Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

Reconsidering Health & Wellness

Mercury Retrogrades are not here to piss you off!

They are here to help us fight against bad systems & edit our mistakes. We can use these sideways times to fuck up capitalism & patriarchy while also downloading our personal messages from the Universe. Will it make technology & traffic weird, yep. Is it harder to communicate, uh, yes. But, sometimes we need to disconnect, stay home & STFU. 

Let's dig into all the ways we can use Mercury to fight patriarchy, capitalism, and whiteness. Before we can truly change a thing we have to understand why & how it was created.



Before you dig into the WeRKsheets and videos consider these general Mercury Retrograde thought/journal prompts.


  • Do you believe that change is possible?

  • What if all these systems of oppression are just ideas and mindsets?

  • Why are binary systems so toxic for the human mind?

  • Do you know WHY these systems of oppression were intentionally designed?

  • Do you know their origin story?

  • Do you know how you fit into the ongoing narratives of our culture?


We have to ask, is change hard, or is this another intentional narrative designed by the system to keep us from knowing and believing that we are actually very, very capable of change and adaptation. Turns out we may be controlled only by the way our brains wOrk… meaning that because we believe in race, gender, class, and money so that makes them real AND that's the real power source fo these toxic systems.


We can absolutely get stuck in our ways but that's all rooted in what we believe is true and how that thinking creates an operating system for our behaviors. We can also initiate and create unbelievable change but first we have to be motivated by a new thought, idea or fact in order to make the first move. Why is this? Because we are social creatures with an endless curiosity and a desire to make connections and systems. We want to live lives of ease and comfort but that doesn't inherently mean we are not afraid to WORK, especially when it's for the good of all. We wouldn't even have survived the evolutionary process if we weren't built like this.  We are controlled by our thoughts, perceived and ‘real" and it’s great that this is how our system operates naturally BUT/AND it's important to remember that we SURVIVED an evolutionary process that was fucking awful, traumatic, and excruciating (especially by today's standards) and that created some imprints on our natural systems that are being exploited by these toxic systems. Being exploited is fucking horrible but it's worse when you're not even aware it's happening. We are all born into a system intentionally designed to scare the shit out of us with impossible expectations and unattainable requirements we can't help but be conditioned to act against our collective best interests.


Why am I talking about this as part of a Mercury Retrograde post? Because that's the best Magical Gift and Tool hidden within the Mercury Retrograde cycle… being able to see the underside of our internal operating systems so we can use that knowledge to influence and hopefully DISRUPT the collective systems that exploit them.


This is why it's important to remember that you don't hate Mercury Retrogrades, you hate capitalism (and whiteness, and patriarchy, and the intentional trickery of these toxic systems). You can use this cycle to reboot your SELF into a new operating system. Wanna give it a try? 

Whatcha Need To Do The WeRK

  • The Mercury Rx WeRKsheets
  • Your Chart
  • Colored Pencils/Pens

  • Your SweetAstro WeRKbook OR your journal.
  • An Open Mind & Heart
  • Your Curiosity & Attention

Take Some Time To Learn About Mercury | The Planet of Communication is one of the three Personal Planets. It is closest to The Sun and that's why it Retrogrades three times in an annual Sun Cycle, its orbit around The Sun is so quick compared to ours. 

Its focus is on communication and connection on the mental/ intellectual plane. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. This is why it's the planet of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and of cataloging important data. Mercury seeks information for the purpose of building intellectual and ideological pathways and improving our overall mental health and wellness.

Take Some Time To Learn About Virgo: 

Virgo is the sixth sign in the Zodiac, associating it with the Sixth House which why its focus is on offering healing services to the world.  Virgo can be hypercritical & nit-picking but that's because it's trying to encourage health & wellness for all NOT because it's inherently judgmental. As you study Virgo make sure you don't allow the steady stream of service-focused keywords to distract you from Virgo's very real need for rest & rejuvenation. We must allow the Virgo part of us (and of others) to be able to express both sides to be complete. The nurse who nags & criticizes to see the results they believe are "healthy" hasn't done their ShadowWeRK. A nurse who knows that everyone needs different things to heal is a balanced Virgo.


Virgo Keywords: Healthy, Diligent, Discerning, Modest, Perfectionist.


Virgo Archetypes: The Virgin, The Healer, Nutritionist, Herbalist

Okay, now that you've done some research you're prepared to enter this cycle. As you move thru this remember, Mercury Retrogrades give us an opportunity to see behind the curtains and under the hoods. They are Magical Gifts & Tools from the Universe... in this WeRKshop we're gonna explore how you can reclaim yours and use them to fuck up this sick, toxic system up. 


Over the next few weeks make sure you come back to this WeRKshop to review and reconsider its offerings alongside your personal discoveries and experiences. I will be adding info as Mercury makes its transits during this Retrograde Cycle so I promise it will be worth the time. 


If you don't have a SweetAstro WeRKbook, make sure you've downloaded and, if you're able, printed your WeRKsheets. These are also good guides to use, even if you can't print them out. These are my gift to you. 


Are you ready to get started?! Let's fucking GO! 

Here is the song I used at the beginning of the video.

music by 

Amindi | Mercury Retrograde

Here Are The Astro Details:

MERCURY retrograde | VIRGO


Enters Shadow 

|8/4/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Stations Retrograde 

|8/24/2023 @ 21º Virgo


Stations Direct 

|9/15/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Exits Shadow 

|9/30/2023 @ 21º Virgo

Here are the WeRKsheets

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