AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | June 17-23

astroweathers Cancer Season 2024 summer solstice

Watch this week's video OR you can click over to read the AstroWeathers blog in my new SubStack too.

The video is a bit choppy and I had some hilarious tech issues but I moved ahead with it anyway. The audio will be better in the podcast than the video but you'll get the idea.

The blog is a bit more coherent but again, I pushed thru and got that Magic into the world. I look forward to any questions. Update on questions... PLEASE don't leave them on the blog! Shopify makes it impossible to find them and reply in a timely manner. Leave all comments and questions either in the Video (Loom) or in the blog (Substack) Okayyyy, thanks!

Even with all the tech builshit & how out of practice I am I'm happy to be back doing my WeRK... give me a few weeks and I'll be back in full swing. I love you, Free Palestine, Landback NOW and liberation for all. 

xo, d

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