AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 2023 JULY 3 -9

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Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Cancer Season

The Sun moved into Cancer on June 21 at 7:57pst.


Well, now you're IN that summer energy… how ya feelin'?!?! Don't forget to check in with your Cancer WeRK and if you're a SweetAstro WeRkbook Babe make sure you dive in and do your reflection WeRK in the Cancer Section of your WeRkbook. 



Big Ass Transit Of The Week!!!

digital art by dianna​​

Mercury in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries


Who are you, really? This is a question we often can't really answer. We have some stock answers like our names, genders, race(s), sexual orientations, religious and cultural origins or practices, job titles, relationships to others, etc. BUT are these really expressing the truth of who you really are?




This transit is asking us to consider the words/thoughts/ideologies we use to identify our SELF.


  • What identities are given to you? Which are chosen?

  • Do you love this or that identifier or do you hate it?

  • Have you ever questioned why you'd hold an identity or identifier you don't actually like?

  • Have you noticed that all these labels are intentional acts of control and oppression yet?


The truth about most of the identities we hold is that we were violently forced to twist and bend into a capitalist/whiteness framework in order to hold them and that's fully intentional. The wounds caused by this forceful fitting of round squishy beings into boxes are sometimes obvious and others are more subtle and shifty.


There is a tone set by this toxic culture that we must hold and an acceptable, approved identity and stick to it too. We're not allowed to dislike the ones we're given, like gender, race, or any that are based on how we look or present. We're supposed to be excited about the ones that we get thru relationships, like mother, sister, daughter etc. BUT sometimes those identities don't fit or feel yucky.


Why is it not okay to move thru our own lived experiences with your own damn inner self?


Why can't we identify as a banana or a rainbow?


That's what Mercury in Cancer wants us to consider as it sets this separating Square to Chiron in Aries… what identities do you want to release and move away from because it/they actually cause you discomfort or harm?


Digging into the wounds you have from this twisting and bending to be something you're actually not aligned with can bring us very powerful Magical Gifts and Tools. AND, bonus, these may actually be weapons we can now use against these systems of oppression and harm.


How? Embracing our true identity unlocks our superpowers. It frees us from the fears we have about not being enough and it stops us from seeking out perfectionism. This makes room for us to focus our energy on our true WeRK in the world.

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries


The Full Moon in Capricorn will arrive on Monday and we will end the week with the Last Quarter Moon in Aries on Sunday. There's big Moon energy this week! 


What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? Notice what Houses are being traveled in your chart to see where you may be more emotional or intuitive this week. It's also valuable to notice what planets in your natal chart will be illuminated by The Moon 


2023 JULY 2




Our feels are intended to help us make the framework for our boundaries and personal foundations; without those emotional tools we often build tall, tall towers without windows or doors (or entire empires that murder, rape & pillage the 99% for the ‘greater good’) 



2023 JULY 4 


I love the world and I feel everyone's feels but I struggle with individual people and their itty bitty little personal problems. Let me save the world but don't bother me with your individual needs. 





Cancer Sun | PISCES MOON

2023 JULY 6 |


We may get farther if we slide into the waters and feel into whatever emotions are floating there. If we try to resist the ocean of emotions we may find ourselves surrounded by a sharknado whirlpool at the edge of the universe. And no body wants that shit. It's okay to cry and it's okay to just fucking not do a thing until this watery weather has past. 

Cancer Sun | ARIES MOON |

2023 JULY 8




This lunation is why you needed to rest during

that Pisces Moon y'all. Wooo fucking hooo it's the Last Quarter Moon in Aries, let's write down all our feels and fucking burn them in the biggest bonfire the beach has ever seen!!! 


MAGICmooning | This Week's Moon Phase & Ritual


The Full Moon is about reflection, rejoicing, & revelation. This Lunation is about seeing the true truths so we can rejoice in their gifts & opportunities even if they fucking suck. It’s time to honestly consider the shit we find in this part of our chart. There’s nowhere for our Shadow WeRK to hide during a Full Moon.


The Last Quarter Moon is a time of Surrender & Release. The Full Moon WeRK you did last week was powerful & the Last Quarter Moon is a time to take action on releasing the blocks that you discovered need to GTFO during the Full Moon Ritual. It’s okay if you check back & find that not everything is ready to be released. Trust your instincts. This Moon invites you to prepare the Compost that will brew into fuel during the Dark Moon & feed the Seeds of your Intentions in the New Moon. 

The Moon Rituals are now LIVE for Cancer Season! 

There's no Moon Ritual this week but check out what's popping in the Gemini Moon Rituals Blog and prep for Cancer Season's Moon Phases. 

U P D A T E S  | announcements, events & special offerings

BEAUTIFUL ASTROLOGY | Venus Retrograde Guide & Workbook


Check out my chat with astrologer, artist, and Venus-lover Melanie Gurley. We're gonna chat about the Venus Retrograde in Leo cycle, offer a big tip for WeRKing with the unique Venus cycle, and how to get her amazing new guide & workbook to help us all get the most value out of this juicy transit.


For more about IF this will be super valuable for you check out my post on the Venus Rx in Leo below…

Venus in Leo Enters its Retrograde Shadow | June 20th | Get Ready With Me!


Here we go MoonBeams, into the Venus in Leo Retrograde Cycle where we explore the edges of the Beauty Principles, Radical Self Love, and Pride.


Venus Retrograde in Leo Timeline


Enters Retrograde Shadow June 20 at 12º ♌︎

Stations Retrograde July 23 at 28º ♌︎

Stations Direct September 9 at 12º ♌︎

Exits Retrograde Shadow October 7 at 28º ♌︎ 



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