Virgo Season Moon Rituals

Clean Up Your Shit.

If you're new here OR if you need a refresher check out my Why We Ritual the Rituals post I created about doing Rituals. It will help you understand my intentions for creating these Moon Rituals and hopefully support you in creating own rituals or at least embellishing on mine. 

Virgo is Ruled by Mercury so it's time to use what you learned about your Truest Self in Leo Season to acknowledge your own messes, take responsibility for them and then clean that shit up. 

The overall theme of Virgo Season's Moon Rituals is this: Sometimes it is YOU that's getting in the way and causing all the problems.


It's hard to acknowledge your mistakes and see failures as part of the process in this toxic culture and that's intentional. That's part of the plan this system has to keep you from accessing all the fuel that comes thru doing your ShadowWeRK regularly.


Read that again.


This Moon Cycle has the power to show you how cleaning out your shit can help you see your mistakes as fuel. Reclaiming our shit as if it was precious compost will fuck this horrible system up quickly. It is an act of Sweet Disruption to reclaim that poop they try to shame you with because without shame it's harder to motivate us to enter the soul-sucking machines of this culture every day. As you move thru the Witch's Lunations of this Moon Cycle lean into the value of owning your shit; doing this for your SELF is the best way to free everyone else. If you love your TRUE SELF then you also love your shit and you cannot be be oppressed or ashamed into submission AND you will no longer be able to see anyone else being oppressed or shamed either. Virgo is about being of service to others. 


This cycle will also opportunities for us all to clean out the collective's shit, making room for others to find the freedom to heal their shame too. A collective colon cleanse my friends; let's do this shit! 


MAGICmooning |

Virgo Season Moon Rituals


  • Your SweetAstro WeRKbook and/or your journals
  • Pens, pencils, art supplies (optional). You may want a red or gold marker for Leo Season. 
  • Your Leo Moon Ritual notes, if you have them

  • Several dry sticks, leaves or pieces of brown paper bag. 
  • Fire safe bowl or fireplace/pit where you can burn the above items safely AND collect the ashes. 
  • Matches or fire starters

  • A large bowl that can hold boiling water
  • A handful of your favorite plants: herbs, flowers, etc. 
  • A pan or tea kettle for boiling water (a stove or electric kettle…) 
  • 2-3 cups of water
  • A towel for cleaning up

  • A jar or bottle with a lid
  • Sieve or slatted spoon for straining out plants 
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Pieces of tissue paper, if you have it. Regular notebook paper will work, the thinner the better. 

Virgo Season Moon Rituals | The Overview

The AstroWeathers of Virgo Season will offer us some opportunities to Clean Up Your Shit while also adjusting your mindset on the value of composting that shit rather than just “letting it go” 


There is such a toxic message flowing thru the Health & Wellness Industrial Complex and much of that is deeply rooted in whiteness and capitalism. As we WeRK to unfuck our brains from the poisons of the three-headed Hydra (capitalism, patriarchy, and whiteness) it becomes our responsibility to help pull those threads out of the collective. This is no easy task but Virgo Season is a time especially equipt for this WeRK. These Moon Rituals were designed to help us see those connections more clearly. This can be hard, uncomfortable WeRK but when we do it together, in service of each other, we can go so much farther and heal so much more. 


You can check out more on the AstroWeathers for Virgo Season here. And remember that I make even more detailed reports on the AstroWeathers of each week here. AND, if that's not enough, check out my new Jennifer Magazine article about Mercury Retrograde In Virgo and Rewriting The Health & Wellness Doctrine of Capitalism. 


As always, if you decide to participate in the Moon Rituals please share any photos or feedback you have. I love doing this WeRK with y'all! Now, let's do this shit!!! 

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius | August 24, 2023 | 2:57pst | 1º00'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

A Cancer Rising Chart makes The Moon most powerful at this time. The Moon will be in the 6th House (Sagittarius, obviously). The Moon will create the post powerful aspect to The Sun (Virgo, 3rd) during this lunation, which is typical during a Quarter Moon Phase, but it's also sending a square to Saturn, Retrograde in Pisces (Pisces, 9th). This creates a T-Square aspect between The Sun, Saturn (Rx) and The Moon. The Moon getting squared by both The Sun and Saturn (Rx) means this energy will release out the Gemini House; in this chart that's the 12th House. Jupiter (Taurus, 11th) will also join the conversation as the Ruler of both The Moon in Sag and Saturn (Rx) in Pisces. Mercury, now Retrograde in Virgo, will also chime in because it's the bossy boss of The Sun in Virgo in this chart. 


The AstroAlgebra & Geometry of this could sound something like: Expanding emotional wellness and intelligence may feel like a struggle RN but because it's so important for the collective/our neighbors healing process we can be of service by sharing how our we've healed our SELF by expressing our hidden or repressed emotions. Remind your SELF and others that this can be done literally or Magically (or both). There is not one way or a wrong way to express our emotions; it is only harmful to continue to hold them in/back. 


THOUGHT/JOURNAL PROMPTS: How do you express your hidden or repressed emotions (if you do)? Can you assist others with this?  And, if you haven't begun this expressive WeRK this is a great luntation to start doing so. 


RITUAL | Gather a few small dried leaves or sticks OR you can use paper if that's not available. I use paper grocery bags often in place of other organic materials. After you've thought or journaled about the prompts write down 2-3 hidden or repressed emotions you're ready to express during this lunation. You can also think back to the New Moon in Leo and see how expressing these emotions may help you move forward with those intentions. Virgo gives us the strength we need to say what we need to say. Sagittarius gives us the bravery to release that pony into the Universe. It is time to say and do hard things. It is time to express the trash we've hidden because we were afraid of how this toxic culture may react to us. This repression is often the reason we want to do a damn thing but we don't. How can expressing this hidden thang free you to progress in your healing.  As you write down your personal 2-3 things make sure you add one for the collective. How can you help the collective (or, if that's too big, start with helping a friend or neighbor) feel safe to do this emotional expression WeRK? Write down the thing you will do to bring this assistance into the real world this week. When you look at your list of thangs image each one becoming a simple symbol. It can be a symbol or glyph that you know, for example you could use the glyph for one of the Signs or Planets involved with this ritual OR just make one up. This is a powerful type of Magic, especially if you trust your own intuition about the symbol you create. You can also do something like Sigil Magic or whatever calls to you. The purpose is to inscribe your sticks, leaves and/or papers with a symbol for each thing you wrote down. Once you've inscribed your symbols on your sticks, leaves and/or papers you'll lay them out on your altar or somewhere for The Moon to charge them with beams until just before The Full Moon in Pisces when you'll [SAFELY, SAFELY, SAFELY] burn them down to ash. We will use these ashes in the Full Moon in Pisces ritual so you can do the burning just before you start that ritual OR anytime that works for you. Don't forget there's no wrong way to do this WeRK. Spend time journaling about your experiences in the PROCESS of doing this ritual; it may be a weird and confusing experience… don't forget that Mercury is Retrograde so just write down what seems important at this time knowing it may not make sense NOW but we're gonna come back here and review it so trust that you'll get what you need from this process if you stay open to it.  

Natal Chart of The First Quarter Moon

Full Moon in Pisces | August 30, 2023 | 18:35pst | 7º25'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

An Aquarius Rising Chart makes Saturn (Rx Pisces, 2nd House) the most powerful planet in this chart. Saturn (Rx) is located in Pisces in the Second House and The Moon jointed Saturn in a conjunction about six hours before The Moon became fully Full. The Moon is also ruled by Saturn in this chart, adding to Saturn's influence on this lunation. The Sun is in Virgo in the Eighth House and it's in an opposition aspect to The Moon in Pisces. Mercury (Rx, Virgo, 8th House) is the ruler of The Sun in this chart, giving it a bit of continued influence in this lunation cycle. 


THOUGHT/JOURNAL PROMPTS: What did you learn as you burned your sticks, leaves, and/or papers from the FQ Moon in Sag? How do you feel about sharing your hidden or repressed emotions now? Were you surprised by what you discovered in that process? How did you help others better share their shit? Do you value all of your emotions more now? Can you make this process a permanent part of your life and ShadowWeRK going forward? 


RITUAL | Gather your ashes from the FQ Moon Ritual and set them aside. Lay out your bowl, water, leaves, flowers, and any other live plant items you gathered. Oh, and your clean-up towel too!. As you review your thought/journal prompt responses notice anything that got in your way during your FQ Moon WeRK. Notice anything that feels like it's holding you back from making this process part of your life going forward.  List out those blocks and what you need to do to release them. Heat up your water safely. Add your plants and flowers to your bowl. As the water heats up visualize all the strength and empowerment you need is what's warming up the water. Allow your fear, frustration, and resistance to come forward as the water is boiling. Channel that into the water. Once it starts to really boil turn the heat off and prepare to pour the water over the plant items. Make sure you're able to do this SAFELY. Add the water to the bowl and allow the steam of the water to wash over you. Pull the steam towards you with your hands and feel it enter your lungs and skin. You are worthy of doing your ShadowWeRK, the hard WeRK. You are worthy of the cleanse. Your emotions are valuable. They are Magical Gifts and Tools meant for you. As you watch the plants break down in the hot water you may feel like you need to “breakdown”. Go ahead and feel the feels that come up. Notice them and give them attention. Let the water slowly cool and then add the ashes from the FQ Moon Ritual to the bowl. Leave this bowl sitting out on your altar or for the Full Moon to charge up overnight or this whole week if you can. Don't forget to journal what came up during this Ritual AND if you can you may want to end this ritual with a long bath or shower. If you cannot do this it's recommended to wash your hands and face and feet if you can.    

Natal Chart of The Full Moon

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini | September 6, 2023 | 15:21pst | 14º04'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

This chart is Sagittarius Rising making Jupiter the ruler of this lunation. Jupiter is now Retrograde in Taurus. We find Jupiter in the 3rd House in this chart. The Sun in Virgo is conjunct Mercury which is moving in Retrograde motion, also in Virgo, this conjunction is also known as a Cazimi. Mercury (Rx, Virgo, 10th House) is the ruler of both The Sun and The Moon in this chart because both are in Mercury-ruled signs (The Sun in Virgo and The Moon in Gemini). This chart is super charged with Mercury energy. 


THOUGHT & JOURNAL PROMPTS:  Do you know your own mind? Now that you've reclaimed abilities to express your emotions more intelligently (hopefully) what does it mean to have so much Mercurial energy around you? Can you be emotional AND literal/linear at the same time? What happens when you shut off your mind and only rely on your emotions to guide you? Can you take this more “free” expressive self into spaces where this kind of expression is often frowned upon? It's one thing to say shit at home or with friends… can you continue this realness at work or in more “professional” settings? Why or why not? What would happen if you did that? 



RITUAL | Take some time to think/journal with these prompts. Once you finish pondering what may be some big and scary concepts (like being fully free to express your SELF in public spaces) consider what really keeps you from being that free. What would it mean to speak up in all the places that you need or want to do so? What needs to GTFO of your way to make this possible? If you could remove these blocks, would you? 


If you're ready to fight these restrictions, most of which are rooted in this toxic culture's need to control our Emotion Magic, write down each block on individual little pieces of paper. 


Use a felt tip marker if possible. It's best to pick the blocks you actually want to dismantle or disrupt because this lunation is drawing down a massive amount of that Mercury Retrograde energy.. shit's gonna go down if we really mean it. 


Let those words sit out on your altar or in the moonlight while you do the next step.  Now that your Pisces Full Moon water has charged up in the Full Moon energy you'll want to bottle that Magic up for later use. Decide if you want to strain out the plants or keep them in. Trust your instincts. You can keep it for the rest of the Virgo Season Moon Cycle or beyond. If you want it to stay fresh longer you can consider keeping it in the fridge OR add some rubbing alcohol to the mix (Google for recipes on this). 


Remember what plants you put in the mix and make sure there are no issues with those plants. *Witchcraft at your own risk, LOL. 


Once you get the water into your jar or bottle dip your wand (can be a paintbrush, Qtip, found stick or an actual wand) into it and stir. Get the water moving around and around. Then, pick up the paper with the first word/block you're planning to release and SPEAK that word into the water. Then set the paper back down on your altar during the rest of this Last Quarter Moon Phase. See how you feel about really letting these things go. 


Check back over the next few days and be honest about whether you're really ready or not. It's okay if you're not ready but make sure you keep the awareness that one day you will have to let these things go if you ever want real change to come. Leave the papers and the water out until the Dark Moon arrives. 

Natal Chart of The Last Quarter Moon

Dark Moon in Leo & Virgo | September 12 -14

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

We're getting another Dark Moon that will expand across two Signs. This Dark Moon will glide through both the Leo and Virgo Houses in your chart. I love how this aligns with the fact that our Moon Cycles have been split across two signs for the last few cycles; meaning that we're not starting with the Dark Moon which always feels to me like “the beginning” and instead we've been starting with the First Quarter Moon's for a bit. 


It can be weird to have the New Moon and the First Quarter Moon in different Modes but lean into it and you'll find a lot of value in having to bridge the two together. It's not easy to forge relationships between signs that are side by side in the Zodiac. They have very little in common but it's there if you seek it out. This shift has also encouraged us to embrace reflecting more and more as part of the process.


And luckily this split is about to shift to a completely different alignment with a BONUS First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius that will rearrange the Moon Cycle again, making The Full Moon the beginning of the next Moon Cycle in Libra Season. It never stops changing because change is awesome. 


Use this Dark Moon's split between Leo and Virgo to enhance your Sun Season review WeRK too. Reflect on what you learned about speaking up, especially in places of power, during Leo Season. This can be is hard AF. And, that fear of danger is an intentional weapon of the three-headed hydra. It plans to keep us nice and quiet, complacent and afraid of being cast out. This gets magnified in Virgo Season because this sign is so indoctrinated to “behave and succeed at all costs”. Being a rebel is not a natural state for Virgo. 


Use this Dark Moon energy to really consider how your life would be different if you became a disruptor. What if you said the things you wanted to say? What if you did the things you wanted to do? What's the worst thing that could happen? How could you use your power, influence, and/or position to change the systems around you so that it would be easier to speak up and express your self? How could you also do this in ways that would make it easier for others to do that too? 


If you absolutely cannot take this risk is there anyone around you that you could ask for help? This is a hard process but don't forget to lean into what you learned during Leo Season. Are there any tools still hidden from you in that WeRK? Do some gentle poking around in there to see if you missed anything. 


Don't forget that Dark Moons aren't really designed for Rituals, they are more for deep introspection and contemplation. They can be used for banishment but we should consider simply using them as a time of rest before the New Moon comes instead. 


Rest up because when/if you decide to disrupt, you're gonna need that energy! But, before you go deep within you can take those papers and either stack them up and put them in an envelope OR just turn them over on your altar so you have a few days to forget about them and let them gestate like little seeds. 

New Moon in Virgo | September 14, 2023 | 18:39pst | 21º59'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

A Pisces Rising chart is ruled by Jupiter. This is the second Jupiter ruled chart of this lunation cycle. In this chart, Jupiter (Rx, Taurus) is in the 3rd House, the House of local communication, siblings, and worshipping the Goddess. It is now starting a gentle conjunction with Uranus (Rx, Taurus, 3rd) also. This lunation happens on a Thursday and that is also Jupiter's Day so we're experiencing a lot of Jupiter energy. The Sun and The Moon are both in Virgo during this New Moon. This means that Retrograde Mercury in Virgo is in charge of this lunation in a big way. We might think this would bring us crystal clear messages but the opposite may be true due to the fact that Mercury is both Retrograde and opposed to Saturn (Rx, Pisces, 1st) AND The Sun and Moon are also opposed to Neptune (Rx, Pisces, 1st). 


THOUGHT & JOURNAL PROMPTS: This lunation continues to ask us if we're speaking the truth, are you ready to do that now? Are you ready to peel back the layers of what blocks you and makes you afraid to express your true SELF? Are you ready to heal those inner, psychic wounds? What will your new systems and structures of self and collective protection look like? Maybe you're not ready yet, and that's okay… but what's your healing plan as you move into this WeRK? What's your plan to get ready? 


RITUAL | Gather your Full Moon Water and LQ Moon papers. Take some time to review the thought/journal prompts. Flip over or pull out your papers one by one and write what you wrote down on them in your journals. 


Take time to hold up each block, each thing holding you back from speaking and expressing your self so you can really see it. 


Notice how it feels to acknowledge that truth. Review and edit them as needed. If you feel fully ready to release that block put that paper on your right side. If you're not ready [THAT IS OKAY - IT'S NOT A CHALLENGE, IT'S A HEALING JOURNEY!] 


Set those to your left. Once you're sure and IF you have any papers that are ready to go take your wand and begin the process of stirring your water again. 


As you stir say into the water, “I am ready to release ______ [list your item]” Do this for each paper and visualize those blocks dissolving into this powerful water. Add the ones that are ready to go to the water.  


If you have papers you are not ready to release put them somewhere safe and you'll want to come back to review them again in Libra Season. 


Put the lid back on your water, with the released papers inside. Place that water back on your altar or in a safe place. We will access this again in Libra Season so don't dump it out just yet. 


Take time to decompress and tend to your tender spots. This can be a challenging ritual. Please remember and notice if you feel any feelings of guilt or shame about not being able to let go of these blocks. It's okay if you're not ready. You need to be able to fully see what's holding you back from expressing your self before you can fully heal those things. 


Now that you've seen what needs to GTFO you can honestly start WeRKing to release those things. Feeling guilt and shame is what this toxic culture wants us to feel when we try to heal the wounds it has caused. Lean into that and spend some time seeking healthy ways of expressing your guilt and shame. 


Make art, cook healthy food, talk to friends, be in nature - there is no wrong way to do it, just do it. One day at a time. And, remember that pulling out your shit is where your compost comes from. It is how you can make fuel for continued healing and growth. It's good to pull it out and see it. And the ComMOONity is here if you need support or if you have any questions. 

Natal Chart of The New Moon

BONUS | First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius | September 22, 2023 | 12:31pst | 29º32'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Jupiter rules this chart via its Sagittarius Rising setup. We find Jupiter, no Retrograde in Taurus in the 6th House of Health, Wellness, and Service to Others. The Moon is also being ruled by Jupiter (Rx, Taurus, 6th House) and it's just about to leave the 1st House after this lunation is complete. The Sun is also about to leave Virgo which is in the 10th House of Reputation and Career in this chart. The Sun is ruled by Mercury which is still in its Retrograde cycle but moving direct in the exit Shadow Phase. It's also located with The Sun in Virgo in the 11th House. 



THOUGHT & JOURNAL PROMPTS: Now that you've come to the end of the lunation cycle in Virgo Season AND you got this BONUS First Quarter Moon to activate your New Moon Virgo WeRK what will you do with this opportunity to reevaluate what you've learned about expressing your Emotions? How will you be of service to others or enhance your WeRK in the world with your new skills and awareness? Who will you be now? How will you embody your Emotions in a healthy way? 


RITUAL | Take some time to review the Virgo Season Moon Rituals as a whole ritual. Notice how they connected (or didn't) for you. Follow the threads of these lunations through your chart. Notice anything that just doesn't make any fucking sense and remember that Mercury, the Ruler of Virgo Season, is Retrograde and that may cause confusion that will be cleared up once the full Retrograde cycle is over (September 30th). You will want to come back here and take a look at this whole cycle again then. Use this First Quarter Moon  to summarize the whole process you went thru in Virgo Season. And then consider if there are any actions you wanted to do last time this lunation occurred but couldn't. Can you do those things now? If so what changed since last time. 


This is a unique opportunity for a second chance at the same process. Take it. And take notes about it so you can review it again next year when this cycle comes again. 

Natal Chart of The First Quarter Moon

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For Virgo Season I wrote an article about using Mercury Retrograde cycles to do deep personal ShadowWeRK while also fighting capitalism, patriarchy, and whiteness. It's good stuff.

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I hope you enjoyed this ritual series as much as I enjoyed creating them! 

If you have any questions please reach out in the comments below OR message me.  

I'd also love to see photos of your Magical altars, rituals and creations. You can send them to me OR if you share them on the socials please @ or # AstroArtistry so we can see what you're WeRking on. 

Happy Mooning MoonBeams!

xo, d.

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