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astroweathers Cancer Season 2024 summer solstice

digital collage by dianna
digital collage by dianna

First full week of Cancer Season, last week of fucking June. WTF. 

I've added the video link and the Substack blog links here and, at the request of a few of y'all I've added the text from the Substack blog direct to this post below. 

I am struggling to edit and post the podcast today but I will keep trying, 

I really am trying to find the best, easiest and most accessible ways to share the info AND reach more folx so this can be a sustainable thang for me again. 

That being said, if you wanted to share or invite others to check out my content, that would be amazing. If ya wanna, lol. <3

xo, d

Hey Moonbeams!

What up? How's it going? How are you feeling?

That is such a loaded question these days isn’t it? But that’s what Cancer Season really wants us to consider… how are we feeling and why does it matter.

Cuz it matters.

A few weeks ago I was telling someone about how hard it is to answer that question and that we often say, “I am doing my best” as in ‘pushing thru, surviving a hellscape, getting by but barely’ but I wanted to change that to, “I am doing my GENTLE best” as in ‘I am not pushing past the feelings or trying to pretend they don’t exist. I am moving into the feelings and The WeRK gently and carefully like they are all valuable and fragile, real and delicate rather than something shameful and easily dismissed’.

It’s a narrative shift for sure.

That was the Magical Gift & Tool I found in last week’s Mercury transits and that powerful Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn. Whew! We will get another chance to process a Full Moon in Capricorn at the end of Cancer Season so make sure you sit down and ponder how that lunation illuminated shit for you.

Here is your weekly reminder to reflect on last week before you move forward into what’s next. The SweetAstro process is all about the process and WeRKing IN the cycles; that requires us to look back, be here, and consider the future in equal parts.

So, how was last week for you? I’d love to hear about it. And, we should remember that the energy of last week is flowing into the energy of this week with some direct ties

The Moon will start the week in Aquarius, bringing us all the opportunities to rebel and revolutionize shit thru Tuesday night.

On Wednesday the Moon moves into Pisces and we see Venus in Cancer setting a Square to the Nodes in Aries/Libra. This combo during Cancer Season presses us to consider the value of our relationships, especially our familial ones. When The Sun and Moon are in water signs we need to feel our way thru shit.

With Venus in Cancer we’re gonna be reevaluating family thangs. As the Square sets to the Nodes in Aries/Libra we may find we’re fighting for OR against those ties in new ways. We’re also being asked to consider if everyone is our family because we’re all the human children of earth OR if we actually want to continue living under the lies of the patriarchy. I go deep into this in the video and clearly this is a personal topic for me. How your relationships are doing will likely be what’s up the first few days of the week.

On Thursday we have a bunch of energy, also in Aries. Mercury in Cancer will be Squaring Chiron in Aries AND the Last Quarter Moon will also be activating there at 7º. We are being forced to face our ideological wounds. We’re being asked to reconsider every-fucking-thing about our culture, traditions, and society. It’s fucking awful and painful. Most folx are failing to do this WeRK and are instead doubling down on the old ways, the before time, and the fake safety that those systems give to some. They won’t be able to cling to this much longer and those of us who have been waking up for a while now may find this transit reveals new Magical Gifts and Tools for healing those wounds in our self and then who we can authentically help others move thru the hardest parts of changing. This transit is connected to last week’s Mercury Square to the Nodes and it’s opposition to Pluto later in Cancer Season. You may want to check out the Cancer Season overview post for more rants about the bigger picture.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries is probably going to reveal all the ways we’re gonna be asked to really fight against the machines that are coming for us. Last Quarter Moons are for release, breaking blocks, and being brave. They often bring forward opportunities to push past our fears because the Full Moon revealed what the really are (which is often now what we say they are). Aries is a warrior for the vulnerable, especially children. Unfortunately, all these images of Palestinian children haven’t fully motivated the masses to act and that’s scary because we’ve really reached a point where we have to ask, what would motivate the masses? This lunation will probably bring up some roughness in order to check. Be brave, speak louder, and gather with folx who make you feel brave. This is an opportunity to forge stronger bonds with those who you’re aligned with - your new family of activists and troublemakers…? Hopefully!

On Saturday we will see Saturn Station Retrograde. This happens at 19º26’ of Pisces. Saturn and all the outer planets are retrograde much longer than the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) so it’s not always super impactful when this happens unless the planet stationing is in a harsh or exact aspect to something else. Mercury sent a gentle Trine aspect to Saturn on Wednesday but other than that Saturn is in a quiet part of the collective chart this week. We may see some blockages in the flow of waterways or transport but hopefully, no barges crashing into bridges or submarines imploding like we’ve seen during Saturn’s time in Pisces. I have some thoughts about this but I feel like this is going to be a more positive transit as everything in Cancer makes a trine to Saturn during this Cancer Season.

Make sure you check out the AstroWeathers Video if you really want to dive into this week’s energy & my .22 cents on it. I love you MoonBeams and I hope you have an amazing week. I’d love to hear from you if you have any shares or questions.

xo, d.

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