Venus In Aries

As A Current Transit

What Are You Really Fighting For?!

Venus is in detriment in Aries. This happens because Venus rules Libra, the polarity/opposite of Aries. It's good to make note of the times when planets are in detriment because it means that Venus will have bigger WeRK to do during this transit. It could potentially mean more personal struggles in the Aries part of our chart. 

Venus' focus is on relating and integrating in a more personal and physical plane. It's the planet of relationships, values, possessions, and both economies and ecosystems. Venus evaluates for the purpose of building emotional and sensual connections and improving our overall aesthetic health and wellness. And yes, in this scenario health and wellness equal beauty, art, and hugs because they are equally important as food, shelter & water.  

When Venus enters Aries we will often see and feel it in our relationships. 

It's a great transit for checking in on the rules of relationships and who is benefiting most from keeping the status quo in place. Venus in Aries will destroy anything that causes harm to those it cares about so if we use this as a collective battle cry we can often see a lot of changes in the collective. 

This is a good transit for considering wheather something is "Astrology Hard" or "white supremacy/capitalism/patriarchy hard". Read more about that as you examine what it's like to have Venus in Aries as a natal placement below. 

This is a transit for fighting but only for things we really, truly, honestly believe are worth it. Since this toxic culture spends so much time fucking with us, trying to strip off all the things that make us individual and unique it can sometimes be hard to tell what we really, truly, honestly believe so use this energy to strip back old ideologies about relationships (all of them not just the lovey, sexy ones!), beauty, art, and expressing our rage. You may be surprised by how most of those things you thought you really, truly, honestly believed in these areas are rooted in whiteness and patriarchy. Pull up those roots and light them on fire with Venus to help you and you'll find our core values framed with Aries edges - edges so strong and vulnerable and true that you'll never let anyone tell you what your relationships must look like again. You'll never let anyone (or your inner voice) tell you what beauty or art are meant to be like. And you'll never, ever let anyone take your power or your rage away from you (or anyone else) again. Ever.  

As A Natal Placement

Beings with Venus in Aquarius are fierce AF, especially in their relationships and interactions where their passion lights them up. 

These folx can be impulsive in romance AND friendship so don't take it personally when they want to spend every fucking minute with you for a few weeks and then they need to go do something different for a few more. Everyone is their best friend when they're with them and don't get that twisted they usually mean it. If anyone can have 2000 best friends it's a person vibrating a Venus in Aries placement. They typically have the time and energy for that many friends so don't think they'd be too busy to be there for you when you need them. 

Just don't think this means you can have two best friends. You will only be allowed to have one and it's them. They are a ride or die when they're with you but you better be a ride or die for them 24/7/365. 

This can be a challenging dynamic but when you're lucky enough to find a friend with this placement notice what they're really triggering in you with this double standard. They can teach us endless lessons about jealousy, possessiveness, and boundaries. Use this opportunity to un/reLearn about the toxic narratives our heteronormative, puritanical culture has given us about relationships; and not just romantic relationships, but all relationships.  

Venus in Aries people LOVE. They love with a passion that can be hard to understand if you don't have this placement. These folx are lovers and fighters. They fight for love and sometimes fighting is part of their love language. Being passionate is a tricky, sticky thing in this culture. 

When we think about what this placement it's easy to fixate on all the things that are challenging; that's what planets in determent are here to teach us. Venus is not "strong" here, according to 'the Astrology of rulerships' anyway. But this is a prime example of why we must ALWAYS be asking ourselves this very, very important question each time we look at any placement: "Is this Astrology Hard? or is this white supremacy/capitalism/patriarchy hard?" 

This placement is more white supremacy/capitalism/patriarchy hard because its weight really depends on WHO has this placement...for example, if you have Venus in Aries as a straight, white, handsome, able-bodied, CIS white man the things seen as "hard" or negative may not impact you in a hard or negative way. You can be a 'player' who uses others and you are cooler for it. 

If you're a woman, it's different. If you're a woman of color, a trans person, or a disabled person you may not be able to get the same respect for your Venus in Aries behaviors. You'll probably be told to "be less" your entire life. You'll probably be attacked (maybe even literally) for being your SELF. You'll waste a great deal of energy trying to be "normal" or to "behave" according to the made up rules of this destructive culture and this energy exchange will only cost YOU. It probably won't stop the Venus in Aries energy from exploding out often and regularly either. In fact, it often makes those Shadows bigger, not less. 

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