DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | scorpio moon

DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | scorpio moon

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The MoonScopes for a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Lunation:

This lunation is Dark, bringing us back into the Underworld WeRK we did during Scorpio Season. What did you compost during the New Moon in Scorpio? It's possible that WeRK will surface again, offering an opportunity to see it with new, Sagittarian vibes surrounding it. What is the larger lesson in that WeRK? Where is the spiritual or Magical lesson? As you lean into the rest & introspection that Dark Moons ask us to do, where do you feel those deep Scorpio feels? This combination is intense because it pulls us back into the deep Scorpio waters but this time we're holding a bright torch like a sparkler illuminating our way back into the deepest darkest parts of our SELF. Take a little time to sit here, enjoying your own company and exploring your Shadows. You are worthy of this WeRK. 




Do you need the perfect gift for your SAGITTARIUS Sun, Scorpio Moon Friend?

This image embodies their Sun & Moon Signs (The Lunation they were born under) perfectly, especially for THIS year  Ultimately this is an illustration of what their solar & lunar returns look like now.

I digitally create & draw each of these designs for every Sun Season. Carefully considering all the other Planetary Transits that are happening when this Lunation will occur too. I bet it will really resonate with your friend OR with YOU if you’re a match.

Of course you can always buy this sticker for your SELF cuz it’s purdee too!

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