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Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius | ♀☌♄

When Venus, the planet of values, beauty, and integration join together we must have a reckoning about the beauty industry. We must look at why this culture has us so focused on putting everyone in one of two boxes; beatiful/ugly, female/male, popular/alternative. 

We're being asked to examine these "rules" for what is attractive or acceptable for viewing by the people and what should be hidden or shamed. 

Saturn, the planet of structures, rules, and control has a unique purpose when it's in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion, revolution, and total individuality. We have to remember that Aquarius is a "for the people, by the people" sign. It wants to uphold the social norms IF they are equitable and fair to all the people. IF those norms become controlling or oppressive it's Saturn in Aquarius' job to dismantle, examine, and reconstruct those norms. 

The Aquarius part of us is rooted in our weirdness. It's excited about the parts of us that are so fucking strange and unique. It's always trying to get us to express that so we can encourage others to reciprocate. This is especially true when Venus is in Aquarius. It wants us to find our people. It wants us to create a society and a culture that embraces the weird rather than destroys and oppresses it. 

During this transit in 2022 Will Smith made the slap heard round the world. He did this because he believed his beloved was being insulted about her looks. Now, Mars was also in Aquarius in 2022 so that's probably why this reaction was so violent. How ever Saturn is not afraid to slap a mother fucker either, especially we it knows we all need a lesson in harmful beauty standards or norms. 

Under these weathers the culture is meant to be evaluating those norms and making sure no one is being harmed by the current standards. A course correction is supposed to be enacted and then Saturn will maintain that policy until the next time these two meet. 

Every two to two and a half years this conjunction changes signs so we typically get two Venus / Saturn conjunctions in this period of time. This tranist is our opportunity to flex our power around what is beautiful and what is valuable. 

Use these weathers to say fucking NO MORE to the vile, violent, and vicious beauty standards of the current culture. Notice what you do to meet these standards. Do you go thru painful procedures or wear uncomfortable apparatuses (see bras, shareware, high heels, tight jeans, etc) to please others. Are you creating a false image of your self for the male gaze or for acknowledgment? Are you starving or stuffing your self to alter your appearance for acceptance and validation? 

If you're doing any of these things for your own damn self and your own pure joy then by all fucking means, do that shit. But if you're doing it in the hopes that someone, anyone will see you as "acceptable" then check in on that during this conjunction. We all know that this behavior can be so toxic and harmful that it causes folx to sacrifice their health and even their whole lives in search of that approval. 

Why can't we all be accepted because we are the most perfect creations, just as we are? 

This is the question this transit asks us. And as we peel back all the layers of whiteness this is especially important to ponder (and hopefully to act upon) because our collective beauty standards are all based on a white European standard. They are all created because capitalism knows we will work our self to death trying to be accepted and to be seen as attractive. 

This doesn't mean that any one way of looking or enhancing your self is wrong and we should all be these natural appearances only beings. It means we have to "check in on the WHY" in our self care and grooming practices. We have to ask our self about fast fashion, toxic chemicals in our products, and the long term impacts of moving our teeth, injecting our skin, and constricting our blood vessels in order to look a certain way. 

Again, we should be free to do this but we should not be doing this in a state of willful ignorance. If you're going to do it KNOW what your intentions are. Because whatever you're doing to alter your self must be affirming to your inner self or the potential for deep harm is too great otherwise. 

You are perfect because you are unique and weird af. 

This conjunction also asks us to remember that putting too much focus on our outer self is a distraction and that distraction is intentional. Spending so much time concerned and worried and stressed and hurt by not being able to meet these high standards keeps you disconnected from others AND from your true Magic and beauty. 

Ask your self:

  • How do I look AND does that match how I feel? 
  • Do I value my bones, guts, skin, and shapes? Do I say thank you to my body? 
  • Do I look at others and think, wow, how Magical is that person OR do I automatically judge them based on how they look? 
  • How can I reprogram my brain, because Aquarius is good at creating large, complex systems and binaries, to STOP giving two fucking shits about how other people's bodies, faces and outfits look? 
  • Do I want every single person to feel really, truly, fully free to be who they are? And, do I know that if I let them do this, especially in the scope of personal expression thru fashion, hair, make up, etc., I can do the fucking same?

It's also interesting to note the mythology of Aquarius is connected to the story of Ganymede. A young BOY who was taken slave (and maybe lover) by Zeus because he was so fucking good looking. It's another one of these weird and gross origin stories from mythology that makes me cringe. But it says a lot too. The myth changes as they all do depending on who writes about it but if you're really curious about Aquarius' connection to beauty and mythology you can definitely dive into this weird pool of stories! 

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