Mercury Squares Chiron

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Chiron: The Wounded Healer, The Lock AND The Key, A Painful Gift, What You're 'Getting Over' & 'Making Magic With'

Chiron was last in Aries from April 1967 thru May 1976.

Chiron Entered Aries on April 18, 2018.

Chiron Dips into Taurus on June 20, 2026 thru September 18, 2026 and it will leave for Taurus again on May 15, 2027. 

These Mercury Squares to Chiron won't last forever so make it count!


What Does This Transit Bring Us All?

mercury square chiron graphic by dianna fontes.artist
digital art by dianna​​

Healing Thee Boy In You

Last year, as I was designing the Magical Graphic for this transit I didn't realized why I was called to create this image until I started writing about it. This is a transit about healing Toxic Masculinity.

Mercury in Capricorn is filling our thinkers with a lot of patriarchal energy. It wants to talk about rules and order. It wants to make systems of oppression wOrk because the precedent is, "we've always done it that way!". Logically Mercury knows that the old way is fatally broken but it can't help but try to get back on the traditional tracks because we've been doing it THIS way for hundreds of years and Capricorn loves a solid set of tracks. 

But we can't do it that way anymore. The boy in us all needs some healing. 

That's where Chiron, now Retrograde in Aries, comes in. Aries also has a lot of masculine energy. Like, maybe the MOSTEST masculine energy ever. It wants to fight and launch and jump and run and activate and GO. The fiery parts of this Sign have made us forget its tenderness, vulnerability, and fragile nature.

Aries is the first green sprout of Spring. It's bursting out to save us all. To feed us and protect us before we starve or freeze to death in Winter cold. Aries IS a Warrior but not for just any damn thang. Aries is a Warrior for the weak and the needy. It is a protector of all that is sacred. That's what "masculine" energy is actually for.

This transit is asking us to sit and think about all the ways capitalism and patriarchy have warped the fucking amazing beauty and the emotional depth of masculinity. It wants us to listen to the stories of those who have been harmed by the process of being socialized as male in this toxic culture.

They said:

Be a man. 

Suck it up. 

Don't be a pussy. 

Don't be a fag. 

You throw like a girl.

These words are brutal weapons of whiteness and patriarchy. They are systems of oppression and of violence. The harm these words cause leak out and radiate into all of us - not just our "men". 

If we are to EVER climb out of this mess we must heal the Boys. We must reconnect our SELF to our own divine masculinity energy. We must stop shaming the masculine part of our SELF as if the feminine is better. The feminine does not exist without the masculine. 

Just as Light does not exist without the Shadow. 

We must remember what we've forgotten about the little boy energy inside each of us. Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails for everyone!

[written in 2021 by df]

I also wrote this, which is similar but not as big as I wanted to go...

Mercury in Capricorn will Square a Retrograde Chiron in Aries | Names and Pronouns Matter. 

Speak your name as if were a spell. Remember that your name connects you to the ancestors - even if you don't know how or who your ancestors are, it connects you to some ancestors somewhere. Names matter. Spend a little time thinking about how your ancestry connects to your identity. Do you love this or no? 

Gender is a construct, it is a lie. How can you deconstruct it a little bit more today? This would be a good time to do some exploration around gender norms. Look at how gender has shaped (or warped) your identity. What needs to be rethunk? This is a good time to change the narratives around your identity. Who are you anyway??

[written in 2020 by df]

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