JUPITER | Planet of Truth

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, good fortune, abundance & overindulgence. It’s all about finding the truth & broadening our horizons. Jupiter is connected our growth (literally), hormones, & fertility. Jupiter moves thru roughly one sign each year; sometimes it crosses back & forth between two a smidge too. Jupiter is retrograde for about four months each year. A Jupiter Retrograde is gives us a chance to go back & make sure we didn’t miss any important truths or opportunities for growth.

Planet Name: Jupiter
Planet Type: Interpersonal Planet
Keywords: Abundance, Expansion, Growth, Good Fortune, Overindulgence, Joy
Archetypes: The Truthseeker
Shadows: The extremes, orthodox religion
Colors: All the colors swirled together
Body: Liver, body fat, pituitary gland
Places: Temples, churches, altars, buffets, bars, dance halls, sacred spaces
Stones & Crystals: Chrysocolla, topaz, jasper, lapis lazuli
Metals: Tin
Plants, Flowers & Herbs: Oak Tree, dandelion, sage, pumpkin, watermelon, asparagus, figs, orchids
Talismans & Personal Objects: Spiritual talismans, lottery tickets, game pieces, good luck charms, honey, sweets, affirmations
Tarot: Major: The Wheel

Minor: 2 Pentacles, 6 Wands, 4 & 8 Swords, 9 Cups
Number: 6
Day of the Week: Thursday
House Associations: 9th, Sagittarius. 12th, Pisces
Planetary Rulerships:
Rules Sagittarius, Pisces
Detriment: Gemini, Virgo
Exalted: Cancer
Fall: Capricorn
It’s all about The Truth About Spirituality & Growth

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