SATURN | Planet of Responsibility

Saturn is the planet of structure, restriction, responsibility, rigidity, & mastery. It’s all about law & order & getting on purpose, often this WeRK is harsh or feels like getting stuck. Saturn is connected to our bones, teeth & skin. Saturn takes about 2-2.5 years to move thru one sign. Saturn is retrograde for about 4 1/2 months each year. A Saturn Retrograde is an opportunity to rework our systems, check our foundations for cracks, take responsibility for our actions & to either recommit or break up.

Planet Name: Saturn
Planet Type: Interpersonal Planet
Keywords: Boundaries, Laws, Structure, Teacher, Father, Order, Foundations, Mastery
Archetypes: The Lord of Time, Yoda, The Master
Shadows: Pessimism, grim, mistrustful, guarded
Colors: Black, grey, navy, dark brown, green, orange
Body: Bones, skin, teeth, joints, spleen, nails
Places: Caves, ancient ruins, institutions, prisons, police stations
Stones & Crystals: Petrified wood, onyx, moldavite, smokey quartz
Metals: Lead, iron, steel
Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Aspen, elm, spinach, beets, hemlock, saint johns wort, patchouli, yew, hyssop
Talismans & Personal Objects: bones, teeth, wood, wool, metal, garden tools, farms, rings, sculptures
Tarot: Major: The World

Minor: 7 Pentacles, 5 & 10 Wands, 3 Swords, 8 Cups
Number: 4
Day of the Week: Saturday
House Associations: 10th, Capricorn. 11th, Aquarius
Planetary Rulerships:
Rules Capricorn, Aquarius
Detriment: Leo, Cancer
Exalted: Libra
Fall: Aries
It’s all about Setting Those Boundaries

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