Ahhh, what to get a Libra? Here we have some thangs that are uniquely Libra-like. Get something for a friend AND for your self (how Libra!) 

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. This is why it's so focused on relationships & fairness. It is that beautiful burst of color & crisp air that comes in early Autumn. Notice how whiteness has made us focus on the niceness & passive nature over the social justice leader that Libra truly is. Yes, it can be conflict-avoidant, people pleasing, & materialistic but that is BECAUSE it's seeking to create spaces for mediation & collaboration between strong-willed people not because it's a doormat. As you study Libra make sure you don't allow the stream of fluffy & romance obsessed keywords to distract you from its sharp mind & justice focused nature. We must allow the Libra part of us (and others) to be able to express both sides of its nature to be whole. The best friend who is swallowing a bunch of anger & resentment to avoid an argument hasn't done their ShadowWeRK. A friend who tells us the truth & holds us accountable for our actions is a balanced Libra.

Libra Keywords: Justice, Balance, Strategy, Nice, Passive, Harmonious.

Libra Archetypes: The General, The Scales, Interior Design, The Judge