CHIRON | Asteroid of The Wounded Healer

Chiron is an asteroid that was discovered in November 1977. This was the height of the “self help” movement & Chiron’s mythology is connected to The Wounded Healer. This is fascinating to research, mostly because the Astronomers name the bodies when they are discovered NOT the Astrologers. This asteroid shows a point of wounding or harm in our charts, usually from our parents or authority figures. It’s not trauma, we have Pluto for that. This is more often an experience we had, often in childhood or young adulthood (look at the degree of your Chiron, what was going on for you at that age?). These wounds are often subtle or subconscious. We don’t always see them until Chiron points them out. It’s a thing that we’re often trying to overcome but since we don’t see the root we struggle to locate the injury. Chiron is also called The Lock & The Key. This highlights how, once we find the wound, it also becomes a key to unlocking some special healing gifts we have. We often turn our Chiron wound into a unique Magical Gift & Tool we use to heal or support others. It can be a very powerful process, but not always an easy one. It’s worth the deep dive & we will offer a whole WeRKshop on locating & unlocking your Chiron wounds. The world needs this WeRk badly. Take some time to learn about your Chiron BUT note that it doesn’t show up on all the websites & apps so reach out if you need help finding yours. Best places to find it: &

Planet Name: Chiron
Planet Type: Generational (Outer) Planet or Planetoid
Keywords: Healing, wounds, the lock & key, paradox, the broken pieces, the glue
Archetypes: The Wounded Healer, The Martyr
Shadows: Outcast, scapegoat, dilemmas, suffering
Colors: Peach, tan, rose, burnt umber
Body: Scars, unhealed wounds, chronic pain
Places: Hospitals, cconvalescent homes, therpeutic offices, schools
Stones & Crystals: Smokey Quartz, chrysocolla, carnelian, fire agate, labradorite, rose quartz
Metals: none
Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Neroli, rose, yarrow, ghost flower, hawthorn, lemon balm, rosemary
Talismans & Personal Objects: Health spas, gardens, art supplies, keys, centaurs, healing tools
Tarot: none

Number: none
Day of the Week: none
House Associations: 6th, Virgo
Planetary Associations: Asteroids DO NOT rule Signs, they vibe with them...
Vibes With:  Virgo
Disliked Most By: Capricorn
It’s all about Turning our Wounds into Healing Gifts

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