AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 2023 JAN 30 - FEB 05

Welcome to the last week of this endless Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn cycle. The planet of communication, ideas, technology, and travel is gonna leave its Shadow Phase on the 7th so we're almost there MoonBeams!

Mercury is super quiet with its transits this week too; it's finally pulling out of that uncomfortable Square to Chiron. Best use of this quiet Mercury energy? Enjoy the fucking stillness and spend some time thinking about WTF you may have learned, edited, or rewritten during this challenging cycle. 

It's been really brutal babes, but there's always something worth knowing hidden IN there so lean into it and remember if it's uncomfortable it's probably ShadowWeRK!

astrology chart of the the week

The first part of the week is generally quiet so don't forget to take advantage of the calmer energy to recharge and reflect as you prep your Full Moon WeRK. 

It's a powerful Full Moon in Leo asking you to step up your self-care to level 'radical'. You are worthy of this Magical practice AND so are the people around you. Take care of your SELF but/and make the extra effort to extend that practice to others too. What can you do to practice Radical Group Care too?

The Sextiles and Trines of Wed/Thu are offering us a chance to evaluate the gifts and values of some of the harder stuff we've experienced with the Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio since December 2021. 

Sit down and try to draw a connecting line between that hard shit and its potential gifts for you. They are always there. And that's not just some narrative about how all terrible things have a "bright side". I would never say that because sometimes things are just fucking dark and terrible. What I always mean is that there is always good WeRK layered in and under the hard wOrk. Sometimes we have to sit and look for it. 

Your Magic is shaped by your lived experiences. Sometimes that means that part of you will break and it will never be repaired. Life changes you and that's okay. These experiences show you that you have control over your reactions. That's where the REAL power is. It's in how you decide to react to the fucked up shit even if that reaction is rage, anger, sadness, or despair. You are worthy of all your feelings and reactions. They are all messages. 

And, since our reactions are literally the only things we have control over, it's not a surprise that this toxic culture wants us to believe that we can't make our wounds and traumas useful [in whatever way we see fit]. 

This week says it's time for us to reclaim that power and use it to make the changes needed to have a real relationship with our heart's desire. It's your birthright to react emotionally in whatever way feels right. 

It's also your responsibility to let others do the same, even when it's hard for you. This is what the collective is missing, the point where our individual needs meet our collective needs. That space requires tending and it's fucking uncomfortable WeRK. There are no shortcuts to it. 

And the only way to reclaim this power for everyone is to acknowledge that THAT doesn't mean anyone is entitled to let their reactions harm others. There has been so much damage to this connecting point we struggle to understand how humans could live in a world without codes, rules, laws, borders, and punishment; meanwhile, every other living thing on Earth does it without missing a beat. 

It's delicate WeRK and we can only heal the way things operate now by spending time examining our wounds and realigning them with a new operating system. 

What are your thoughts on this? This week offers up a chance to lean into new operating systems. How can you change the way you operate/react in order to make more room for others to do the same? How do your emotional reactions impact your physical life and vice versa? 

I've been learning more and more about the mind/body connection over the last few years. As a person who has had chronic pain most of my life, I've FINALLY discovered that the root of my pain is actually emotional trauma. Not to go too deeply into the specific details but it's been amazing to research some of the resources available for this rewiring of my brain. I don't endorse any of the resources I've found yet, because I haven't been WeRKing with them long enough but I'd love to know if you have found any info on these topics? If you felt like sharing, that would be amazing. 

A friend shared this site called Curable with me and I've been digging into the blogs and some podcasts (both via Curable and others). I haven't purchased anything (yet) and this is definitely not a paid endorsement. I just wanted to share this in connection with this week's AstroWeathers because there's so much confusion around the value of feelings and facts in this culture. If any of you are chronically ill folx I'd love to hear about your experiences with these ideas too. We will definitely be exploring this more as Venus continues thru Pisces...

Meanwhile, check out Curable if you're interested...

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits

For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Here's This Week's Video:

Big Ass Transit Of The Week!!!

☉□♅ | Sun [Aquarius] Square Uranus [Taurus] 

2023 FEB 03 | 18:50pst | 15º 00'

I FUCKING LOVE CHANGE!!!  But most of us don't. Love change that is. We do everything we can to resist it & both patriarchy & capitalism feed off of our fear of change. But, change is one of the constants; like birth & death. It is coming for us all the second we are born but rather than see it as just another Magical transition, we become tight & anxious from resisting its inevitable approach. This is a powerful & complex cycle between The Sun &Uranus; four times per year they engage but THIS first Square in the cycle is especially tense. The first Square between The Sun in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus happened in January 2020. It's been asking us to think deeply about what we've been taught about death & change but also what we know about how capitalism & patriarchy (don't) wOrk. Our entire existence in the vastness of space was born in chaos & it will die there too. Leaning into embracing change is hard but doing so is also revolutionary. With that let me share this little video with you and I promise I am working on a HUGE future article about this cycle of chage.. why? One, because it's all about revolution AND two, because I have my natal Sun in Aquarius Square to Uranus in Scorpio so... it's kinda tied to my purpose to do so. Buckle up cuz we're gonna talk a lot about death this year... 

digital art by dianna​​

♀□♂| Venus [Pisces] Square Mars [Gemini]

2023 FEB 04 | 19:28pst | 11º 14' ||

Is there any value in knowing the type of genitals someone has? 

Seriously? What's the value? Why are we so collectively obsessed with genitals? Why do we let "men" go topless but not "women"? Why is seeing a penis on tv forbidden but we can watch every form of violence happen in graphic detail? 

This tranist wants us to think about this nonsense AND it wants us to reevaluate the answers and then ACT to changes these fucked up narratives and practices. What can you do to change these relationships to our private bits AND to our relationships with watching violence as entertainment? 

digital art by dianna​​

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this week. 

The Moon will be in the Full Moon Phase.

Aquarius Sun | GEMINI MOON | 23 JAN 30 | Those are all fucking great ideas!!! ||

Be wary of the massive rabbit hole these two Air Signs create together. They can really get lost in "the research" and forget what they were originally interested in. This energy is also a combo for getting super obsessed with false news or fake facts. Use caution, especially with Mercury still in its Retrograde Shadow because both Gemini and Aquarius are known to participate in confirmation bias. If you discover something interesting or surprising make sure you wait until this lunation is over before you're convinced of anything. This lunation can also get very excited and forget to check in on feelings before it shouts facts. Make sure you're weighing all of it before you get on that soapbox or write a loud rant. 

Aquarius Sun | CANCER MOON | 23 FEB 01 | What are emotions but data points anyway?

Did someone say feelings? Aquarius can get confused by their value and purpose and this is likely because Aquarius can't see Cancer in the chart but also because the systems we live under do not value emotions so Aquairus hasn't made a system that shows otherwise. But it can. There is also a great disconnect between The Moon and Saturn too. We must be careful how we continue to allow this toxic culture, one that is very rooted in Shadow Saturn, to bury emotions and keep us from our god damned feels. This lunation offers an excellent opportunity to rewire our individual and collective systems around this. Tell Aquarius that emotions are actually good for humanity and it will build that system for us.

Aquarius Sun | LEO MOON | 23 FEB 04 | The performance starts when I arrive!!! ||

This lunation is likely gonna rattle some cages. It might break down some walls or remove so blocks. It might force a change that was unexpected or unwanted. It's a lunation for asking your SELF why you're hanging on to a thing that's trying to change or be changed. It's never easy to change and this toxic culture really has us believing that we have control over shit. We do not. Sometimes change comes to make room and that's ShadowWeRK. What do you need to release from the Leo/Aquarius parts of your chart? This Full Moon is shining a bright ass light into this polarity asking you to reflect and rejoice for what you've had here. Are you still grateful for these things? Are they still helping you live a Magical Life OR are they holding you back and keeping you comfortable? Ask the big questions about what seems really fucking hard, blocked, or you really want that or are you using it as an excuse to stay with the devil you know? It's never a fun process to look at these things but if anyone is brave enough to do it, it's Leo. Revolutionize your Radical Self Care RN kittens, it's time! 

Moon Phase This Week

The Full Moon | in Leo | 

23 FEB 05 | 10:28pst | 16º 41'

The Full Moon is about reflection, rejoicing, & revelation. This Lunation is about seeing the true truths so we can rejoice in their gifts & opportunities even if they fucking suck. It’s time to honestly consider the shit we find in this part of our chart. There’s nowhere for our Shadow WeRK to hide during a Full Moon. This Full Moon promises to be extra bright & shiny just like Leo is.

Moon Ritual WeRKshops Coming Soon!

This Week's Events & Reminders

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Hey MoonBeams! 

I'll be offline this week, celebrating my bday so if you have questions please post them but know I may be a bit delayed in responding. 

I hope you have a great week! 

Love to you!

xo, d

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