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What Is Aquarius All About?

Aquarius is the sign of the Waterbearer. WTF is a Waterbearer?!? Well, it has very little, if anything to do with water. In fact, because Aquarius' main archetype is the Waterbearer people will often think Aquarius is a Water Sign, Nope. Aquarius is an Air Sign


The Waterbearer archetype is actually derived from the myth of Ganymede, which is a really, really gross myth that so many historians, writers, and mythologists try to make palatable. But, IMHO, they fail every time. 


The myth basically goes like this; He's a beautiful BOY who was either kidnapped or offered up by his envious father to Zeus as a slave who pours drinks for all the gods/goddesses who live atop the mountain of their self-importance.  

One day his grief and rage about this fucked up situation causes him to pour all the liquid out which causes flooding and catastrophe on Earth. So, as usual, the mortals just trying to live their damn lives are punished for the violent oppression & harm the gods/goddesses on high. 

Huge Shocker. 


Instead of "punishing" Ganymede, Zeus makes him "immortal" and turns him into a constellation that endlessly pours out wisdom from the sky. 


Of course, mighty Zeus, the divine rapist, oppressor, and selfish beast could not let him be free OR give him his life back. Instead, we see the repeating pattern of the gods saying, "oh hey humans "immortality" is a gift that gods bestow and you're so lucky to get this eternal joy of being stuck as this thing forever" when, again in my humble opinion, death would be preferred. 


Why would it be a gift to be FOREVER pouring the water you hated pouring during your life in captivity?

digital art by dianna | Free Ganymede
digital art by dianna | Free Ganymede

So, now we know the poor, ugly definition of what a Waterbearer is. And we hate it, right? Yes!!! Why do we keep using these vile examples and archetypes for any fucking thing? I have no idea but I do know we can start to change that. 

The Waterbearer has nothing to do with being a beautiful victim of society; captured and held against their will and forced to do boring manual labor. Instead, it's about seeing an old story as fucking trashy trash and distilling it back out as an opportunity for all of us to rethink some shit. 

Aquarius is innovation, revelation, invention, and recreation.


As an Aquarius Sun in the 8th House, I feel I must reclaim and rewrite the story of this archetype! So, here goes:


Aquarius, The Knowledgebearer, is a Sign of deep wisdom, expansive thinking, revolutionary ideas, and a desire for freedom that only AIR can hold. The Knowledgebearer is the one who maintains and shares the well of knowledge. They tend to the flow of information, collecting all the data and the stories into one big pool. They then distill all of the collective knowledge and pour it back down on the people so they can continue to learn and seek new information for the betterment of all. 

As a tool of Saturn, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, The Knowledgebearer also takes responsibility for making sure the well of knowledge is never restricted, controlled or exploited by any one person, power or group. The pool is for the collective and the collective will maintain it, for the good of all. This is what Aquarius seeks to do and while it's not always successful, often because it, like all Signs, must do it's ShadowWeRK. 

Aquarian ShadowWeRK is to acknowledge and address its pension for fanaticism, living in the future, and conspiracy theories. This is where Aquarius distills the information and takes responsibility for the collective over its own beliefs or ideals. 


The vibes of Aquarius are often considered too weird and progressive for the times they live in but even without the support of the masses it will always seek to connect the individual's needs to the collective needs. This is complex and intricate WeRK. It is also often unpopular and requires an Aquarius to be a skillful and creative communicator. 


It can be unpopular to erase or rewrite old stories or myths, but that is also something Aquarius is here to make sure we regularly address. Getting stuck in old stories and loops can be harmful to humans. This becomes more and more obvious as we keep saying we learn history so we don't repeat it, yet we constantly repeat it… sometimes we even improve and expand on the very worst parts. 


Aquarius considers the collective energy knowing full well that EVERYTHING needs to be allowed to change, especially when it doesn't want to. It draws the dry, crackly mid-winter air of our shared stories and it makes sure that those stories are actually serving the best interest of the whole WITHOUT sacrificing a single, individual soul component to any collective machine. 


In a colonized culture it is hard to imagine this is even possible, but the Aquarian part of each of us knows full well that it is… and we know that it is marvelous. It is the weird, unique, quirky part of us that the imperial machine tries so desperately to kill off. When we reconnect with this we discover the power of Sweet Disruption is ours and our greatest power is being that weird, unique, quirky, authentic self that we were born to be. You wanna fuck up this system? Just embody your inner Aquarian and be your self, be your self, be your self!!!


It's a complicated sign, with complex themes. It's often the one that most people struggle the most to really understand. So, let's dive into the associations, keywords, archetypes, and themes of this intricate and weird sign and see if we can come to an understanding about its WeRk and our connection to this part of our charts. 

More About Aquarius...

Aquarius Keywords: Quirky, Unconventional, Weirdo, Innovator, Rebel, Eccentric.

Aquarius Archetypes: The Waterbearer, Revolutionary, Scientist, Politician

Element: Air Mode: Fixed

Aquarius Season 2024

Here is a calendar with all the Aquarius Season Transits:

I have no clue what the future holds for my WeRK but I love creating these posts and digitizing this info so that I can come back and look at it. So, I am doing this for me and if you like it, sweet. I've written a lot about the transits of Aquarius Season and I'll be sharing it as we move thru this super fucking intense time. (Y'all, it's fucking bananas all the way thru the rest of Winter). I am not sure what the format will be yet but I am just going to trust the process. If you have questions or want to chat about any of it, reach out. Otherwise, maybe I'll send updates again... maybe I'll just post here. Life is fucking chaos and I am going with it. 

I created these digital packets you can download if you want to follow along with my SweetAstro offerings. These may change as my entire Biz and WeRKflows are being composted and regrown. 

Download the blank one and use it for your own tracking & journaling. 

Download the Aquarius one that I've prefilled with the transits and Aquarius Season info I use in my journals. 

If you want to know how to get your personal transits figured into the process, reach out and I'll give you some tips. 

If you decide to print these please note they are formatted to a 7.75x9.75 size so you may want to test print and fiddle with your printer functions to get the right layout. 

Any other questions, my contact info is below. 


AstroWeathers of Aquarius Season

This is a live document and I'll be coming in to edit and update and change this. I might make a video.... do you want a video? Or maybe we need a group chat. IDK. Let me know what you're curious about. 

Day One Is A Doozy.... Pluto Enters Aquarius.


Aquarius Season begins with a massive shift of energy. The Sun and Pluto will be stepping into The Waterbearer's domain together in the first few hours of the season. 


There's no gentle way to say that the AstroWeathers of Aquarius Season are gonna be intense. This can feel scary when we're being forced to watch a genocide in real time. This can become terrifying when it seems like we're also sitting on the edge of WWWIII. These feelings of fear and doom are normal and I am more worried for the humans who are out here acting like nothing is happening. They are in for a real shock because the next few months are actually packed with bangers. 


But, let's not get too far ahead. 


Aquarius Season begins with The Sun and Pluto passing over the threshold of Aquarius. They will churn together into the 0º of Aquarius, likely creating some catastrophe or chaos to remind us that this degree is sensitive. It's sensitive because it's where Jupiter and Saturn joined together, kicking off a new cycle of these conjunctions that happens every 20 and every 200(ish) years. These are often connected to cycles of governments, countries, and empires. This conjunction happened during the Pandemic (on December 21st, 2020, 10:21pst to be exact) and it was lost to Pluto in Capricorn ANd it was in a tight square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Think back to what was up, both in your life and in the world during this transit…


Here's the chart of that exact conjunction. Oof. 

This is all just the first day of Aquarius Season. 

By the second week...

Venus will enter Capricorn bringing a harsh evaluation of our integrity that will probably make most of us cringe. Have we done enough and what exactly is enough in these times? I have Venus in Capricorn natally so I'll probably come back to this one later....

Mars & Mercury join together (conjoin) in Capricorn and both will Square Chiron in Aries and we will be forced to examine our WeRK with Toxic Masculinity and the violence of the gender binary. Not that we're not forced to examine this as we live inside of it every day but with Mars, the planet of action in the Sign of the Old Guard, we may see some violent tantrums from the imperialists who know these old ways are dying. We don't like it but we have to really look at why things are so harmful. Chiron is about making our wounds useful for healing but first, it makes us suffer through the process of unpacking those wounds and understanding what's really locked up behind the coping mechanisms we've designed to avoid doing just that. 

One thing I noticed when I was researching this transit was that Mars was in Libra on October 7th, 2023. It set an opposition to Chiron on September 23rd. When I looked at my notes about that transit I was researching the Toxic Masculinity and watching docs on the origins of the Nazi party and Hitler and it's really interesting how I connected these things. I am happy to elaborate if anyone is curious but this is all to say I don't love how we'll soon be getting to a square of where Mars was on October 7th (it was Square to Pluto in Capricorn and it was part of the energy that set off this whole nightmare). I am curious and concerned about what it means when it Squares the wounded healer in the Sign of The Warrior (Aries)... it's also headed for a Conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius which I'll talk about later.) Buckle up babes and pay attention to what happens during this tense transit because the day after Mar sets its Square to Chiron, Mercury now FINALLY out of its Retrograde Shadow, will also set a Square to Chiron. We are meant to learn some big lessons here and chances are, they're gonna be super uncomfortable. 

On January 26th, The Sun will send a Square to Jupiter in Taurus AND it will be at the exact same degree of Taurus that Uranus was back in 2020. 

This next part is important so pay attention (and I'll cover it in more detail in the video). Seriously Y'all. Please buckle up, because this one, is gonna fuck you up. Like, for real…this is why Astrology is fucking Magical and powerful. In my research, I often look at the Sabian Symbols, the Decans, and many other sources for support in trying to understand what certain transits may indicate. With this one, I immediately pulled up this info…

The Sabian Symbols for Taurus 5º-7º are as follows: 

  • 5-6 degree Taurus ~ Cantilever Bridge Across A Deep Gorge

  • 6-7 degree Taurus ~The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well

The woman of Samaria is from….wait for it…. Samaria which is the Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Shomron used as a historical and biblical name for the central region of Israel, bordered by Judea to the south and Galilee to the north.[2][3] The region is known to the Palestinians in Arabic under two names, Samirah and Mount Nablus. HOLY FUCKING FUCK.


And, she's at the Ancestral Well. 


  1. Ancestral. She is connecting this to the ancestors of ancient Palestine. 

  2. She's at a fucking Well, which is the domain of Aquarius. 

So, what is a Sun Square to Jupiter all about then? 


Well, we have The Sun: the collective's ego, purpose, path, and vitality sending an applying Square (tension that forces an action to occur) to the great truth seeker Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter is also abundance, growth, and good fortune and goodness knows the ancestors of Palestine need as much of that as possible but Jupiter is also the planet that opens up our hidden closets, reads our journals and sometimes accidentally/on purpose shares all that truth with the world. Because The Sun is in Aquarius this is even more about our collective integrity & ideologies. Because Jupiter is in Taurus is asking us to really look at the truth about our resources and how we don't just survive BUT thrive in this world made perfectly for all of us.


The transits of Uranus in Taurus, especially that long, ongoing Square from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus that lasted from 12/21/2020 all the way thru November of 2022, have been trying to teach us about how our obsessions with profits, growth economies, and commercialism (aka: capitalism) is bad news. It's literally going to make the earth (Taurus's favorite thing) uninhabitable. We've had a pandemic shut us down, and cause shipping catastrophes and supply line disruptions but that didn't even make us stop to think about ways to innovate. We've been in a fake economic downturn for the last two years while billionaires are set to become trillionaires. 


When Jupiter entered Taurus it tried to show us that people are more important than profits by expanding all the terrible things. It even worked with Saturn in Pisces to smash a submarine to show us where our values were off, but that didn't work either. 


We've reached this low point where a genocide rooted in land and resource theft isn't even getting the capitalism machine to stop. 


So, this Square between The Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus asks us to reflect back on what's happened for our collective since early 2020. It asks us to consider our values and where we are stuck in our own comforts at the expense of others. These are two Fixed Signs 


Let's look at the Sabian Symbols of 5º-7º of Aquarius too…

  • 5-6 degree Aquarius ~ A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play

  • 6-7 degree Aquarius ~ A Child Is Seen Being Born Out Of An Egg

This is incredible and A LOT of heading AstroNerd action so... I am going to come back to it later... if you wanna talk about it let me know. 

To wrap up the FIRST week Mercury & Mars will then Square The Nodes in Aries and Libra  and we continue to learn some fucking uncomfortable thing about liberation, justice, and hopefully not more war and destruction (but probably so). Mars is coming up right behind Mercury in this transit too so when Mars & Mercury move together we often suffer painful lessons. We can all be hot-headed, sharp-tongued, and quick to react with the wrong information. In Capricorn this is dangerous because this is the SIgn of law & order. We can destroy anything that appears to be a threat to us. In this energy I feel we're going to see the "attack" on the West that "allows" them to being the assault they've been cooking up all along. War is profitable for the 1% and we've all learned too much since 2020. They need us back in our places but with The Nodes in Aries and Libra bending these two planets so close to Pluto the results are more likely to be a revolution. Ponder that for a bit and if you need support or want to chat about it, reach out. 

As we move deeper into The Knowledgebearers home we're going to be asked all the personal questions regarding our willingness to take responsibility for the collective. Why? 

Because we're not taking responsibility now. If anything has been laid bear by the last 100 days of watching a genocide in real time, it's that. We've given all our collective power to a machine that promises us comfort and safety. And, even when it constantly fails to deliver either, we still think we're entitled to it and we protect the machine at all costs. 

This was just the first week, it doesn't get easier, not for Pisces Season either. Sorry, I wish I could say otherwise. But... the lie they sold us about our entitlement to comfort and safety is why we're watching several genocides occur in real-time. it's really distorted if you think about it. But, you have to think about it to see it. This Aquarius Season is going to ask us to do that.

Happy Imbolc Witches

If you're one of the folx who studies/practices The Wheel of The Year you'll be celebrating Imbolc which is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Astrologically this occurs when The Sun is at 15º of Aquarius, the literal midpoint of the Winter Quarter of the chart. 

The festival begins the eve of February 1st to the eve of the 2nd. Also known as Brigid's Day or Candlemas, this is a time for remembering that Spring will return. We can continue to acknowledge the return of the light; we'll notice that the days are feeling much brighter by this time. 

It can be fun to do more research about the holidays and traditions connected to the Wheel of The Year. As a person who is genetically half Irish (with the other half mostly English, then Welsh, Scottish, and a mish-mash of other white folx) I find these practices are a great root for my own annual celebrations. 

BUT/AND I am careful not to attach too much to them either. Once you know that literally EVERYTHING is tainted by whiteness, patriarchy and capitalism it's hard to trust the information you find. 

As part of the process of dismantling and evolving why can't we design new rituals and traditions? We must be careful not to appropriate or mine other culture's beliefs or practices but it's easy to just follow old pathways. 

During Aquarius Season we might consider designing new pathways for honoring the Earth's cycles as well as our own. 

What kind of celebration would you design to honor the midpoint of Winter? 

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