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September 4, 2022 | Mars Enters Retrograde Shadow | Gemini 25º

Stop The Presses!

This transit promises delays, frustrations, and potentially dangerous miscommunications. 

Mars is the planet of action and desire. It's already not at its best in Gemini because this Sign is very airy and indecisive. It moves constantly and it often struggles to find footing or focus. WeRKing with Mars here can create the biggest rabbit hole ever, constantly spiraling around and around to different tasks and ideas without ever finding anything solid to grab onto. It's lesson is often learning to wait, to do research first, and to see being held back or restricted as an opportunity. 

Patriarchy and capitalism have definitely put a lot of energy in trying to convince you there is no value in waiting or fucking stopping for any reason. The propaganda of endless production and productivity is why we're here, destroying the Earth and our SELF to endlessly grow "thee economy". 

This Mars in Gemini transit is asking us to sit down and really THINK about how, why, when and where we ACT. 

Collectively we'll like see a lot of Information Wars during this transit (including the Shadow Phases). This is part of the collective need to redefine "truth" but also the need for doing our due diligence and fact-checking before we run off and believe everything we see & hear. 


January 12, 2023 | 12:56pst | Mars Stations Direct | Gemini 8º

Mars will also Station Direct on Thursday, inviting us to review where we've been stuck and frustrated the most since this Retrograde cycle began on September 4, 2022. Mars' Retrograde cycle teaches us the value of being held back or restricted from a thing. Is there value in this? That is the WeRK we're tasked with understanding AND then acting on and with going forward. 

What is the value of rest, patience, and making sure you have all the information before you ACT? 

As Mars stops at 8º of Gemini, the degree it's been at since January 2nd and where it will be until January 24th, we are being asked to sit the fuck down and think before we move forward with any of our desires. 

Take time to look at where this is happening in your chart and see if any of your frustrations or blocks are connected to these House themes. 

Those restrictions may slowly start to release once Mars is moving forward again BUT don't forget it's in the exit Shadow Phase until March 16th AND it's in Gemini until freaking March 25th. It's been a long journey and hopefully you'll have learned the value of being held back, restricted, and stopped by the time this journey is done.

Astrology IRL| Mars Rx in Gemini: The timeline of haps on/with Twitter these last few months is probably one of the best examples of a Mars Retrograde cycle happening in Gemini. 

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