LEO SZN 2023

It's Time for The Midsummer Nights Dream!

The Sun moves from Cancer to Leo at 18:50pst on July 22, 2023.  

What Is Leo All About?

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I'll talk a bit about Leo Season generally, offering tips for using the energy of the season to learn more about your SELF and how to practice elements of Sweet Disruption while you're doing your Leo WeRK. We cover all the tips for using your SweetAstro WeRK book in this video too!

Leo Season brings us to the middle of summer and marks the height of this quarter of the annual cycle. It is generally a time of celebration and rejoicing as The Sun starts to move from its Full Phase into the Disseminating Phase. The Dark is returning and we are here to be grateful for all we've learned under the brightest light of summer.


Leo Season offers up the opportunity to reconnect to your core SELF. It's also an opportunity to reclaim YOU as an act of Sweet Disruption. How? This culture so often tells us who to be and what's good behavior but Leo Season is a chance for us to check in with our Heart's Desires to make sure we're in alignment with our truest SELF. The warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration, and we eagerly anticipate the bountiful offerings that the Earth provides during all of Summer. We feel a sense of excitement as we prepare to harvest and preserve this abundance before The Dark returns.


The Full Sun Phase ends as we move thru Leo Season bringing forward the Disseminating Phase of The Sun. We're still rejoicing and reflecting but we can feel the call to begin taking responsibility for what needs to GTFO as midsummer comes and goes. As we reach the halfway point of the annual cycle, it is a perfect time to assess our Annual WeRK so far. We look back at the intentions we set during Capricorn Season, which marked the beginning of the Sun's journey, and reflect on the progress we have made since Aries Season, the First Quarter Sun Phase. We're at the halfway point of the year and that means we need to start planning for the last half too.


By acknowledging the efforts we have put into achieving our goals, we gain insight into what has worked and what has been challenging. This reflection allows us to readjust our goals, plans, and emotions based on our current state of being. Understanding which goals and intentions have been successful and which require reassessment helps us plan what we need to release and let go of as we move toward the end of Summer and into Autumn.


It's time to look back at the intentions we set wayyyyy back in Capricorn Season (the New Sun Phase) and all the WeRK we've done to achieve our goals since Aries Season (the First Quarter Sun Phase). Now's the time to reflect on the building up and increasing part of the cycle that happens between Winter and Summer so we can consider what we need to release and compost in the last part of the cycle between Summer and Winter. When you take time to notice what goals and intentions WeRKed out and which were a struggle we can readjust our goals, plans, and feelings accordingly to where we find our SELF today. Use that info to plan what you'll let go of at the end of Summer and to prepare for when Autumn appears again in just a few short weeks.

ASTRO101 | All About Leo

Leo Keywords: Prideful, Confident, Playful, Domineering, Childish, Leader


Leo Archetypes: The Royal, The Jester, Reality TV Star, Comedian

Element: Fire Mode: Fixed


Guess what MoonBeams?! I am now a published author in a radical new magazine, Jennifer Magazine. I am so honored and excited to be part of this disruptive and influential publication.

My first article was timed perfectly with the arrival of Cancer Season. For Leo Season I wrote an article about the power of reconnecting with your true Self. It's a powerful perspective on self love and why it's so important we do the WeRK to reclaim that. It will be published on July 20th. I hope you'll check it out. 

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Leo Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Leo Season

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Here is a calendar with all the Leo Season Transits:

The Moon Rituals in Leo Season

Check them out here and let me know what you think!!! 


The Wheel of the Year

MIDSUMMER | the first harvest festival |

aka: Lughnasadh (Loo Nuh Suh). In Modern Irish, it is called Lúnasa. A Gaelic celebration initiating the beginning of the annual harvest season. Often celebrated on August 1st however it's connected to the middle of Leo so the date could change each year when The Sun reaches 15º of Leo. In 2023 this would occur on August 8th.


During this time many hold celebrations where they bake bread and preserve midsummer fruits like blackberries, raspberries, currents, and grapes. This can include making jams, syrups, and wine. They may also turn wheat and corn into beer, mead, or other types of alcohol. This is a time of celebrating the bounties of summer thus far but it's also asking for a continued abundance for the rest of the harvest that year. Lughnasadh often includes rituals intended to honor the guides, allies, and guardians who help bring that bounty forward. Consider the offerings you're making to your guides, allies, and guardians while The Sun is high in the sky. Autumn will be here before we know it.


My favorite ritual connected to Lughnasadh is the trial marriage, which lasts for a year and a day. These are similar to what we might call an engagement. It's also a popular time for actual weddings and wedding anniversary celebrations.

Because Leo rules the heart, spine, and vitality. It is also connected to blood as it circulates thru the heart, forearms, and wrists. During this solar-powered season, we will likely be filled with a glowing energy and a desire to shine our heart lights out into the world. It's good to remember that Leo is about reconnecting to all of our true Self as a Magical Gift and Tool. Take time to sit with your inner child and who you knew you were before this culture told you that you weren't good enough. You'll likely find healing in being silly, dancing around the room, getting dressed up, and doing your hair in a truly expressive way. This is also a great season for creating from your heart and sharing that energy with folx you really love, especially children. You are worthy of this creativity and silliness. You are worthy of expressing your SELF in whatever way you need - do it know that when you reclaim your SELF you make space for others to do the same.

Notice what House Leo holds in your chart.  Those themes will be lit up in your life for the next few weeks. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? What is your Leo WeRK? 

Leo is a Fixed Sign. This time of year can gives us sustaining and maintaining energy. When you think about how Leo is connect to royalty it's easy to understand what fixed energy is. A royal dynasty puts much of its energy into maintaining power and control over centuries. That takes a lot of energy and sometimes it takes some compromises. 


Notice when you're dealing with any power struggles or situations where you're having to compromise to reach your goals. Why are you acting this way and what are you trying to maintain? Is this energy connected to being seen or validated by the collective's rules and codes for what's valuable? What can you do to break this mindset? Being intentional with reclaiming your own internal powers of SELF can reveal new Magical Gifts and Tools AND it is a form of Sweet Disruption that can also liberate others to do the same. 



WTF does Fixed* even mean?

Take some time to learn about what the Modes are in Astrology and you'll see why capitalism intentionally does everything in it's power to keep us from moving thru all the energetic cycles.


How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in this Season?


*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!

Welcome to Midsummer MoonBeams! I am so excited about the final BETA session of the Threshold Pathway! My favorite part of the WeRKbooks are the free Flash Cards inside the SweetAstro WeRKbooks. I designed each card by hand.


These are printed inside the WeRKbooks and you can cut them out to create really useful little Flashcards. They are designed to help you learn the glyphs for each sign (they appear on the back of each card). You can also learn all the basic associations for each Sign; The Keywords, Archetypes, Planetary Rules, the Weather Season, Dates, Element, Mode, and House Association too.


The SweetAstro WeRKbooks include a whole section designed to help you learn Astrology but the Flashcards are just so fucking cute!


It's never too late to order your WeRKbooks and get started on the Threshold Pathway. Reach out if you need support to get started? 

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