MEMBERSHIPS | the waypath
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MEMBERSHIPS | the waypath

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One Planet Guides The Way...


This Session centers around the Planet that will rule your next cycle, otherwise known as your Profected Timelord. 

We will set up a Waypath that's specific to your cycle and your goals following along the path of this activated Planet as well as the activated House and Sign in that cycle too. 

This membership is best begun just before your birthday (but we can being the path at anytime too). If you need help scheduling, reach out. 


This Membership Includes: 

  • One /1/ 90-minute introductory Session/ Natal Chart Reading (yes, even for Returning Clients). This is a planning session for our larger WeRK together
  • Twelve /12/ 120-minute Intuitive Astrology Readings (one per Month/Sun Season) AND each session also includes:
    • A recording of the audio/video
    • Digital & hard copy of your Astrosketch shipped to you
  • Special WeRKsheets and gifts based on the customized WeRK we plan


PURCHASE THIS SESSION & YOU'LL BE DIRECTED TO SCHEDULE YOUR INTAKE APPOINTMENT. You will be booking your initial appointment with this payment AND THEN we will schedule your additional appointments together during your intake session and you'll receive a link for those sessions. 

Before you complete this purchase please note: You will be making TWELVE scheduled appointments during our introductory session and rescheduling options will be limited. These commitments are important. Before you book your intake session take a look at your calendar and consider your regular available dates and times.


There will be NO REFUNDS granted after your intake appointment is completed. If you cancel 72 hours before your session you will receive a 90% refund of your total cost; this is because some apps and services no longer refund my fees. 

*PAYMENT ARRANGMENTS: Check out the options from ShopPay at check out. IF you need additional support or payment arrangements, please reach out to learn about my limited payment plans.