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MAGICmooning Resources

I've been studying The Moon as long as I can remember. My studies started thru the lens of Astronomy, mostly because that was more accessible in 1984 when I first started asking questions about The Moon. But, it turns out that Astronomy and Astrology are a part of the same tree of knowledge - shocker. 

As I began to access Astrological information it's always been The Moon that's taught me the most about my SELF and I find that it also really helps us learn Astrology in a very visceral and tangible way. Why? Because it moves around our charts each "month", touching all of our natal planets and points AND all the transiting planets and points in that cycle. We FEEL those transits! 

It also is the only Planet that visibly changes shape and form in that process. 

The Moon is Fucking Magical. 

The Moon is definitely the center of my practice (probs because I am Cancer Rising with a Capricorn Moon) but also because I love doing my ShadowWeRK and The Moon is the master of cycles. 

As I've been sharing more and more info in daily, weekly and MoonScope posts I've been asked for more resources about WeRKing with The Moon in Astrology. 

I thought I'd make a list of my TOP TEN favorite Moon Books for y'all.

  1. Top Favorite: Mysteries of The Dark Moon by Demetra George
  2. Plus her WeRKbook: Finding Our Way Through The Dark
  3. The Lunation Cycle by Dane Rudhyar (which is a big influence on most if not all modern Moon books!)
  4. The Light That Changes by Rhea Wolf (Rhea is one of my great teachers from Portland School of Astrology)
  5. Astrology By Moonlight by Tara Aal & Aswin Subramanyan
  6. Moon Signs by Donna Cunningham (there's some outdated terminology in this book but also some really good shit so watch out for the whiteness!)
  7. Everything Has a Phase by Bernice Prill Grebner
  8. The Art of Timing and Moon Time by Joanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe are more about The Moon in nature or generally but excellent for those who are super serious about understanding how The Moon impacts LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING THING, 
  9. Cycles Of Becoming by Alexander Rupertini - not a Moon only book but has a great section on The Moon and the whole book is Magic
  10. Astrology For The Soul by Jan Spiller - This is actually a book about the Nodes and Eclipses but soooo good. 

I will keep adding resources about the Moon to this article. 

I'd love to hear from you if you find a good book or resource too! 

IMPORTANT note about buying books! 

Try to buy directly from the authors AND/OR local bookstores BUT/AND notice if they only offer Amazon as their seller. It's more and more common but it's something we should be aware of. 

I try to support the authors whenever I can BUT many of these authors are no longer with us so if you're going to seek out their books I suggest either used books or local bookstores. Here is a list of resources for getting books! 

  1. Third Eye Books. Portland, Oregon. Black-owned and operated. 
  2. Waucoma Books. Hood River, Oregon. BIPOC-owned and operated. They are so great about ordering books and communicating about when they will come, etc
  3. ThriftBooks. Online, a used book store. Here's an affiliate link you can use if you decide to buy used books & both of us can earn free books :) They often have TONS of occult, astro, and Magic books. They also buy books. 
  4. Looking for AudioBooks? Libro.FM is amazing. Here is an affiliate link from them too. The best thing about Libro.FM is that you can choose to support a local bookstore with your monthly subscription too. I chose Waucoma Books. This works like Audible but it's smaller and focused on giving back. 
  5. Book trades & shares... anyone? I'd love to do this with anyone who still loves to read the books!!! Reach out. 

Let me know if you're looking for books on anything else and I am going to keep trying to create resources pages for all the things! 

Happy Reading! 

xo, d. 

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