MERCURY | Planet Of Information

Mercury is one of the three Personal Planets. It is closest to The Sun and that's why it Retrogrades three times in an annual Sun Cycle, its orbit around The Sun is so quick compared to ours. 

Its focus is on communication and connection on the mental/ intellectual plane. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. This is why it's the planet of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and of cataloging important data. Mercury seeks information for the purpose of building intellectual and ideological pathways and improving our overall mental health and wellness.

Notice how whiteness wants us to focus on logic and linear thinking over the deeply emotional parts of us. Yes, Mercury can be analytical, critical, & robotic but that is BECAUSE its purpose is to teach us about understanding and sharing important symbols, like language and context, not because emotions are not as important as logic. Mercury WeRK is often about connecting the systems of our minds to everything else, making more room for our empathy, sympathy, and emotional capacity. 

As you study Mercury make sure you don't allow the stream of linear, logical keywords to distract you from the importance of the messages from your intuition, emotion, and Magical self.

And don't forget to study the Shadows of Mercury: propaganda, lies & mistruths, fake news, hypercriticism, and getting stuck in extreme ideologies. It can also block literal pathways and cause traffic jams when we move at the pace of capitalism and whiteness. The best tool for exploring Mercury's Shadows is the Retrograde cycle. Slowing down to double-check, edit, and update the information regularly assures us we're not missing the harm that misinformation and old beliefs can cause. 

Take time to learn about your Natal Mercury (where it's located in your birth chart) so you can understand how you can best use this powerful, Magical Gift and Tool to continuously unfuck your brain and reconnect to new, better ways of thinking. 


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