MAGICAL OFFERING | One Question Session

MAGICAL OFFERING | One Question Session

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ABOUT THIS OFFERING: Take An Intuitive Walk Thru Your Chart...

A Magical Intuitive Session that focuses on One Question. 

Dianna will use all of your Magical Gifts & Tools to answer your query. These tools may include Astrology, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Dice, Pendulums, Runes, and/or Intuitive Downloads from her guides OR your guides. It's a portal that's open to the Universe. 

You will be asked to submit your question in advance and it cannot be changed (too much) during your session. Please make note of that. 

This reading will include an astrological component so please have your birth information ready before you purchase this reading. A birth time is required. If you don't have your birth time please reach out BEFORE booking your session & Dianna can help you rectify your chart. 

This Offering Includes: 

  • One (1) 60-minute session 
  • A recording of the audio/video.
  • A piece of art created during your session


There will be NO REFUNDS granted on this purchase. 

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