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Astrological Forecast for the week of September 25 - October 1, 2023.

Welcome to the first full week of Libra Season. I've made some changes to the graphics this week. I decided to start using the pages of the SweetAstro and MOONlite WeRKbooks rather than a separate graphic. I hope you like this version better, let me know what you think.


Hopefully, when Mercury finally leaves the Retrograde Shadow we'll all be able to think more clearly. Before that, this week offers up two Trines from that Shadowy Mercury to Jupiter and Uranus, both Retrograde in Taurus. Time to review that Mercury Retrograde in Virgo WeRK!


We will also see Venus finishing up its Retrograde Cycle transits when it has yet another Square with Uranus (Retrograde) in Taurus.


This is also the last of three transits between these planets in their Retrograde cycles so we're really closing out some big patterns this week.


Rather than talk about the Full Moon in Aries this week, I am going to talk about Eclipses. We're entering a new  Eclipse Portal in Libra Season so let's get prepared.


I am here if you need support! Happy Libra Energy!

astrology chart of the the week

UPDATE: The Sun will move from 1º-8º of Libra this week NOT 1º-18º. And The Nodes are both at 25º of Libra and Aries.

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week.  

For more details, watch the Weekly Video OR listen to the new Podcast! 

This Week's Video

Libra Season

The Sun moved from Virgo to Libra at 23:49pst on September 22, 2023.  


Libra Season is our last big celebration before we get back to WeRK preparing for the Winter ahead.  We've stepped into The Shadow of The Darkness; this time with an understanding of what The Shadow and The Dark are worth. We have a willingness to reclaim this power. We deserve to move bravely through the whole cycle, wholly a part of it's Magic. Are you ready for the powerful Magic of Libra Season? 



MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will be in Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries this week.


The Moon will move through a Full Moon Phase in Aries this week.


What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? Notice what Houses are being traveled in your chart to see where you may be more emotional or intuitive this week. It's also valuable to notice what planets in your natal chart will be illuminated by The Moon




Feels the facts and thinks feelings are facts to the extent that they cause harm either to the individual or the group. Happy to talk about it until all the issues are resolved and then willing to write new rules of engagement following all the updated information. Loves to love you but then needs three times the amount of alone time to recenter back to the self and to the world savin' WeRK. 



Libra Sun | PISCES MOON 



So fucking beautiful. Like, beyond. The most beauty that has ever been… to the point of it almost hurting you to look at it. But do look at it. Soak it up, draw it in, take in all the information it offers, and feel it. Allow it to change your relationship to time, space, and the continuum. Dive into the truth that nothing is real and everything is matter and you matter. They matter. So fucking beautiful. 




Libra Sun | ARIES MOON |



They're a lover AND a fighter. Cuz, you gotta fight for your rights, to love and to fight. And you will and you do and you can't stop, won't stop until everything is rebalanced and just. Shine bright you warrior of love. 


MAGICmooning | This Week's Moon Phase & Ritual


The Full Moon is about reflection, rejoicing, & revelation. This Lunation is about seeing the true truths so we can rejoice in their gifts & opportunities even if they fucking suck. It’s time to honestly consider the shit we find in this part of our chart. There’s nowhere for our Shadow WeRK to hide during a Full Moon.

The Libra Season Moon Rituals

No Moon Rituals This Season, We're Gonna Learn About The Aries/Libra Eclipses Instead…



The initial peek into this new cycle occurred on April 19th and the next will occur on October 14th, 2023


SweetAstro Collective  | UPDATES, prep tools, how-to videos, & more…

Don't forget to check in on your Mercury Retrograde in Virgo WeRK! 


We fucking did it y'all!!! We'll leave the Mercury Retrograde Shadow on September 30th when Mercury reaches the 21º of Virgo.  It's time to review the whole cycle one last and final time this week. By next week Mercury will be moving at it's usual pace, thank gawd. 


Now that we've returned to the Middle World, aka reality, we may be able to make sense of all the weird shit that Mercury Retrograde has been trying to show us the last few weeks. Take the time to review the WeRK, you are worth it.  


Let me know if you need any help with this technique!

MERCURY retrograde | VIRGO


Enters Shadow 

|8/4/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Stations Retrograde 

|8/24/2023 @ 21º Virgo


Stations Direct 

|9/15/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Exits Shadow 

|9/30/2023 @ 21º Virgo

Venus Retrograde in Leo | ALMOST THERE!


How are you doing with the integration phase of the Venus Retrograde in Leo cycle?  This has been our chance to see how some of our Entry Shadow and Retrograde lessons can be integrated into this final Shadow Phase. We have until October 7th when this cycle ends to continue to do this uncomfortable WeRK. It may be a bit easier to do this once the Mercury Retrograde is completely over.


Where's the value babes? 


Venus Retrograde in Leo Timeline


Enters Rx Shadow June 20 at 12º 

Stations Retrograde July 23 at 28º 

Stations Direct Sep 3 at 12º 

Exits Rx Shadow October 7 at 28º  


GENERAL U P D A T E S  | announcements, events & special offerings…

My Astrology Calendar is Open

A reminder that a few spots are open in my Autumn Season calendar too (September 23 - December 20th). There are even more Winter Season dates open between December 21-March 20. 


I hope you'll be able to find a date that works for you to schedule a session soon.


OH AND… I have five Membership spots open for Winter Season SO… if you want to get in a Membership package for the New Year you'll want to book your Intake Session ASAP. I do have payment plans and special offers available so reach out if want to know more about those options.  


THE LAST CARD OF THE WEEK: Since I always think of Tarot as the most Virgo Tool ever I thought it would be fun to pull a card for each week during the rest of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle, especially since it's rolling thru Virgo and doing all this weird shit to me. 


I also thought it would be fun NOT to talk about or share any interpretations of the cards. Instead, I invite YOU to do some research about the card and how it relates to your week. Add this to your journaling and notes. I'll do the same. Then, after this cycle is done I'll lay them all out and we can see if there's a bigger message or interesting pattern there. Sound fun? 










Okay, now we have them all lined up together for the whole Mercury Retrograde Cycle. What are your thoughts? I will share mine next week, when we're actually out of this twisty energy. 

Personal Updates:


Good Recovery. I am feeling much better every day and I am so grateful for all the well wishes and check in's from y'all. It's been wild all around and it's been so fascinating to see how my body has responded. The hardest part has been being on pain medication and how that has fried my brain. I hate that. I am looking forward to reclaiming my faculties soon. 



I would love to see y'all at this event:


  • Give Grief A Voice Gala, Buzzy's Bees Annual Art Reveal & Fundraiser 9/30 Join us for an evening gathering of love, art, and camaraderie at The Greatroom in Beaverton, Oregon as we unveil the commissioned art pieces inspired by the 10 families who shared their stories with our Give Grief a Voice project this year. I will be sharing two new pieces I created for Buzzy's Bee's families this year. I would love to see some familiar faces AND show you that loss and grief that is shared is a powerful healing that leads us to unexpected places of hope, joy, and connection.



I also invite you to take a deeper look at Buzzy's Bees. This is the Death and Grief WeRK I am doing and it's so precious.  If you have the privilege of giving end-of-year gifts OR you want to find ways to help this impactful organization, please do. Here is a link to view all the art they've created for families over the last five years. See if you can figure out which are mine; there are 11 of mine in the mix (PS: You'll be surprised because almost every single piece is different and that's because the kiddos heavily influence every piece!).  


I can't wait to see all these new (and familiar faces) 


I hope your first steps into Libra Season have been amazing. I am super excited because this is my favorite time of the Annual Cycle. It's officially been a year since I started the SweetAstro WeRKbook process and it's the last quarter of the BETA test phase. To be honest, it hasn't been anything I'd expected it to be and after these weeks of recovery and recentering my self I have released all expectations of it to the Universe. I may not continue after the BETA test phase. I feel like the Universe has really been forcing me to let go and for the first time in my whole ass life, I am totally okay with doing that. A 12th House Year is a real thing y'all and I am doing so much deep healing now that I know how to use these cycles to my benefit (rather than resisting and fearing them). I am so grateful for everyone that's been on this journey with me. I don't know what the next cycle holds for me but I know that I love my WeRK and I love all of you who've genuinely entered the ComMOONity with me. I can't wait to see what happens as The Dark returns. 


Much Love MoonBeams, 


xo, d

My FQ Moon in Sagittarius Moon Ritual Sigils from my Moon Ritual WeRK on 8/24/23 
My Virgo Season Desk Altar & Moon Ritual Sigils Charging in the Moonlight! 
My Full Moon in Pisces Water Getting Ready to Charge in the Moonlight! 
My Virgo Season Desk Altar Now Holding My Full Moon In Pisces Water Until the LQ Moon

I love when y'all share photos of your Moon Rituals and your WeRK in your WeRKbooks!

I actually made a reel on IG about preparing for the Full Moon in Pisces. If y'all want to share your Moon WeRK process or images… I always love to see them! 

If you haven't checked out the Moon Rituals yet, I hope you'll get in there and soak up some of the Magic that's flowing through me to y'all.

The Virgo Season Moon Rituals are always big for me! Must be because I have Virgo in the House of the Goddess (3rd House)

I am so grateful for all the feedback and suggestions. If you'd like to share please click the Give Feedback button. 

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