ASTROLOGY READINGS | Intuitive Session

ASTROLOGY READINGS | Intuitive Session

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Starting in 2024 all my sessions are now pay what you can. This means you can pay the full price or any other amount that aligns for you. You can pay in advance or after your session. You can also make a donation or send a tip anytime here


This Payment Link will also pop up in your confirmation email AND in the email I'll send you after your session. It is also located at the bottom of my website. 




When checking out you'll see a postage charge for your order. I do ship out your chart drawing, some WeRKsheets, and special gifts after each session. IF you don't want to pay shipping you can enter the code MOONSHIP24 to cancel shipping. IF YOU CANCEL SHIPPING I will not send your package but I will save it for you for one year and you can always reach out to collect it later. 





Let's Take An Intuitive Walk Thru Your Chart...

This is a Magical reading that combines my unique, intuitive Magic with my knowledge of Astrology. We will follow the path the shows up before us. We will discuss your birth chart placements & the current planets in the sky. We will ask the universe for guidance & news but not as much from a question-centered place, tho questions are welcomed.

This is a good session for anyone who is seeking guidance & news from the universe. it applies to all parts of life. This is not a session for folx looking for a detailed planner or calendar for a period of time. You're welcome to bring forward a question about what's up for you but ultimately we're gonna listen to the planets & our intuition.


Please make sure you have your birth time ready when you register for this session. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE A SESSION WITHOUT A BIRTH TIME. Any sessions scheduled without the birth time will be rescheduled until a birth time is provided OR we discuss your chart rectification. I am happy to help rectify your chart (find your rising sign) using some Magical techniques but this takes time so we need to discuss this before you select a session time.    


Add Natal Chart Art: You can add chart art to any of Astrology Reading. This is in addition to the AstroSketch that comes with every session. I will create an additional, more detailed piece of art along with your session. Prices for adding chart art INCLUDED the cost of the reading. For more details on each Chart Art Offering check out the "Natal Chart Art" Section. (Shipping rates & dates may vary, depending on your location & the current order flow in the studio. We will discuss this in your session. If you want to order this as a gift please be mindful the average delivery timeline for Natal Chart Art is 3-4 weeks. *CUSTOM ART TAKES TIME :)