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What Is Aquarius All About?

Aquarius is the sign of the Waterbearer. WTF is a Waterbearer?!? Well, it has very little, if anything to do with water. 

Because Aquarius' main archetype is the Waterbearer people will often think being an Aquarius means they are a water sign but they are not. Aquarius is an Air Sign. 

The Waterbearer archetype is actually derived from the myth of Ganymede, which is a really, really gross myth that so many mythologists and writers try to make palatable but IMHO they fail every time. He's a beautiful BOY who was either kidnapped or offered up by his envious father by/to Zeus. He becomes a slave who pours drinks for all the gods who live a top the mountain of their self importance until one day his grief and rage about his situation causes him to pour all the liquid out which causes flooding and catastrophe on Earth. 

Instead of "punishing him" Zeus makes him "immortal" as a constellation that endlessly pours out wisdom from the sky. Of course, Zeus, the divine rapist, oppressor, and selfish beast who leads the other gods/goddesses could not let him be free OR give him his life back. 

Instead, we see the repeating pattern of oh hey humans "immortality" is a gift that gods bestow when, again in my humble opinion, death would be preferred. Why would it be a gift to be FOREVER pouring the water you hated pouring in your life as a slave (and maybe even a sex slave!?!) So, there's that poor, ugly definition of what a Waterbearer is but I hate it. And as an Aquarius I feel it's my duty to reclaim and rewrite the story of this archetype!

Aquaris is a sign of deep wisdom, expansive thinking, revolutionary ideas, and a desire for freedom that only AIR can hold. But there is no animal archetype that's become more popular than The Waterbearer so we can only change it's meaning. 

The Waterbearer is the one who maintains and shares the well of knowledge. They tend to the flow of information, collecting all the data and the stories into one big pool. They then distill all of the collective knowledge and pour it back down on the people so they can continue to learn and to seek new information for the betterment of all. That is what Aquarius seeks to do and while it's not always successful because of its pension for fanaticism, living in the future, and conspiracy theories. The vibes of Aquarius are often considered too weird and progressive for the times they live in but even without the support of the masses it will always seek to connect the individual's needs to the collective needs.

it really has not one thing to do with a beautiful victim of society being captured and held against his will. Instead, it's about seeing that story as fucking trashy trash and distilling it back out as an opportunity for all of us to rethink some shit. We should really be doing this will all of the myths. 

Aquarius considers the collective energy knowing full well that EVERYTHING needs to be allowed to change, especially when it doesn't want to.  It draws the dry, crackly mid-winter air of our shared stories and it makes sure that those stories are actually serving the best interest of the whole WITHOUT losing the value of each individual soul component. 

It's a complicated sign, with complex themes. It's often the one that most people struggle the most to really understand. So, let's dive into the associations, keywords, archetypes, and themes of this intricate and weird sign and see if we can come to an understanding about it's WeRk and out connection to this part of our charts. 

All About Aquarius

Aquarius Keywords: Quirky, Unconventional, Weirdo, Innovator, Rebel, Eccentric.

Aquarius Archetypes: The Waterbearer, Revolutionary, Scientist, Politician

Element: Air Mode: Fixed

Aquarius Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Aquarius Season 

Aquarius Season begins with the Dark Moon in Capricorn and the New Moon in Aquarius. This sets a tone for prioritizing your ShadowWeRk in this area of your chart. 

Remember that Aquarius loves "the people" but it can struggle with liking actual people as you lean into the last week of Venus in Aquarius. This transit is reminding us that we have some important collective evaluations to do. What is really valuable for the whole and how do we as individuals commit to making sure we're the stewards of an equitable society? With Uranus Stationing Direct the same day that Venus is Conjunct Saturn we're likely going to see some tests of our progress in this area. We must make some innovations to how we coexist under such covert and subliminal oppression. Change is coming and the early part of Aquarius Season may initiate some undeniable shifts in how we are measuring the value of the individual in the collective and visa versa. 

Venus will move into Pisces bring us some sweet nectar and mystical Magical things to integrate into out lives after a few months of pretty tense Retrograde weathers in January.

Both Mars and Mercury are still in their Retrograde Shadow phases but we should see some of their lessons realized, especially if we practice staying open to the value of ShadowWeRk. Our projects and goals, which have been facing many obstacles via these two planets restrictions and lessons, may start to feel more aligned - don't forget to notice where their blocks and glitches ended up being blessings for you in the long run. 

Venus in Pisces reminds us that there is beauty in EVERYTHING, even death, loss, confusion, and fear. We have to move thru these things rather than avoiding or ignoring them. When Venus dives into Pisces we can get distracted by shiny and lovely daydreams. Notice how you feel about leaning into that when capitalism spends so much time telling you there's no value in that liminal space; why would they be so afraid of you going there? 

We're at the end of a huge cycle of collective becoming and transformation that's fifteen years in the making. As Pluto prepares to dip into Aquarius for the sneak preview of this major Astrological event Aquarius Season is a good time to go deeper into our collective Aquarius WeRK. Look at this House in your chart and spend time considering how you will be a revolutionary, a visionary, a changemaker FOR and IN the collective going forward. It's your job to destroy these systems of oppression... how will you start? 

The last half of Aquarius Season has some transits designed to make us face this larger cycle with a true openness to change-making. Which of course we do not typically enjoy doing after centuries of indoctrination on the value of "staying the same or going to hell"

The goal of patriarchy and capitalism is conformity and control but both Mercury and The Sun in Aquarius have other plans for that nonsense as they move thru the Sign of fuck conformity and control! They are going to lite up a path to revolution and offer us new ways to understand and communicate about these big collective shifts; shifts which are not just strange and quirky but IMPERATIVE for the survival of humanity. 

Yes, some of these big shifts may be more catastrophic weather or environmental in nature. Unfortunately, this is often the only way we ACT on what we already know is true. Anticipate water to expand it's role in these global environmental shifts. Notice all the transits between The Sun/Mercury in Aquarius AND The Lunar Nodes, Uranus and Saturn. This is a larger theme that's been causing chaos since 2018 when Saturn entered Capricorn and Uranus entered Taurus. 

We cannot continue the same way and it's always Aquarius' job to make sure we never, ever forget that. 

Here is a calendar with all the Aquarius Season Transits:

Happy Imbolc Witches

If you're one of the folx who studies/practices The Wheel of The Year you'll be celebrating Imbolc which is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Astrologically this occurs when The Sun is at 15º of Aquarius, the literal midpoint of the Winter Quarter of the chart. 

The festival begins the eve of February 1st to the eve of the 2nd. Also known as Brigid's Day or Candlemas, this is a time for remembering that Spring will return. We can continue to acknowledge the return of the light; we'll notice that the days are feeling much brighter by this time. 

It can be fun to do more research about the holidays and traditions connected to the Wheel of The Year. As a person who is genetically half Irish (with the other half mostly English, then Welsh, Scottish, and a mish-mash of other white folx) I find these practices are a great root for my own annual celebrations. 

BUT/AND I am careful not to attach too much to them either. Once you know that literally EVERYTHING is tainted by whiteness, patriarchy and capitalism it's hard to trust the information you find. 

As part of the process of dismantling and evolving why can't we design new rituals and traditions? We must be careful not to appropriate or mine other culture's beliefs or practices but it's easy to just follow old pathways. 

During Aquarius Season we might consider designing new pathways for honoring the Earth's cycles as well as our own. 

What kind of celebration would you design to honor the midpoint of Winter? 

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