The Healing Never Ends

So stop trying to find the end of your healing and lean into where you are right now, today, in this moment because the process of healing holds the Magic you're actually looking for. 

The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo at 2:02 pst on August 23, 2023.  

What Is Virgo All About?

Let's Prep for Virgo Season

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Virgo Season brings us to the last third of summer and marks the beginning of the end of the sunny season. It is generally a time of harvesting and preparing for autumn to return. The Sun starts to move from the Disseminating Phase to the Last Quarter Phase. The Dark is returning and we are here to be grateful for all we've learned under the brightest light of summer.


Notice how the sunlight starts to change. The colors of Leo Season will start to fade and things may dry out and turn into shades of crispy toast and hunter green. Virgo often brings forward some of the best sunrises and sunsets of the year. We will also see the animals and insects change their energy. For me, this is when the ants come marching back into my house looking for water and fibers to carry back to their hidden nests. We will see everyone busy getting fat and storing food where they can.


Virgo Season offers up the opportunity to reconnect to your wellness plan, including all that ShadowWeRK you may have put off while you were enjoying the summer vibes. It's an opportunity to reclaim what being well really requires. And never forget that doing so is an act of Sweet Disruption. How? This culture so often tells us what being healthy looks like as if there's a stock way to be in wholeness. But we know that can't be correct because we live in a society that devalues what it really takes to be wholly well including mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness in our "health plans'. Taking stock of how you get, stay, and maintain wellness is a project for Virgo Season and this particular Virgo Season is ripe for harvesting new ways of doing this that are unique to YOU.


You are worthy of this WeRK and making sure you take the time to care for YOU means you'll have the energy and tools to take care of the collective too.


The (hopefully) cooling weather in the Northern Hemisphere creates an atmosphere of preparation and the need to collect things in anticipation of the return of the dark. We may feel a tinge of anxiety as we prepare the last of the harvest and preserve this abundance before The Dark returns. The worry that may arise is a good reminder to check in on your scarcity mindset WeRK. The scarcity myth is one the weapons of whiteness. We see it in the narratives about immigrants coming to steal our jobs today but it's been a thread in the blanket of whiteness since that big, toxic lie was created.


The truth is: Earth's cycle creates enough but it also acknowledges that chaos is a required part of the process; this means that everyone is not meant to survive but that doesn't mean the collective cannot tend to everyone with a thrive mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. We should all be able to live our best life, whether that lasts for five minutes or 99 years.


We will explore these ideas more throughout Virgo Season so a big part of the preparation for this healing season is to lean into how the scarcity mindset has invaded your mind and harmed your whole self. This is big WeRK so let's all make sure we're checking in and asking for help when we need it.

ASTRO101 | All About Virgo

Virgo Keywords: Healthy, Diligent, Discerning, Modest, Perfectionist.


Virgo Archetypes: The Virgin, The Healer, Nutritionist, Herbalist

Element: Earth Mode: Mutable


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Come check out my Virgo Season article and we can dive into the Mercury Retrograde cycle together. 

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Virgo Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Virgo Season

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Here is a calendar with all the Virgo Season Transits:

The Moon Rituals in Virgo Season

Check them out here and let me know what you think!!! 

Virgo In The Body.

Virgo rules the intestines, spleen, and the overall abdomen. It is also connected to digestion and the systems that cleanse the body. During this Mercury-driven season, we will likely be filled with an analytical energy and a desire to create a clean, organized environment in preparation for the darkness to return. It's good to remember that Virgo is about being of service to the collective and it drives us to reconnect to community so we can all share our bounties and better survive the dark half of the year ahead. Take time to check in on your own health before you set out to be of service to others. If you find you're not okay remember that you're deserving of the resources of the collective too; ask for help when you need it. You'll likely find healing in taking time to truly care for your self so you can be stronger for your communities. This is also a great season for tending to your inner witch by acknowledging that your Magical Gifts and Tools are real as fuck. You are worthy of your Magic and it's much needed in the collective. One of the best ways to be of service during this Virgo Season is to make sure everyone else knows that their Magical Gifts and Tools are also very valuable…this is also a great way to say, “fuck you!” to the patriarchy that's worked so hard to squash the Virgo in all of us.

Notice what House Virgo holds in your chart.  Those themes will be lit up in your life for the next few weeks. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? What is your Virgo WeRK? 

Virgo is a Mutable Sign. This time of year can drive us to question everything we thought we knew for sure in Leo Season. This feels uncomfortable because capitalism and patriarchy are so focused on maintaining the status quo and moving the assembly line along. This is why Mutable Energy is so powerful in fighting against these toxic powers; it encourages us to ask questions like, “Is the status quo causing guilt and shame in our children?” or “Is that assembly line causing harm to the workers body?”. Without this curious, flexible energy we often lose sight of the healing parts required for a cycle to flow in a healthy way.


Notice when you're dealing with any ruts or stuckness in your flow. What is holding you in this unhealthy pattern and what are you trying to maintain? Is this energy connected to a fear of being seen as difficult or disorganized? What can you do to break this mindset? Being curious and resisting the status quo can bring forward new Magical Gifts and Tools AND it is a form of Sweet Disruption that can also liberate others to do the same.



WTF does Mutable* even mean?

Take some time to learn about what the Modes are in Astrology and you'll see why capitalism intentionally does everything in its power to keep us from moving thru all the energetic cycles.


How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in this Season?


*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!

We've reached the final harvest of the Summer Quarter of this annual cycle. It's time for us to prepare all we'll need to move forward into the dark half of the cycle. 


The last BETA test phase of the WeRKbooks is upon us. It's time to give this Magical Baby one last round of tending before it launches in Winter 2023. AND, the last round of BETA testing made this Magical Baby split into TWO BABIES .


That's right! Now there's the full SweetAstro WeRKbook version and The MOONlite light version. Both are weekly planners/journals, both help you learn more about Astrology and your own chart. One is simplified and focused on just The Sun and Moon and the other has all the planets, retrograde & eclipse cycles and just MORE GOOD SHIT. AND, now they are both available in print and digital versions too! Ahhhhh, I am so excited.


Join us in the Magical WeRK!

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