Venus in Pisces

♀→♓︎ Venus Enters Pisces | 2023 JAN 26 | 18:32pst

This is a gorgeous transit that's often wasted by capitalism because the Shadows of this transit can be overindulgence, gluttony, and falling face-first into our most extreme vices. 

Rather than running away and grasping at all our most extravagant coping mechanisms we could try to lean into the value of what's pushing us there. 

How can we transmute the pain we're avoiding into the fuel we need to activate the New Moon Intentions we drafted last week. What can YOU compost this week?

Venus in Pisces is showing us the value of Death. The beauty of the end of a cycle. There is a reason that patriarchy intentionally designed the narrative that there is no beauty in the end of a life, in returning to the collective, and/or in being redistributed. 

It convinced us there is a Magical land where we can live eternally in these bodies, these lives. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be eternally you, frozen where you are with who you currently know doing only happy things forever and ever amen? Would you really want that? Would being happy all the fucking time really be so great? Maybe. 

But if you don't really sit down and think about that option; good, bad, and ugly then you're missing the catch(es) that may exist there. 

The power that occurs, energetically, when something finally "breaks down" or dies. What is that power made from? Where does it "come" from? What is that for? Why do they want us to pretend it doesn't have value or beauty? 

These are Venus in Pisces questions. This can be a deep, dark place, Pisces. It's the entire ocean but also the gulf stream, the sky ocean, the known unknown, and our entire collective unconscious. Pisces is The 100th Monkey. 

Sure, it's also beautiful music and art but don't let those fluffier ideals of this placement become sirens who call you to crash ashore. Don't be distracted by the joyful side of this placement. Both are important and the level of ShadowWeRK present in this transit are literally astronomical. 

What would happen if you sat down and let this transit breakdown some dead shit so you could make more room for the beauty? 

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