Cancer Season Moon Rituals

What The Fuck Are Fucking Feelings For?

If you're new here OR if you didn't participate in the Gemini Season Moon Rituals please take some time to review the Why We Ritual the Rituals post I created about doing Rituals. It will help you understand my intentions for creating these Moon Rituals and hopefully support you in creating own rituals or at least embellishing on mine. 

Cancer is ruled by The Moon so this is a great time to get connected (more or “re”connected too!)

Now that you've watched the video and acknowledged that The Moon is a major part of Cancer Season that you have a rooted place to start we can dig into the Cancer Season Rituals.

I am going to share a general overview of the Moon Magic available throughout Cancer Season, then I will post some videos for each of the Moon Phases a few days before that lunation.

The goal continues to be supporting you in designing your own rituals in alignment with any spellWeRK or Rituals that I am channeling too. That's all to say, I want you to participate in the process by seeing if you take what I create and embellish it with your personal chart information too.

If you're not sure how to do this go back and watch the video link above. 

Let's get to WeRK, shall we?

MAGICmooning |

Cancer Season Moon Rituals


  • Your SweetAstro WeRKbook and/or your journals
  • Pens, pencils, art supplies (optional)

Cancer Season Moon Rituals | The Overview

What the fuck are fucking feelings for?

Mercury will be in Cancer for the majority of this set of lunations. This is one of the root reasons why we'll be examining what feelings are for.

This culture puts a lot of energy into separating us from our emotions. As I've said over and over, this is intentional. Whenever we find an uncomfortable or harmful block we should always assume that block is intentional.

And then we should do everything we can to explore ways to disrupt and change that.

Patriarchy and capitalism disconnected us from our emotions because they are Magical Gifts and Tools. When we are rooted in our Emotional Magic we are connected to our intuition and our higher self. We are more likely to be empathetic and compassionate.

We would have never allowed the atrocities and violence of the last few thousand years if the power over structures hadn't severed and exploited our Emotion Magic.

Before you start digging into each of The Moon Phases in Cancer Season take some time to consider this. Think about how powerful and disruptive you would be if you reclaimed your Emotion Magic. Think of how much easier it would be to let go of fear and guilt if you knew your higher self more intimately.

it's a lot to take in, especially when we're already standing knee deep in Cancer Season as we read this.

Chances are this set of Rituals and the process of UN/RElearning is going to be painful, uncomfortable, and challenging. Lean in as much as you can. Reach out for help whenever you need to.

I started a ComMOONity because I wanted to have resources during this UN/RElearning WeRK. I want you to feel like you're a part of that. If you need support remember that you can text or email me. You can comment below. You can comment on the videos. Let's disrupt this system be reclaiming our emotions and that means even rage, terror, apathy, sadness, and pure joy. Every emotion is valid and valuable. And we are worthy and deserving of the time it takes to feel and process them. 

First Quarter Moon in Libra | June 26, 2023 | 0:50pst | 4º29'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Mercury Enters Cancer today and that provides us with the overall theme for this lunation.


Feel into fear. Allow your self to reconnect to the value and power of fear. This is an emotion that's been weaponized, especially by whiteness. This idea that we will be shunned or made outcasts if we don't tow the line and follow all the rules is terrifying because we are designed for community living and shared resourcing.


Use the power of this connection-focused Moon to expand your collective, Magical Resources. Who are the people you can explore fear with? Who can you connect with to change the narratives you hold around fear.


RITUAL | Make a list of what you're most afraid of and share it with someone you care about. Ask them to do the same. What surprises you about this list? What surprises you about their list?


Look at what Houses hold your Libra and Cancer energy. When you pull up those themes notice how/if they connect to your list of fears. If they do, use those themes to see how you could conquer those fears and reclaim the power that’s contained within that fear. 


If they don’t make another list of the fears you have in these areas of your life. How can you use the themes of these Houses to conquer those fears and reclaim your powers? 


Do you have any planets or points in Libra or Cancer that could also help you quiet the fear and reconnect to the unique Magical Gifts and Tools that are likely hiding behind that fear?

Take time to record this WeRK in your SweetAstro WeRKbooks or journals. Keep your lists handy as your move thru the rest of this Lunation Cycle.

Natal Chart of The First Quarter Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn | July 3, 2023 | 4:38pst | 11º19'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Feel into your bones during this Full Moon. Spend time reflecting on how you developed your emotional SELF. How did you learn what emotions or reactions were acceptable? How did you create that structure or foundation for how to use your Emotional Magic?


It’s likely these foundations are rooted in your childhood. Most of us learned how to behave emotionally at a young age. We may have learned how to mask, manipulate, and manage emotions and when we follow those threads out into our current, adult lives we can see how that emotional training is also connected to many of the behaviors or habits we are constantly trying to retrain or remove from our lives.


With this bright, powerful Moon notice those threads and how they are attached to your bones, your core structure. Notice how and where they are strangling you or cutting off other pathways. A Full Moon is a time of reflection and review. It’s not the best time for making any changes or releases so be tender with your SELF as you examine these threads. Don’t yank or pull too hard on them. Use the Full Moon energy to be grateful for them instead.


Even though some of these threads are connected to your wounds (and maybe even your traumas), they were stitched here to protect you. Chances are the little version of you wove these threads here to keep you safe so acknowledge that and give your SELF a big hug.



RITUAL | In your SweetAstro WeRKbook draw a small map of where each emotional reaction is connected to your body. When you feel scared, where does that appear in your body? Where is joy? Anger? Confusion? Frustration?


Now think about where your Capricorn and Cancer Houses land in your chart? Do you see those threads connecting to the themes of those Houses too? Are you more or less emotional (either expressive or repressed) in those areas?


Make notes in your SweetAstro WeRKbook about how these threads connect so you can prepare to gently pull them out or move them during the rest of this lunation cycle in Cancer.

Natal Chart of The Full Moon

Last Quarter Moon in Aries | July 9, 2023 | 18:47 | 17º35'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Now that you’ve had a chance to shine the brightest Moon light into your SELF you can use the torque of this Last Quarter Moon to do the ShadowWeRK required to gently pull those threads out. It’s okay to discover some anger and even rage as you start this process.


It’s fucked up that we’ve been stitched up and bound so tightly away from our Emotion Magic. It’s hard to see that this was also an intentional action, especially when we learn that our ancestors participated in the stitching and binding (white folx, that’s us!).



RITUAL | Look at where you have your Aries and Cancer Houses.


How can you tap into the bravery and determination of Aries to help you pull the threads out? How can you tap into the tenderness and nurturing vibes of Cancer to apply the balm needed once the threads come out?


If you feel called to this part of the ritual, do it. If not do it in your mind or in a mediation.


Take some thread and weave your needle thru your drawing from last week's Moon WeRK in your SweetAstro WeRKbook. Put in as many as you feel called to stitch in. Then, for the next part you can either pull those threads out or your can only stitch in the threads that feel healthy and well-balanced. 


And don’t forget that some of the threads are healthy and well-balanced. Not all of our emotional reactions or expressions are bad or wrong. You’ll need to keep some of these threads in place so this can be tedious and careful WeRK. You don’t have to do all of this WeRK during this one Last Quarter Moon. You can always come back this process of gently pulling and understanding your emotional self. You can always add new threads too.


As you move thru this process write in your SweetAstro WeRKbooks so you can come back to this process over time. You may find these threads reconnect themselves sometimes too. That can be frustrating but the powers that put them there are constantly trying to keep those threads in place and they are crafty fuckers. Give your SELF grace and patience, tenderness and support for this process.


AND, don’t forget that it’s our responsibility to assist the collective with this process too. Consider that as you get better at doing this for your SELF and share this knowledge and practice with others. You can also do Magical WeRK in your Imagination Magic by visualizing your SELF pulling out the larger collective threads too.

Natal Chart of The Last Quarter Moon

Dark Moon in Gemini | July 13 | 0:25pst - July 15 10:13pst

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Take a little break during this Dark Moon, MoonBeams! You’ve probably done some uncomfortable WeRK here. It may have gotten emotional or extra dramatic. It’s Cancer Season after all. Use this Gemini Moon energy to connect to logic and data mining. Step back and examine what you’ve learned (and unlearned) during the last few weeks.


If you have a pile of pulled threads this is a good time to compost them. Take some time to visualize that WeRK or do it IRL> Some suggestions: carefully burn them, or bury them (you can do this in a houseplant if you don't have a yard or park nearby) OR just toss them into the trash. Trust your own instincts on what to do here. This is a lunation designed for deep ShadowWeRK and banishment Magic so use that to help you keep those threads from reconnecting too.


Do this IF you have the energy. If you don’t fucking don’t. It’s okay to use this Dark Moon to curl up and rest too. Listen to your Emotion Magic and you’ll know what’s right for you. Reach out if you need support and write down what you decided to do with this lunation in your SweetAstro WeRKbooks too.

New Moon in Cancer | July 17, 2023 | 11:32pst | 24º56'

The AstroWeathers For This Lunation

Venus is about to Station Retrograde in Leo (on July 22nd) so the energy of this New Moon in Cancer can be a real gift in your Venus Rx WeRK. But, even without that change in energy this lunation wants you to consider how you’ve shifted your Emotional SELF and your connection to your Emotional Magical Gifts & Tools during Cancer Season.


Chances are this WeRK will shift the way you “are” in public. It will add and take away from the way others see you and expect you to “behave”. This can be a challenge for us and for those who we engage with but that’s another reason why it’s so fucking important to do this WeRK.


Making sure that you’re being authentic and aligned helps others do the same. It’s not easy being disruptive or challenging the power over systems but it’s also not optional. If we want the collective to change we have to change it. We have to change our SELF so it acts the way we want this collective to act.


Do this WeRK is a Radical Act of Self Love and it’s a great way to prepare for the upcoming Leo Season (especially with Venus Stationing Retrograde LITERALLY moments before The Sun enters Leo). If you love your SELF in a radical, disruptive way it will allow others to do the same. It will put up blocks that the power over structures will not be able to breach. Remember that as you do this difficult WeRK.


RITUAL | Take some time to think about the intentions you want to set under this New Moon. We’re setting intentions at the end of each Sun Season for a while so it can feel weird to have the intention setting component here. Lean into the way this feels. Think back on what you’ve acted out, learned, and released during Cancer Season. How can all of that be fuel for Leo Season?


Look at where Cancer is in your chart and think about how setting Cancer-like intentions in these House themes can inform a lunation cycle in the Leo House themes you have. This is a little challenging sometimes but give it a go. Write your list of intentions in your SweetAstro WeRKbook or journals. If you feel comfortable you can also share them here and we can all learn from each other too.


Thanks for riding this emotional rollercoaster with me/us and I hope to see you again in Leo Season. I love you all so much!

Natal Chart of The New Moon

I hope you enjoyed this ritual series as much as I enjoyed creating them! 

If you have any questions please reach out in the comments below OR message me.  

I'd also love to see photos of your Magical altars, rituals and creations. You can send them to me OR if you share them on the socials please @ or # AstroArtistry so we can see what you're WeRking on. 

Happy Mooning MoonBeams!

xo, d.

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