PLUTO | Planetoid of Chaos

Pluto was discovered in 1951. It is the planet of profound transformation, mutation, amputation, & trauma. It forces us to look from the micro to macro much more quickly than we find comfortable. Pluto puts so much pressure on our bullshit it turns into diamonds. How does a butterfly feel? Pluto is also retrograde from about five to six months of the annual cycle. 

Planet Name: Pluto
Planet Type: Generational (Outer) Planet or Planetoid
Keywords: Transformation, Power, Profound Change, Mutation, Regeneration, Mining, Micro/Macro Vision, Genetics, Ancestors, Chaos
Archetypes: The God of Chaos, The Miner
Shadows: Vindictive, Power Hungry, Dangerous
Colors: Deep red, magenta, violet, black, neon
Body: The unconcious, reproductive organs, excretory systems, mutations, genes
Places: Dark alleys, dumpsters, drains, plumming, bathrooms, nuclear power plants, mines, coroners office
Stones & Crystals: obsidian, garnets,lava rock, black tourmaline, stalagmite
Metals: Plutonium
Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Oats, rye, mushrooms, artichokes, aloe, black cohosh, chaste tree, potato, yams
Talismans & Personal Objects: Lockboxes, diaries, volcanos, bats, spiders, snakes, black objects, coffins, babies, genitals, weapons
Tarot: Judgment

Number: Infinity
House Associations: 8th, Scorpio
Planetary Rulerships: Outer Planets DO NOT rule any Signs, they only vibe with them... 
Vibes With:  Scorpio
Disliked Most By: Libra
It’s all about Death & Rebirth

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