Magical Reflections & Reviews | Why Look Back?

How & Why Look Back?

We will never, ever make good predictions using Astrology and Magic until we learn the art of true reflection and review. 

Looking back at what occurred during the time The Moon was in a certain Sign or Phase can offer opportunities to see patterns, themes, and ShadowWeRK that are potentially available to you during future Moon Sign Transits and Moon Phases. 

It may take a few Sun Seasons, or even a few years of WeRKing to see your patterns so be gentle with your SELF and this process. 

Make sure you summarize your notes and journal entries so it's easier to find those patterns and loops. And never forget that blank spaces or being too distracted to take notes or forgetting to journal ARE STILL "DOING A THING".  

You may notice that you're often distracted or too busy during the same Moon transits and Moon Phases. Don't 'should' on your SELF for missing days or not having anything to report. The WeRK is to NOTICE (NOT SHAME) if there's a pattern of blank spots there. We can do our WeRK so much more deeply when we can engage with that pattern in a way that honors OUR PERSONAL cycles. 

You can also start to plan a better future knowing that during certain Moon Signs or Phases you may be too distracted OR called to do too much. Knowing this can give you powerful tools and encourage you to get the extra support or rituals you need to stay focused on important things. 

This practice can allow you to love you the way you really are rather than always trying to force your SELF into uncomfortable or harmful patterns and systems. 

The beauty of this process is that it's actually, truly individualized to you. It's truly focused on YOU and your flows. You aren't taking a standardized test or committing to a pattern that's not really good for you. You're seeking out a way to better understand how you tick and move so you can begin to align your exterior life a little bit more with your internal life. It's about letting your clock guide you rather than being forced to align to "their" clock. And sure, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do and none of us are going to be able to set our schedules 100% to our inner WeRKings - I am not saying that babes! What we are doing is taking control of what we have control of... our own reactions and our own bodily functions. 

If you know you're more tired or distracted during a certain Moon Sign or Phase you can set up better support systems... like doing more work during your more productive times knowing that will carry over into your less productive times. OR setting us systems that support you all the way thru your cycles so you don't end up feeling like you 'failed" because you simply weren't designed that way,

Hopefully one day we can find a way to destroy capitalism's "weapon of time" which was created and designed to make us cogs in a wheel. Maybe one day we can allow everyone a little more room to be aligned on a personal level BUT/AND until then let's seek out as many little, personal wins as we can. Okay? 

In summary, do your reflection WeRK each week MoonBeams. Don't let your self get overwhelmed by doing too much either. Just be curious at first. Track what stands out and leave the rest. 

Use the things that are "up for you" in your life as parameters of your tracking... not sleeping well? Try track that cycle to The Moon. Having relationship issues? Watch where Venus is and how it's engaging with your chart. 

It's easier watching The Moon because it's the fastest moving Planet and it travels all the way around the chart in a Sun Season/Month. We're super sensitive to The Moon for this reason. The Phases are easy to literally see and experience too. We can also track the various loops of Eclipses when we watch how The Moon impacts us. 

In addition to tracking The Moon, we can watch what all the other Planets are doing. Some Planetary transits will happen many, many times in our lives. Others may only happen once, maybe twice in our lifetimes. Some are even more rare. 

We can also track a Planet's Retrograde Cycles and how those loops impact us.

The trick is to find 1-3 things to track at the beginning so you don't get too overwhelmed. 

No one is having all the transits all the time. 

I always recommend tracking your Chart Ruler's action first and foremost; both as it moves around YOUR chart and aspects/transits your natal placements AND as it makes aspects/transits to other moving Plants in the Universe IRL. It's also good to track what your TimeLord is up to in the same fashion.  

If none of this makes sense and you've struggled with understanding what any of these means for some time you may want to consider booking a reading so I can illustrate this for you personally because... IT IS COMPLEX AND TRICKY AF. You're not alone in struggling to understand it all. 

Here are some more tips: 

The Full Moon is always the best time for larger reflection WeRK. Look back at this last week's entries (if you have them) AND THEN reflect on the last Sun Season/month, the last Moon Phase.... fuck, go all the way to around this time last year too. 

What were you up to then? 

Do you see any patterns or themes? 

This Is What SweetAstro WeRK Actually IS!

The overall goal for the SweetAstro WeRKbook is that we can document these things in a streamlined way. The hope is that these WeRKbooks will give us a quick index for reflecting into the wayyyyyy back. Imagine that in 2026 you'd be able to reflect back to your WeRK in 2023 and quickly find your notes from the Full Moon in Cancer from this week (and 2024, and 2025, etc). 

I hope these goals and hopes are starting to make sense to everyone. I hope those of you in the Threshold Pathway are enjoying the Beta test of the WeRKbooks so far. I promise I'll be sharing info about more ways for folx to engage and particpate in these Beta tests before the full launch of the SweetAstro WeRKbooks in (hopefully) Autumn 2023. 

If you have questions, feedback, or other queries I hope you'll reach out. 

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