ECLIPSES | Lunar Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio | 2021 - 2023

The Lunar Nodes will peek into Taurus and Scorpio starting on 11/19/2021. They will then shift fully into these Houses in your chart on 1/19/2022 bringing the Eclipses to the Signs of Death & Rebirth, Compost & Sprouting, Resources & Regeneration. 

  • The first set of Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio will be on April 30th and May 15th, 2022. 
  • The second set will be on October 25th and November 8th, 2022.

It's time to look at your Taurus & Scorpio Houses and Planetary Placements. Where are these two Signs falling in your chart? What Planets or Points do you have in this part of your chart? Do you know your WeRK in this polarity or do you still need to spend some time thinking about it? Welp, you're gonna get a chance to peek inside this Eclipse Portal on 11/19/2021 as there's a baby Eclipse in Taurus. 

Take some time now to look at this part of your chart and use the Keyword Sheet & some research of your own to see what these parts of you/your life want you to WeRK on. 

Remember tho, Eclipses are not a time for Big Magic or Rituals. We can prepare like we would for a natural disaster or a difficult time but we won't be able to control what happens. Eclipses are a portal that reminds us we have very little control over what happens. We can only control our own reactions, and even then sometimes our reactions to Eclipses can surprise us. 

We are small blips in an enormous picture that exists because of the power of Chaos to generate surprising adaptations. The cycle needs this Chaos to encourage evolution and movement. One of the biggest reasons we are so resistant to changing the systems that feed on racism, capitalism and patriarchy is the illusion that they make us safe. They want us to believe that we're safer, stronger, and better fed because they tend the edges. But what's really happening is they are blocking half of the cycle from happening, the Shadow side. And that's what's blinded us to the environmental impacts AND made it so there's are entire generations of people who are oppressed and violated in order to feed the machine. 

Taurus is the sign of resources, wealth, abundance, comfort, and all of our senses. It wants everyone to have what they need AND what they want. Its Shadow is being lazy, complacent & complicit to harm if the flipside is a luxury or comfort item. It's strengths are it's dedication to it's mission in a steady & reliable way. For example, it will allow factory farming because of how easy it makes access to food BUT/AND it will be the first to be enraged about the treatment of animals once it knows the truth there is no stopping its willingness to stampede over bad systems. 

Scorpio is the sign of compost, regeneration, recycling, biology, and sex. It wants everyone to be deeply, intimately connected AND it's terrified of too much exposure. Its Shadow is being secretive, covert, possessive if the flipside is exposure or public discomfort. It's strengths are seeing what's underneath in both a micro & macro way. For example, it will allow an 18-year-old to work in an unregulated industry like sex work and be sexually violated & extorted because it's 'legal" BUT/AND it will be the first to destroy anyone who creates an unsafe or shameful sexual environment. 

The dualities of these two Signs will be what's up for us, both individually and collectively. The best way for you to prepare is to look at all the ways you're dealing with your inner dualities. What are you ashamed of and why? What is your relationship with Sex and Sexuality? Gender & Genitals? How do you feel about snakes, worms, spiders, mold, viruses, and germs? How do you feel about death and birth? These are just a few of the potential topics that could come up around us during this Eclipse Cycle. 

This is why it's so important to consider the Houses that hold your Taurus/Scorpio energy. That's where you'll find the nuances & subtle ways this cycle will connect to you and your life. 

Please post any questions or comments you have in this section of the WeRKshop. You can also PM me questions if you'd like them shared anonymously. Let's figure this out together! 

xo, d.

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