NEPTUNE | Planet of Mystery

Neptune was discovered in 1846. It is the planet of mysticism, music, disassociation, & confusion. It is the literal veil between the worlds reminding us not to get too fucking serious. Neptune wants us to stay connected to Magic via music, mystery, & divination. YOUR Magic is real! Neptune is retrograde about 5.5-6 months in the annual cycle. 

Keywords: Imagination, Mystery, The Known Unknown, Music, Spirituality, The Whirlpool, Altered Space, Magic
Archetypes: The Visionary, The Mystic
Shadows: An Existential Crisis, Disassociation, Confustion, Addiction, Delutional
Colors: Sea Green, indigo, lavendar
Body: Pineal gland, thalamus, mental processes, seratonin, psychosis, viral infections
Places: The Ocean, near or under water, aquariums, water treatment plants
Stones & Crystals: Amethyst, fluorite, jade, coral
Metals: Neptunian
Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Seaweed, kelp, algae, reeds, waterlily, watercrest, cattails, swamp grass
Talismans & Personal Objects: Sea creatures, loch ness monster, shells, mermaids, boats, sea birds, chalises
Tarot: The Hanging Man
Number: 7, 11
House Associations: 12th, Pisces
Planetary Rulerships:
Outer Planets DO NOT rule any Signs, they only vibe with them... 

Vibes With:  Pisces
Disliked Most By: Gemini, Virgo
It’s all about The Visions and Imagination

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