The MOONlite WeRKbook | FIRST EDITION | *digital version*
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The MOONlite WeRKbook | FIRST EDITION | *digital version*

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I am so excited to share this new MOONlite WeRKbook with y‘all. It‘s been a long road creating these Magical Tools but I‘ve loved every minute of it!

This is a *lite* version of the SweetAstro WeRKbook that focuses on more attention on The Moon. Each week you‘ll tune into the weekly content; The AstroWeathers Post, Video & Podcast which includes the latest Moon info. You can also access The Moon Rituals Post for addtional Moon Magic. This WeRKbook flows the same way the SweetAstro WeRKbook does EXCEPT it‘s only paying attention to The Moon.

I consider this an amazing starting point if you‘re new... (WELCOME!!!) OR if you‘ve felt like the SweetAstroWeRKbook was *too much* at this time. It is a BFD to do this WeRK in daily your life so if you need an easier path this MOONlite WeRKbook is for you!


These WeRKbooks contain WeRKsheets for Three Sun Seasons (roughly 3 months). 

They are best purchased before the next Cardinal Sun Season ahead... these are...

  • Aries - starting around March 21st
  • Cancer - starting around June 20th
  • Libra - starting around September 22nd
  • Capricorn - starting around December 21st

HOWEVER, they can be used anytime, the weekly journal pages may just be a bit skewed but you'll get 13 weeks of journaling and content in each WeRKbook. 


For more info about The MOONlite WeRKbook Process and Offerings click here. 



Once you purchase you will get a digital PDF copy of the WeRKbook. 
This shouldn't NEED to be said but I'll say it anyway... PLEASE don't share multiple copies of the Digital WeRKbook with your peeps. Encourage them to purchase their own copy. There is no way to track this and while I don't know if I'll continue to offer this so for now I am including the digital version with the BETA testing. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. 
The number one APP I recommend with the digital version
GOOD Notes (iOs) - not sure if this is available on any other platforms. If you have other apps you love, let me know.