ASTROLOGY READINGS | You're Profected (Birthday) Session
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ASTROLOGY READINGS | You're Profected (Birthday) Session

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You Say It's Your Birthday, Ba Ba Da Ba Bump Ba...


This powerful session is best scheduled 2-3 weeks BEFORE your next birthday. this is NOT a solar return reading. it is an annual forecast of what's up with your Timelord (aka: your BFF planet for YOUR year ahead). Your Profected year is from your birthday to your next birthday NOT the calendar year.


These can be scheduled anytime but it's most productive a few weeks before your next birthday because you'll be able to track this one planet in your chart for a full year (for you). This session is (kinda) a combination of an intuitive and forecast session. We will talk about your birth chart placements focusing on the areas of your chart lit up during this annual Profection and some dates and times will be included. 


This Membership Includes: 

  • One /1/ 120 minute astrology reading, intuitive reading, divination tool reading (oracle card, dice, pendulum...depends on session needs)
  • A recording of the audio/video
  • Digital & hard copy of your Astrosketch
  • A special copy of Dianna's glyph key WeRKsheet
  • Seasonal bonus materials & WeRKsheets (as needed).



There will be NO REFUNDS granted on this purchase. 


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Add Natal Chart Art: You can add chart art to any of Astrology Reading. This is in addition to the AstroSketch that comes with every session. I will create an additional, more detailed piece of art along with your session. Prices for adding chart art INCLUDE the cost of the reading. For more details on each Chart Art Offering check out the "Natal Chart Art" Section. (Shipping rates & dates may vary, depending on your location & the current order flow in the studio. We will discuss this in your session. If you want to order this as a gift please be mindful the average delivery timeline for Natal Chart Art is 3-4 weeks. *CUSTOM ART TAKES TIME :)