You're Profected (Birthday) Astrology Reading
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You're Profected (Birthday) Astrology Reading

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This powerful session is best scheduled 2-3 weeks BEFORE your next birthday. this is NOT a solar return reading. it is an annual reading of what's up with your timelord (aka: you BFF planet for YOUR year ahead). your profected year is from your birthday to your birthday NOT the calendar year.

These can be scheduled anytime but it's most productive a few weeks before your next birthday because you'll be able to track this one planet in your chart for a full year (for you). This session is (kinda) a combination of an intuitive and forecast session. We will talk about your birth chart placements focusing on the areas of your chart lit up during this annual profection.

Session Includes: 120 minute astrology reading, a oral report on your BFF planet in YOUR profected year ahead (from this birthday to the next), a recording of the audio/video, digital & hard copy of your Astrosketch, glyph keys & seasonal bonus materials & werksheets.