DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | libra moon

DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | libra moon

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The MoonScopes for a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon Lunation:

This lunation follows that harsh Last Quarter Moon in Virgo energy with the reminder that life is beautiful, even when it's intense and messy. It's easy to forget this truth in a culture that's intentionally working most of us to death. When we're under a Sagittarius Sun's rays it can be easy to dream of running away and visiting lands far, far away but since that's not accessible for most of us that calling can turn into daydreaming or even disassociation. When we add in some Libra Moon energy we really want to focus our energy on beautiful, harmonious things but there's always that Libra call to focus on what other people need instead of doing what feels lovely and fun. Choosing to run a little wild is an act of revolution. Spending time laughing and exploring with friends is the natural way to use this energy, so do it. And while you do it, know that capitalism hates that shit. Remind your friends of this too. Skip your responsibilities and go have some disruptive fun out there! 




Do you need the perfect gift for your SAGITTARIUS Sun, Libra Moon Friend?

This image embodies their Sun & Moon Signs (The Lunation they were born under) perfectly, especially for THIS year  Ultimately this is an illustration of what their solar & lunar returns look like now.

I digitally create & draw each of these designs for every Sun Season. Carefully considering all the other Planetary Transits that are happening when this Lunation will occur too. I bet it will really resonate with your friend OR with YOU if you’re a match.

Of course you can always buy this sticker for your SELF cuz it’s purdee too!

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