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venus | aquarius square uranus | taurus | 1/14/2023 | 17:21pst | 14º 58'

How was your day? 

Did you notice any connections to this Venus Square to Uranus? 

Where is this happening in your chart? 

Venus is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus. A square between these two Signs can bring up a need to innovate an old value system or resource. Is it still useful and valuable or does it need to be changed up a bit? 

We might be considering our relationship to the toxic beauty standards of patriarchy. Or maybe we're rebelling against the devaluing ways of capitalism and the insatiable hunger it creates by telling us how to look. 

Are you seeing tension appear between two important parts of your life today? 

Look back to last year when this Square happened on 3/19/22. If you have notes on what was going on at that time notice if the same themes or activities are reoccurring as the Venus Square Uranus cycle continues thru May 2026.

Sometimes a Square between Venus and Uranus like to create the opportunity for for relationship surprises... a breakup, a make-up, a meet-cute or missed connection can all be attributed to weathers like these. Always remember tho, Venus is NOT just about romantic or sexual relationships... it's ALL relationships. 

This is why it's so helpful to see where this is happening in YOUR chart. The Houses activated by this Square can tell you a lot about where the surprise evaluations or changes in relationships may happen. 

Maybe your Square is between your 3rd and 6th Houses so and you need to change a relationship with a sibling or neighbor. Or maybe you need to find a new doctor who is closer to your house encouraging you to visit more regularly. Or perhaps it's between your 2nd and 5th Houses and you need to reevaluate how much money you're spending going out on dates. Don't forget to consider your "relationships" with objects, actions, and animals. Venus is not just about our relationships with people. 

You can also look at what was happening for you last time Venus joined up with Uranus (June 12th, 2022 exactly). This is why the WeRKbooks will be so valuable in the future, keeping track of transits that seem to be sending you messages will allow you to put the pieces of those messages together over time. 

When we need to change a relationship this transit can show up to give us the boost we needed. It's important to consider the themes of the Signs and Planets involved in every transit to get the true essence and flavors of the energy. 

Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is located) so it's the boss of this tense engagement. That means its time in Aquarius is a powerful driver of the changes you need to make. 

Venus is all about relationships, integrations, evaluations, and alchemy. 

Uranus is a changemaker, a sudden shift, and the bringer of the chaos that ignites NEEDED change. 

Taurus is about resources, the senses, and stability. 

Aquarius is about systems, the collective, and TRUE freedom (not the kind they sell us in capitalism)

Aquarius and Uranus share one big association and that's INNOVATION. Don't forget to look for new pathways and interesting solutions to any issues you're having during this time. This transit wants to draw out our inner weirdos. It wants to remind us that the sides of our self that we've likely hidden from this "be normal under threats of violence" culture might just be some of our biggest Magical Gifts and Tools. Lean into your weird and tend carefully to the harm that's most likely been done to you while you tried to keep it hidden.  

If you have questions about how to look at this transit in your chart, please reach out. 

This is the best Venus Square Taurus thang I saw on Instagram: 

W E  A R E  A L L  B E A U T Y  F U L L

digital art by dianna

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