WTF Is A MoonScope?


MAGICmooning | MoonScopes:

WTF are MoonScopes?!? MoonScopes are like the Horoscopes you're probably used to reading BUT they are focused on what The Moon is doing rather than what The Sun is doing. 

The Moon is connected to our emotions, intuitions, instincts, and to our literal body waters. As the closest satellite to The Earth we are deeply connected to its ever-changing face. This is why we feel drawn to its phases and its potentials as a Magical Tool.

MoonScopes help us to utilize and capture the potentials of The Moon because they tell us where The Moon is now. When we know the Sign we can see where The Moon is currently activating our own charts. We can see what it will touch and we can notice how we feel during that 2-2.5 day period when The Moon is in that part of our chart. We can also see what aspects it's making to our Natal Chart and to the other Planets currently transiting around us. 

We can then make the most of that energy by designing rituals, behaviors, events, activities, and so on during that time. We can also learn what to avoid doing when we discover our most sensitive, creative, stubborn, or reactionary times. 

Learning how to WeRK with MoonScopes can make Astrology REALLY, REAL in your life because it allows you to see how The Moon is engaging with you and you alone. You can also see it show up in others and if you know their charts you can also start to see those patterns - which empowers you to either engage or avoid them. 

For example, if your partner is testy during a Cancer Moon you can remember not to invite them into a tense conversation during that time. If your coworkers are easier to deal with during certain Moons you can schedule the best times to wOrk with them, and so on. Moon Magic Is Real MoonBeams!

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