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Are you still trying to learn more?

It can be a struggle to overcome the power and intention of a propaganda machine. If you haven't been actively decolonizing your SELF you may not be able to see around the media misinformation machine. I know that sounds like a fucking conspiracy theory BUT I promise you, it's not. Even the “liberal” or “leftist” media has been guilty of incomplete and/or biased reporting. Even I was shocked by this and I've spent the last year learning about Palestine via my antiracism/decolonization education teachers and mentors. It's not easy but it's also not that hard. It just requires a moment of discovery to learn the truth.

I've started a resource document of all the information I've gathered over the last year. This collection of information includes everything I've read, watched, or listened to AND some that I still want to find/read/watch/listen to. It also contains info that was created “on both sides”; meaning I have read a lot of books that try to hold up Zionism and IsraeliZAN ideologies.

If you want to know the truth about something like this it's best to start with hearing what it's supporters say first. I was pretty instantly turned off by this content but it also helped frame why it took so long for the Palestinian Truth to come out. It's exactly the same reason why we're still learning the Black American Truths today. It's why we're just learning about residential schools. It's why the GOP wants to keep us from learning the histories. So, as you dig into more learning remember to question everything you've ever learned before. Question the questions. Learn to trust your own voice, your own knowledge. You already know enough so go into your studies only wanting to listen to the voices of others. If you do that you will hear these beautiful, powerful people calling out and leading the way to freedom for all. 

As always,  happy to answer any questions or to talk with anyone about this very uncomplicated, clear topic. 


Astrology Forecast, December 4-10, 2023

This week starts with the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo. This Moon can bring forward some harsh lessons in letting go of the shit you're trying to hoard or hang on to. It's best to let the veils drop and trust the Universe on this one, let that shit go. 


Venus enters Scorpio. Venus in a Mars-ruled Sign promises us an uncomfortable reckoning with our values. How much more of that do we need? I guess we're about to find out. 


Venus is in detriment in Scorpio. This struggling Venus will send a trine to Saturn in Pisces. This is an overabundance of uncomfortable water energy. Saturn doesn't act right in Pisces but maybe that's what we need. How can we integrate what we're learning about humanity via watching innocent people be forced to post their dismembered loved one's bodies on social media as a cry for help only have so many ignore them? How are we weaving this new value system into the structure of our collective consciousness?  Or are we even seeing it at all? 


Neptune Stations Direct in Neptune and slowly all the terror we've seen and experienced stops feeling like a dystopian nightmare in an alternate reality and becomes a harsh reality… because it is.  Lots of folx are about to have a brutal awakening. 


The Sun in Sagittarius sends a trine to Chiron in Aries… the first step in healing is discovering what's hurting you, but we have to choose to look. In this case, it's our identity crisis. Then Mercury (in its Retrograde Shadow Phase) in Capricorn sends a trine to Jupiter, Retrograde in Taurus… the truth opens a door but folx still have to walk thru it. Shall we walk thru it? 


We end the week with that Scorpio Venus pulled wide open by that Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. The truths inside of The Darkness will be held up for all to see. We will be forced to evaluate the blood and guts it exposes. The underbellies will be pulled to the surface and we'll have to decide if we want to continue to ignore them OR compost them.  

Now, Let's Get Into The AstroWeathers…

astrology chart of the the week

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week.  

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I will be BACK making videos on Sunday December 3rd. I am going to be increasing my engagement here and shifting so much around. I will also be increasing the number of podcasts in 2024 so make sure you go in and subscribe to that if you want to listen to all the wild shit I have to say. I've missed ya'll! See you Sunday! 

Sagittarius Season

The Sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius at 6:09 pst on November 22, 2023.  



The DARK SUN SEASON is here.


MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon This Week?!

WTF is a MoonScope?


What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? Notice what Houses are being traveled in your chart to see where you may be more emotional or intuitive this week. It's also valuable to notice what planets in your natal chart will be illuminated by The Moon. 


I've added the MoonScope details into the sticker descriptions. If you want to read more about each lunation, click the image.  


MAGICmooning | This Week's Moon Phase


The Last Quarter Moon is a time of Surrender & Release. The Full Moon WeRK you just did was powerful & the Last Quarter Moon is a time to take action on releasing the blocks that you discovered need to GTFO during the Full Moon. It’s okay if you check back & find that not everything is ready to be released. Trust your instincts. This Moon invites you to prepare the Compost that will brew into fuel during the Dark Moon & feed the Seeds of your Intentions in the New Moon. This Moon can bring us into grief & the fears we hold around loss or lack can rise up to the surface. This is an amazing time to challenge your coping skills & to build new relationships with how you let old, dead things transform into the soil for your new, exciting things. 

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An Open Invitation : Join The Burn Down

Ready To Build A Revolutionary Community? 


Join me and my dear friend Aria Leighty as we organically create a space for coming together to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, resources, and support. 

We know that there are deep wounds rising up in all of us.  We are grieving, we are angry, we are questioning everything.  We wanted to create a space to hold and process the emotions.


We created an organic Voxer Container that will run through at least December.  A space to bring all the emotions, questions, confusion, new found fire.  Find ways to channel it for good. And see what can be next for our businesses in the new world we are creating.

We staying open to the way this space will unfold and evolve.  We are unsure of the many forms it could take or what it could lead to.  We just know we have the resources and magic to hold space for a collective and are answering the call. There may even be a community call to bring us all together towards the end of the month- if that is what the collective desires.  If nothing else, we will all walk away with a more aligned collective network and be able to witness disruptive conversations that may be difficult for us to articulate ourselves. And most importantly, to know that we are not alone in these feelings.  

We made this container accessible with a low investment.  This investment is to compensate the witches and healers for their energy and emotional labor.  


You can sign up for only $99.  We will email the Voxer link this Friday to make sure no one misses any of the conversation.  You can join anytime in December- but with Voxer you will not be able to see past conversations prior to your join date. 


You are more than welcome to invite others into this space…However.  Please know.  This space is BIPOC, INDIGENOUS, and QUEER led space .  This is  not just a safe space but a protected and honored space.

ONLY invite people who are going to uphold this.  

This is a space for people that believe (and speak up for publicly)- Free Palestine, Land-Back, Black Lives Matter, Queer Liberation, Trans Rights.  


Anyone who is deemed harmful can be removed without further warning or refund.  

I am so grateful for all the feedback and suggestions. If you'd like to share please click the Give Feedback button. 

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