AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 2023 AUG 7 - 13

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Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Leo Season

The Sun moved from Cancer to Leo at 18:50pst on July 22, 2023.

Don't forget to get take the time to look back at how your Leo WeRK has gone so far. It's fun to look back and ask, what was up from me last year at this time? Do you see any patterns or similar happenings? What's up in your Leo House Themes? Is that part of your life busier or harder? Do you see a connection between the these themes each year as we move thru Leo Season? How could you use this new knowledge of YOUR cycles to better prepare or utilize this season to your benefit in the future?

And, we can celelbrate that we made it MIDSUMMER, the first harvest festival of the year, aka: Lughnasadh (Loo Nuh Suh). In Modern Irish, it is called Lúnasa. A Gaelic celebration initiating the beginning of the annual harvest season. Often celebrated on August 1st however it's connected to the middle of Leo so the date could change each year when The Sun reaches 15º of Leo. In 2023 this would occur on August 8th.


During this time many hold celebrations where they bake bread and preserve midsummer fruits like blackberries, raspberries, currents, and grapes. This can include making jams, syrups, and wine. They may also turn wheat and corn into beer, mead, or other types of alcohol. This is a time of celebrating the bounties of summer thus far but it's also asking for a continued abundance for the rest of the harvest that year. Lughnasadh often includes rituals intended to honor the guides, allies, and guardians who help bring that bounty forward. Consider the offerings you're making to your guides, allies, and guardians while The Sun is high in the sky. Autumn will be here before we know it.


My favorite ritual connected to Lughnasadh is the trial marriage, which lasts for a year and a day. These are similar to what we might call an engagement. It's also a popular time for actual weddings and wedding anniversary celebrations.

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.


The Moon will be in its Last Quarter Phase in Taurus


What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? Notice what Houses are being traveled in your chart to see where you may be more emotional or intuitive this week. It's also valuable to notice what planets in your natal chart will be illuminated by The Moon


2023 AUGUST 6, 23:24pst



2023 AUGUST 8, 3:28pst


2023 AUGUST 9, 3:28pst




2023 AUGUST 11, 15:52pst


The Dark Moon will be in Cancer but it technically doesn't activate until the later degrees of Cancer this time. This is because, The New Moon is cycling into the later degrees of each sign in the larger Moon Cycle. It's better not to get too technical with The Dark Moon and instead remember that The Dark Moon happens 2-2.5 days before The New Moon and it's always connected to the Sign before the New Moon Sign even when that 2-2.5 day period is mostly in the same Sign as The New Moon will be. Hopefully I can explain this better in the video, lol. Sometimes the celestial mechanics get complicated and that's more because we're used to these square box calendars and not because the cycles are overly complex. Please let me know if this gives you a brainworm and you wanna talk about it. :) 

MAGICmooning | This Week's Moon Phase & Ritual


The Last Quarter Moon is a time of Surrender & Release. The Full Moon WeRK you did last week was powerful & the Last Quarter Moon is a time to take action on releasing the blocks that you discovered need to GTFO during the Full Moon Ritual. It’s okay if you check back & find that not everything is ready to be released. Trust your instincts. This Moon invites you to prepare the Compost that will brew into fuel during the Dark Moon & feed the Seeds of your Intentions in the New Moon. 

The Moon Rituals are now LIVE for Leo Season! 

SweetAstro WeRKbook  | prep tools, how-to videos, & live session dates

MERCURY retrograde | VIRGO


Enters Shadow 

|8/4/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Stations Retrograde 

|8/24/2023 @ 21º Virgo


Stations Direct 

|9/15/2023 @ 8º Virgo


Exits Shadow 

|9/30/2023 @ 21º Virgo

VIRGO SZN | time to harvest & heal

Get a jump start on your preparations for Virgo Season (as a good Virgo would) by attending the Live Prep and Q&A Session.

Virgo Season Blog will Post: August 14th, 2023

Virgo Season: Live Q&A WeRKshop, August 19th, 2023, 16:00-18:00pst

Virgo Sun Season Begins: Virgo Season, August 23rd, 2023



Virgo Season:  WeRKbook Prep Session and Live Q&A WeRKshop, August 19th, 2023, 16:00-18:30pst


Join us live to talk about the upcoming Virgo Season and/or ask any questions you have about The SweetAstro WeRKbook or Astrology in general.


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Guess what MoonBeams?! I am now a published author in a radical new magazine, Jennifer Magazine. I am so honored and excited to be part of this disruptive and influential publication.

My first article was timed perfectly with the arrival of Cancer Season. For Leo Season I wrote an article about the power of reconnecting with your true Self. It's a powerful perspective on self love and why it's so important we do the WeRK to reclaim that. It will be published on July 20th. I hope you'll check it out. 

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Venus in Leo Enters its Retrograde Shadow | June 20th | Get Ready With Me!


Here we go MoonBeams, into the Venus in Leo Retrograde Cycle where we explore the edges of the Beauty Principles, Radical Self Love, and Pride.


Venus Retrograde in Leo Timeline


Enters Retrograde Shadow June 20 at 12º ♌︎

Stations Retrograde July 23 at 28º ♌︎

Stations Direct September 9 at 12º ♌︎

Exits Retrograde Shadow October 7 at 28º ♌︎ 


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