VENUS | Planet of Relationships


is the second of the three Personal Planets. It only Stations Retrograde once every 18ish months and has a very beautiful longer cycle of Retrogrades that repeat over and over in the same parts of our charts in our lifetime. Its Retrograde helps us reevaluate our relationship and connections to our needs. 

Venus' focus is on relating and integrating on a more personal and physical plane. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. This is why it's the planet of relationships, values, possessions, and both economies and ecosystems. Venus evaluates for the purpose of building emotional and sensual connections and improving our overall aesthetic health and wellness. And yes, in this scenario health and wellness equal beauty, art, and hugs because they are equally important as food, shelter & water. 

Notice how whiteness wants us to focus on superficial values & competition over true integration and relationships. Yes, Venus can be vain, greedy & frivolous. But, that's BECAUSE its purpose is to find out what is valuable to us. Venus reminds us that each of us values different things based on our Venus placements. Venus is helping us understand and share beauty and harmony thru things like art and music NOT just by meeting our basic needs. It's about connecting to literally everything thru unification and symbiosis rather than the lack mindset and "fear of losing love because we're not good enough" behaviors perpetuated by capitalism. 

As you study Venus make sure you don't allow the stream of pretty, lovey keywords to distract you from the importance of its connection to ecosystems and economies. Venus is literal money and the actual environment, it's not just a hallmark card and/or why we do or don't want to get married. 

And don't forget to study the Shadows of Venus: jealousy, greed, vanity & envy,  endless comparisons, codependency, and getting stuck in abusive relationships. It can also warp our relationships with our own bodies and sense of self when we allow capitalism and whiteness to be in charge of telling us what's beautiful. The best tool for exploring Venus' Shadows is its larger Retrograde cycles. 

Take time to learn about your Natal Venus (where it's located in your birth chart) so you can understand how you can best use this powerful, Magical Gift and Tool to fall in love with your self and to get what YOU really need.  

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