DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | virgo moon

DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | virgo moon

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The MoonScopes for a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon Lunation:

The tension of this lunation always comes when part of the energy is wild, adventurous, & free while the other part is cautious, pious, and restrained. There is always a struggle when these two Mutable Signs are activated. We can do a lot of healing around where we hold back who we really are in order to seem respectable and responsible. We can acknowledge that this culture loves to make us feel like we're at risk of losing security if we go too wild or get too free. These two Signs have a lot of wounds from both patriarchy and capitalism. Sagittarius is seeking mental and spiritual elevation and growth while Virgo is the witch/midwife looking to heal what ails us. These parts of us want to connect to that spiritual, Magical influence but we're also afraid to tap into what may be considered "crazy" or "woo" in the collective. We carry our collective "witchhunt" and "mental illness" fears when both of these Signs are activated. This is an excellent time to WeRK on healing how these fears impact you personally AND to lean into how to heal the collective from the tropes and propaganda we hold as a result of living in a culture that's been saturated in colonial, puritanical, judgmental value systems. Go wild ya little witch in the woods, it's safe to touch the wild fire & to play with Magic. It's your birthright to do so! 



Do you need the perfect gift for your SAGITTARIUS Sun, Virgo Moon Friend?

This image embodies their Sun & Moon Signs (The Lunation they were born under) perfectly, especially for THIS year  Ultimately this is an illustration of what their solar & lunar returns look like now.

I digitally create & draw each of these designs for every Sun Season. Carefully considering all the other Planetary Transits that are happening when this Lunation will occur too. I bet it will really resonate with your friend OR with YOU if you’re a match.

Of course you can always buy this sticker for your SELF cuz it’s purdee too!

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