AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 23 JAN 23-29

Welcome to a new week MoonBeams! 

I hope this week brings forward your very best radical ideas. Aquarius always brings some of the most unique and innovative ideas forward but with Mars and Mercury still limp in their Retrograde Shadows it might be challenging to find any fuel for the actions required to initiate them. 

That fuel might be hidden in the most unusual places. Lean into your Imagination Magic to find the most powerful gifts in the Known Unknown. As the Moon moves thru Pisces connect to your Emotion Magic and give every feeling weight. Listen to your inner self during this lunation and it will help you prepare for almost a month with Venus, the planet of values, beauty, art, and integration moving thru Pisces too. That's one of the Big Ass Transits this week!

astrology chart of the the week

Now that The Sun is in Aquarius everyone might start feeling rebellious and disruptive. This is an energy that's been brewing up for the last few years but the moderate and liberal folx out there are still struggling to pull away fully from the traps of capitalism and most of us are responding as expected to the narrative of the "economic down turns and recessions" - we're retreating, spending less on small businesses and fretting about our future investments rather than our current collective. These weathers continue to invite us all to learn more about this mysterious thing called an "economy". What capitalism has ingrained is the idea that capitalism is the only best choice. 

Use the power of REAL research this week. Look for alternative sources of information about what "economics" is. Study how our ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENTS exchange energy. Review the "facts" you've been told about how plants, animals, and the environment make energy exchanges with each other. 

Notice how those stories give power to one of the most dangerous and effective ideologies of capitalism; that everything in nature is always in competition; survival of the fittest, the early bird gets the worm, etc. The narrative is: there's no awareness or intention in nature - it's always about who has the biggest teeth or the best venom who wins. We can take what we want because... well, because we did. These stories seem to say that everything in nature is just a dumb accident and none of these beings are "smart" because they don't try to disrupt the entire system for their comfort alone and humans are brilliant and entitled because we do.  

None of those myths packaged as "life science" ever offer up the idea that every being in nature is taking on its role fully aware of its purpose and its agreement with the whole. What if they all know they will die and rather than wasting their entire lives in a fearful space, resisting death they play their part in order to move forward the machine that is our collective LIFE? What if their entire life is constant bliss and joy because they do their part to protect the larger organization?

Maybe not, but this is a season of "what if?" so play a few rounds.  

The AstroWeathers this week are asking you to consider everything you've learned from the curriculum that was built in whiteness, designed to elevate whiteness, continually fueled by whiteness, benefiting whiteness, and protecting the ideologies of whiteness. 

Think back on the history they insist we learn so we "never repeat it"; notice how we always repeat it but we also tend to double down on it. Get curious about this. 

What if everything we know about ancient civilizations was made up by a white man standing firmly in his own bias? 

What if the beings that built the pyramids weren't actually slaves? What if they knew exactly what they were doing? What if they did the labor willingly for the greater good? What if they were building something we can't even understand? Compare the willingness of all the professional football players, stunts people, and soldiers who willingly do dangerous things for our "entertainment and protection"; they are so easily motivated by the power of fame and glory. What is the difference really? 

Perhaps they teach us these "histories", most of which are also built, designed, fueled, benefiting, and protecting the ideologies of whiteness because they want us to repeat them. There is great wealth in war, pandemics, genocides, and oppression. There is great weather in professional sports and Hollywood too. 

There is great wealth in convincing people they are free but then constantly taking their freedoms away so they have to "fight" for them rather than wake up and see that we don't really even want those things. We want simple lives...

Like the ones animals lead. They live fully, they die as if it's inevitable (cuz it fucking is) and we should spend a little time pondering the possibility that they're fucking blissful doing it. And, that the only thing that's continuously fucked that flow up for them is us trying to bend the environment to our will. 

Just some light ideas to ponder during Aquarius Season. 

Here is a research rabbit hole that I have been in the last few months. I invite everyone to take a little time to learn more about Landback and, incase you don' t know, what it really means...

Check In On Your Aquarius WeRK...

Aquarius Season arrived on Friday, January 20th at 00:29pst. Wanna learn more? Check out my Aquarius Season Blog Post and don't forget to check in on our notes from this same time (Moon Signs and Phases) last month, last year and from past year. What were you doing during Aquarius Season last year? Strange patterns occur but often times we actually have to LOOK for them! 

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Here's This Week's Video:

Big Ass Transit Of The Week!!!

♀→♓︎ Venus Enters Pisces | 2023 JAN 26 | 18:32pst

This is a gorgeous transit that's often wasted by capitalism because the Shadows of this transit can be overindulgence, gluttony, and falling face-first into our most extreme vices. Rather than running away and grasping at all our most extravagant coping mechanisms we could try to lean into the value of what's pushing us there. How can we transmute the pain we're avoiding into the fuel we need to activate the New Moon Intentions we drafted last week. What can YOU compost this week?

digital art by dianna​​

☿ □ Chiron || Mercury |Capricorn Square Chiron |Aries | 23.01.27 | 2:42pst | 12º29' || 

Healing Thee Boy In You

Last year, as I was designing the Magical Graphic for this transit I didn't realize why I was called to create this image until I started writing about it. This is a transit about healing Toxic Masculinity. There is masculinity in ALL of us, the part of us that was active, initiating, passionate, assertive those are the masculine parts, energetically anyway. We all have a right to engage with this part of our SELF and this transit invites us all to change the way we feel/think/understand what masculinity is. There is a little "boy" in all of us.

digital art by dianna​​

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Pisces, Aries, and Taurus this week. 

The Moon will be in the First Quarter Moon Phase.

Aquarius Sun | PISCES MOON | 23 JAN 23 | The Weird Power That Comes From What You Cannot See |

A Pisces Moon that reflects an Aquarius Sun seeks to connect to the unknown, the alien, the entire universe as one. With a Square to Mars we may be called to use our subconscious to ACT or MOVE towards our collective revolution. Not all activism is done in the physical realm and this Watery Moon's Magic is definitely not operating in the Material plane anyway. Lean into the Weird. Use your Imagination Magic with the intention of someone who KNOWS it's the birthright to do so. Create something Uniquely you.

Aquarius Sun | ARIES MOON | 23 JAN 25 | What the fuck did you just stay to them? 

Aquarius and Aries are sextile to each other. This means they share an gentle vibe, a friendship that's rooted in understanding what's worth revolting against or fighting for. It's not a tense energy, it's more like an unspoken agreement that gets engaged only when we lean into it. If you've been trying to figure out how you're meant to be a true revolutionary take a look at your Aries and Aquarius Houses. Those themes can show you ways to engage in activism that's unique to your gifts. We aren't all designed to protest but we're all designed to have a collective. How will you fight for ours?

Aquarius Sun | TAURUS MOON | 23 JAN 27 | So many Magical Resources are hidden in our weirdness

The First Quarter Moon in Taurus can be a lunation that reveals where we're being stubborn or getting in our way. It can help us be brave enough to step over our own self-imposed cattle gates and to explore those crop circles way out in our left fields.,,maybe they are Magical portals that can assist us in healing Earth's wounds? The last few years we've had this lunation WITH Saturn & Uranus in a tense Square Aspect with each other. This will be the last time these four astral bodies will side eye each other in the Fixed Signs. Saturn will move into Pisces in March, changing the intensity of the WeRK we've been doing here. During this First Quarter Moon take steps to activate your New Moon Intentions and use what you've learned from this part of your chart over the last few years to fuel your movements. Uranus wants innovation and Saturn whats new boundaries and systems. Venus is also getting involved with this conversation (by sign) so spend some time considering the value of any big, uncomfortable changes, realizations, or losses you've experienced since Saturn entered Aquarius and sent it's first Square to Uranus in Taurus. This happened in late March 2020. That's right, THIS Is the energy we were under during the very beginning of the pandemic. This lunation wants you to stop and seriously consider what THAT experience taught you about your live, our collective, and the total atrocity that is capitalism.

Moon Phase This Week

The First Quarter Moon | Taurus | 

23 JAN 28 | 07:18pst | 8º 26'

Moon Ritual WeRKshops Coming Soon!

This Week's Events & Reminders

This Week:


January 23rd 12 NOON - 1:30pst (3-4:30est)       

We will review pages 26-37 of the WeRKbook. The live session is open for questions OR you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session.


January 26th 10am - 11:30 pst (1-2:30est) 

Open session for any questions related to the WeRKbooks, Weekly AstroWeathers, Astro101, AstroAspects or general Astrology questions. And you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session. 


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Hey MoonBeams! 

I hope you've already noticed that I get really, really extra intense during Aquarius Season. It's just how it goes. If you new here you may not have had that experience yet. Welcome. 

it's my MFing bday week and so I can do whatever I wanna. Being an Aquarius Sun in the 8th House is a definite fucking mood so I am feeling the darkness of the end of this cycle so I am leaning into it. I am ready to walk thru this darkness into my 12th House year so it's probably gonna get even spicer in here in 2023. Are you ready to walk this path with me?!? Wooooooooot!!! 

I talk a lot of shit. I am curious about uncomfortable things. I lean into strange ideas and I challenge "traditions, nostalgia, and beliefs" because I have to. it's times like these that I feel like it's unfair that y'all can't see my chart. So here it is.

I won't say more about it but I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am open to your hard questions about me and my thoughts, ideas, and the things I share. It's been along journey of unlearning for me and I am in the process of trying to find strong ways for me to be more active in my anti racism, anti capitalism, and anti patriarchy journey. This is a hard path because these three thangs are not even a little interested in GTFO of our lives. It's scary to consider a different way of living and it will take great sacrifice and bravery for us to make the changes that need to be made. I wanted to have ComMOONity so I could express but also so I can intake new information, challenges, and do expanded ShadowWeRK thru relationships. 

There will be a lot of extra words and big ideas during Aquarius Season. It might be hard to hear some of the things I say but please know there is no intention to be harmful, there is only the WeRK I am doing in that moment. I want you to engage, to speak up and out here. I want to know what you think. Please feel free to share comments, questions and ideas in the comments. I promise you dialog and openness, even if what you say is harsh to me. I guarantee everyone the chance to explain further when there is confusion. We must begin the process of actually having uncomfortable conversations. We must get our faces out of the amazing and helpful books, at least part o the day, to ACT on what we are learning. 

I hope to hear from y'all. I hope that this new year, coupled with this Aquarius Sun energy will encourage all of us to share more of about our personal process of unlearning, waking up, acting out, and finding new pathways to designing a new inner voice. I hope we can have group goals to make changes and to build mutual aid systems in our local communities. 

This is more than reading about the planets and writing in our journals. That's my intention anyway. I'd love to hear from y'all. 

OH, and speaking of journals don't forget that I've opened a new Threshold Pathway application for the SweetAstro WeRKspace. Join in the fun and get even more of my Aquarius/Capricorn Energy in your daily life!!! 


Have a great week babes! 


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