The Quarters of The Natal Chart

We're gonna learn ALL the Houses but let's take four bigger bites first. 

The Chart's Quarters

The Houses can be easier to understand if we take bigger bites first. When we cut the chart into four parts or quarters then we can see how the chart connects to our lives AND to our Magical Gifts & Tools. 

The First Quarter | First, Second, & Third Houses

This part of the chart is connected to the Body & reveals what our Magical Gifts & Tools are. It reveals how we may look but also how we may feel about how we look. This quarter reveals the early stages of our development. We are embodied, we need things to survive (including love & self-worth), and we need to communicate those needs to the others who are closest to us (our siblings, cousins, neighbors & close communal circle of friends). 

The first house is your body.

The second house is your resources.

The third house is your first close-knit clan of caretakers.

The Second Quarter | Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth

This part of the chart is connected to the Familial & how we engage with our Magical Gifts & Tools. This quarter reveals how we engage with the family unit, whatever that may look like. We first become aware of "other" via our family tree, our creative endeavors, and how we may or may not be built to serve the greater good by examining this quarter. 

The fourth house is your family.

The fifth is your creative nature.

The sixth is how you're in service to others. 

The Third Quarter | Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth

This part of the chart is connected to our personal relationships with the Other & how we share our Magical Gifts & Tools. This quarter reveals how we relate. We need community so this quarter raising us up out of our close-knit familial groups into the world of the other. We learn to make agreements, share resources, keep secrets, & share knowledge here.

The seventh house is contractual obligations. 

The eighth is shared resources. 

The ninth is higher knowledge.

The Fourth Quarter | Tenth, Eleventh, & Twelfth

This part of the chart is connected to the Communal & how we use our Magical Gifts & Tools to make an impact in the world. This quarter reveals what we're known for in the larger world. We develop our reputation, our friend groups, &...inevitably we discover & embrace our death. 

The tenth is our reputation.

The eleventh is our community of friends.

The twelfth is the known unknown. 

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