Aries | The Ram | CARDINAL FIRE

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. This is why it's the warrior & activator. It is the spark of rage & desire to survive that forces that little green shoot up out of the dirt in springtime. Notice how whiteness has made us focus on the rage & activation over the vulnerability & tenderness of Aries. Yes, it can be violent, impulsive & reactionary but that is BECAUSE it's vulnerable & sensitive not because it's an asshole. Aries wants healthy masculinity to balance feminity NOT to conquer or replace it. As you study Aries make sure you don't allow the stream of aggressive keywords to distract you from its tender, protective nature. We must allow the Aries part of us (and others) to be able to express both sides to be complete. The warrior who fights due to a love of fighting hasn't done their ShadowWeRK. A warrior who fights to protect against oppression, bullying, & domination of weaker energy is a balanced Aries. 

Aries Keywords: Assertive, Idealistic, Egotism, Leader, Activist, Impulsive, Vulnerable, Reactionary, Sensitive.  

Aries Archetypes: The Ram, The Warrior, Entrepreneur, MMA Fighter, The Activist

Aries Shadows are often described as; selfishness, extreme narcissism, self-soothing, irrational, impulsive, combative, violent, physically aggressive, forceful, explosive, rage-filled, foolhardiness, vulnerability, easily attacked, egomaniac, headstrong, competitive, bossy, self-focused, sarcastic, dismissive, childish, warmonger, manipulative for selfish gains, restless, truth avoidant, impatient, demanding, bridge burner, risky, dangerous to others, insensitive, oppressive.

Seasonal Aries: We survived the long winter!!! Spring Equinox, Spring Begins.

Aries is the survival of the coldest cold winter & the fire needed to spark the last bit of strength to sprout again. It is the spring green sprouts pushing out of the cold, dead soil. It is new babes being born; young, immature, impulsive & filled with endless energy! Notice how all the trees that were black during Aquarius season have turned bright red & mustard yellow now. The hibernating predators wake up & we hear the screeching of their prey as they lose that fight AND as they make it possible for another to win. The air is raw as it dries out from the returning heat.

Aries Associations:

  • Dates: March 20 - April 19
  • Colors: Red, Orange, Bright Green & Yellow. 
  • Body: The Forehead, Face, Adrenal Glands, Eyes, Brain. 
  • Beings/Animals: Dragons, Rams, Sheep, Tigers. 
  • Stones & Crystals: Ruby, Diamond, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Jasper. 
  • Objects & Metals: Knives, Metals, Iron. 
  • Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Rosemary, Garlic, Yarrow & Milk Thistle, Hawthorne. 
  • Element: Fire. 
  • Mode: Cardinal. 
  • Talismans & Personal Objects: Pictures of yourself when you were little, mirrors, & things you're passionate about. 
  • Tarot: 4, The Emperor. 
  • Goddesses: Freya, Pele, Scathach, Brynhild, Macha, Linshui, the Morrigan. 
  • Number: 9
  • Day of the Week: Tuesday
  • House Associations: The First House; The Rising Sign, Self, Head, Body, The Mask, How we're seen by others, Health & Vitality in the Physical Body.  
  • Planetary Rulerships:
    • Ruler: Mars Detriment: Venus Exalted: The Sun, Fall: Saturn.
    • Mars: God of War, Rage, Sexy Time, Warrior, Blades, Injuries, Inflammation, Passion. 
  • It’s all about YOUR SELF!

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