna is an Oregon Rain Baby and the descendant of early US and Oregon colonizers. She lives on stolen land believed to be used as gathering and trading space for many Oregon tribes including the:

(Source https://native-land.ca/) 


Thru the practice of process, Dianna is creating space for our collective realignment with the cyclical power of nature (aka: Moon Magic).

She is a Cancer Rising with a Capricorn Moon and an Aquarius Sun who offers Intuitive Astrology Sessions for individuals, parents, and businesses while also writing about and teaching Astrology and Magic in her online ComMOONity NetWeRK.

dianna fontes.artist wearing painted overalls, sitting on a orange leather sofa, holding a small illuminated Moon out to her right side. Dianna sells her unique art creations online while also creating collaborative commissions with clients in her studio.

She is inspired by Curiosity, The Process, Magic, and All The Things (literally, all objects).

She is a privileged, cis-gendered, bisexual white woman married to a cis-gendered, straight, white man. Together they parent three young adults and three black cats together in Troutdale, Ore.

three black cats laying on a bed with a navy blue blanket

Pictured: Tuesday, Luna & Nox.        


Before you decided to WeRK with me please read this statement:

I am so white.

I am so glad you've found me & I hope we get to WeRK together. Before we begin our journey I want to be certain you know this about me: I am a privileged cis-gendered, bisexual white woman who is constantly WeRKing to unFuck my brain from white supremacy, capitalism, & patriarchy. 

I see my own racism now & I am ready to spend the rest of my life unpacking my whiteness & making reparations for the mistakes I've made AND for the mistakes my ancestors made. I am listening, learning & working to become an antiracist human who shows up in this world with both words AND actions.

This is not a gentle, fun, or easy process but it's also not optional. I speak loudly about racism, gender, sexism, classism & the destruction of capitalism in ALL of my WeRK. I know everyone is not ready for processing all of that so if you don't feel like you're ready to do this Shadow WeRk we're likely not a good fit & you should probably find another place to learn about Astrology, Art & Magic. I won't be quiet or nice or patient any longer; these are uncomfortable times & the Astrology informs us that's the REAL WeRK of NOW. It's time to change in drastic ways.

If you're curious about how to use Astrology to create Sweet Disruption against racism and these systems of oppression the tools are there and I am happy to introduce you to them. 

Learning about your own natal chart can show you where your ism's are and how you can change and grow to make the world better BUT if you're not ready to face the shadow & the shit then please don't waste either of our energies.


More about me, if you're super curious...

I am an Oregon Rain Baby and the descendant of colonizers. I was born on the Central Oregon Coast and I now live on land stolen from the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest; those who were here before my ancestors came. I live in a little suburb at the base of the Wy’east Mountain in Troutdale, Oregon but my ancestors first came to the US in 1647 and then to Oregon in 1891. Both of my paternal grandparents, my parents, my self, and my children were born in Oregon.

I am very grateful to live in a place as beautiful and magical as the Pacific Northwest. I am working hard to better understand and to honor the Indigenous Peoples who were here before me; this land is sacred and it was stolen. I encourage you to learn more about those who lived on the land before you did; listen and hear their stories. Support their descendants financially and politically where ever/whenever you can. I hope to share more of my experiences with this reparation work with you as I learn more.

Much of my time is also spent working for two local nonprofit organizations that I adore. 

First, I work as an administrator for The Vanport Mosaic, a memory-activism platform. We amplify, honor, and preserve the silenced histories that surround us in order to understand our present, and create a future where we all belong.

And second I work as an illustrator/artist for Buzzy's Bees. Their mission is to change the grief culture surrounding the unexpected loss of a child (stillborn to 12 years old) through outreach, education, and programs offering emotional and financial support. My work with Buzzy's Bees consists of witnessing the stories of parents and families who have unexpectedly lost a child and then illustrating that story into a one of a kind piece of art that is gifted to the family. It is both an honor and a gift to me to do this very special work. 


I am Cancer Rising, Capricorn Moon, Aquarius Sun. I also have Venus & Mercury in Capricorn, Mars in Gemini. I have Jupiter and three asteroids in Aries. My Sun squares Uranus and My Moon Squares Pluto. Yo, it's a lot babes. A LOT. I've studied traditional Astrology for decades and read charts in Whole Sign Houses. I graduated from the Two Year Program at Portland School of Astrology in 2018. I am obessed with the Moon and tracking the current AstroWeathers. I am currently BETA testing a new WeRKbook/WeRKshop series called SweetAstro where you can learn how to use The Moon and all the Planets to live your best life. I love literally every second of my life because I have connected so deeply to my own cycles via my Astrology.

I also create Astrological graphics (everything you see on my website was made by me) and I draw every chart when I read it, always. I make Astrological art because it makes it easier to understand and absorb; for me AND for you! 

Through the Practice of Process I Create Space for Magic. 
I am inspired by Curiosity, The Process, The Magic, and All The Things…literally, all the objects, especially the lost, broken, or misunderstood ones. I collect EVERY THING. My creative nature grew out of a childhood centered in making the most of what you've got. My wild imagination and an uncanny knack for reuse have been mine since I was seven years old. I feel blessed to still have a tight grasp on both skill sets. I try my best to make art as that little girl did.

So far, so good. 


If you wanna go deeper, keep reading...

Most folx don't understand exactly what I do at first...
and that's ok.  I create a plethora of creative thangs using intuition, imagination & integrity.  I draw, paint, write, stitch, craft & cast spells with the intention of remediation: healing, growing, releasing, shedding & transmuting the energy around us for our own greatest good. I use magic to bend time & space so my clients can learn how to do the WeRK required for finding a peaceful balance between their unique light AND dark parts. We all have a unique alchemy babes. I am all about finding the emergent properties in each of us. 

As Above, So Below. 
My life purpose is to be a guide thru the inner labyrinth that is our individual birthright. We all have complexities but it turns out that we also have a map to guide us (phew!). I can help translate and illustrate that map. I use my skills as an artist, astrologer & witch to write about the current Astrological weathers/transits we are all breathing under. I merge all my talents to offer powerful natal chart/astrology readings and to create magical art pieces that are accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. Each creation is as unique as the being or event it's been created for. I create are for birth days, weddings, anniversaries, new businesses and yes, for death as well.

Why Process Based Art? 
As a process-based creative person I believe that capturing the "who, what, why, when, AND how" is imperative for each piece I make, always. It is also compelling for the client to be engaged in the collaboration & conversation from the conception to the birth of their commission. I don't make one item on an assembly line and sell it. [I am not saying that's a bad thing either, it's just not what I do]. We make art together. Sometimes that's jewelry. Sometimes that's a painting. Sometimes that's an Astrology Chart.

Of course, I do make art and crafts and sell them, for sure, but that inventory ranges from hand-sewn pouches, to Just Be Blocks, to Shrinkie Dink jewelry, to stuffed animals, to pottery, to paintings. And every single thing I make is one-of-a-kind. Becoming a supporter of my WeRK allows you the chance to see behind the scenes of the creation process so you can better understand why these services are so supportive.

Why Astrology? 
My Astrological art pieces, writings, teachings & case studies also have a creative process that I find extremely important to share. My MAGICmooning Moon Scopes track the cycles, phases, & Zodiac signs the Moon travels in throughout the week, the season & the year. The content is meant to help guides us thru the current AstroWeathers with the best possible outcomes. I believe the best part about my Astrological work is that it helps you connect to your highest self, your greatest good, while also giving you insight into what other folx might be going thru right now. This expands your empathic muscles so you can give them more grace and acceptance (NEVER just tolerance, BTW). 

It's a great big, hopeful concept, I know, but I truly believe a better understanding of Astrology and Magic (aka SCIENCE) will bring the (R)evolution we so desperately need! The MAGICmooning MoonScopes are available in the ComMoonity NetWeRK.

Why do I call it WeRK (pronounced like Twerk) instead of wOrk?
Because this is my healingWeRK, my heartWeRK, my soulWeRK, my lifeWeRK. It's not just a job or a career. It's also about our collective WeRK and I hope that by connecting with me, even if it's just for a few dollars a month, brings you closer to your own WeRK too. 

I'll try to summarize:
I am an artist.
I am an astrologer.
I am an advocate.
I am a collaborator. 
I am a magic maker.
I am a damn fine witch.
I am here.
I am a ShadowWerker.

I am the sum of my parts.
That can be confusing for others.
I know that now, and, I am okay with it.
That’s the magic of it all.
You are not reading any of this by accident.
If you made it this far you're supposed to be here. 
If you're not sure what option to pick, trust your instincts. You absolutely CANNOT choose incorrectly. Let the Magic guide you...
OR send me an message and I'd be happy to help you find the perfect service or product. 

If you’re confused let your intuition guide you and chances are…
I am what you’re looking for. 
I am ready when you are.

Ready to WeRK with me?  
If you feel compelled to contact me or to work with me then that is what matters.
Take me in small doses perhaps or jump on in the water.

Please know that I am here to support you either way and I love questions. 

I appreciate you simply reading this far. If you decide to support me by joining the ComMOONity, booking a session, or buying art.... I want you to know how enormous the impact is.  Being able to do my WeRK and support my life in an abundant and thriving way is not only a dream come true but a healing experience that brings me more joy than I can express in words. Thank You. Seriously.